Videos v1.5-1.6


Nice vid Mr. Kyle!

Something to add, I find the rocket boots are better for climbing steep terrain :slight_smile:



Oh, I noticed that too! It’s certainly more helpful than the melee-jump on those steep slopes. Great observation. :slight_smile:



I just continued exploring after the Sentinels had given up and eventually it just went away…
Got a pretty good load of Quicksilver from Polo for that one.



New photobook came in! It’s looking really good. Better than I had hoped. Here’s a flipthrough. I’m also considering selling copies. Not sure who would want one, but I might make that available soon. :slight_smile:


That turned out really good dude, especially enjoyed the pic of Artemis, nicely done!

Has Hello Games seen this? Maybe they’d want a copy :smiley:


Well, isn’t this exciting! Experimental got an update this morning introducing a new Exocraft - the Pilgrim!


Isn’t it so much fun! :+1:


I haven’t even tried the upgrades yet! lol But I’m enjoying it so far!





“NMS Atmospheres” is back with episode 9! The first of NEXT. Walking the soundscapes of a “Frozen Anomaly” planet.