Videos v1.5




This is the Spacing Guild’s first attempt at a PVP arena:




I absolutely loved this moment in the beginning of my new NEXT save, when I fixed my visor, this song started. I HAD to go back and record it! Can’t get enough of it… so good.


I guess this is some of Paul’s music :slight_smile: it definitely ain’t 65dos but you can hear he used some elements of theirs from other tracks.

Absolutely beautiful, Paul has plenty of stuff to work with and stitch together :slight_smile:


Yeah, I should reach out to him on twitter, cuz I know he mentioned a few new pieces of music in the NEXT update.



Hey have made a few videos to help out beginners of the game and some veteran gamers, please check it out and leave feed back, I know my audio isnt the best waiting to get a new mic.


I came back to my base and there were more ships than usual flying around. I was trying to figure out why when I noticed two ships trying to fly into the ground :thinking: My only guess is that there was a freighter somewhere inside the planet they were trying to get to, but I couldn’t see it.


I’ve had very similar to this with a space battle raging in and out of a mountain.
I presumed there was an embattled freighter within…