Traveling to other systems w/o Warp


Oh well, I was odd one out. :yum: Exotic planet is all I saw, didnt even read the post before voting.


That would explain it. Thanks for the clarification.


I think on this planet one day it’s fine and next it’s black :stuck_out_tongue:


Exotic planets are super cool to look at, but are usually low in resources. Not the best place to start new.


I did not even know that exotics like these were included as planets to start a new save from. I am amazed seeing this. I would however try again, as it would be a terrible place to start from.


Found a nice boiling planet instead. Found a wrecked hauler and traded it for an A-Class Explorer. :sunglasses:.


Nice start! I thought you meant should I explore or move on when I said stay in the poll… oops. Good luck!


My first jump, the part where you go to the trade depote to get the antimatter blueprint, there’s a traveler, emril deposit right outside, and 6 aliens to barter with for nanites. I found my new home. :blush:


And an s class rifle right over the mountain. Like holy cow what a planet


The game feels bad for you, guarantee it.


I already have a million units, this place bathed in Emril. Like it was dipped in it


First monolith I find needs a dagger. What do I find next to the tying? A Dagger. Found my portal. :rofl::sparkler:


Bet you’ll find all 16 glyphs within 50m at this rate soon. Currently just waiting in a mid class system that has an AMAZING fighter design with great storage to spawn in S class. 1% chance of s in this system. Of all ships total… but itll happen! Eventually…


What was the method you were speaking of?


How do I get the economy/conflict Scanner? I never had one.


Some Gek systems will have those as technologies to be purchased with nanite clusters.


I just saved a freighter and bought it for 17 mil. Thanks for all the galactic farms in the hub :joy::rofl:


Here is the video on the journey. Im having issues with Vegas so this will have to do until I figure out how to use this program