The Worst Ship in The Universe


When you really want that turbine-wing hauler but your budget says “No”.


Crashed “chimney” shuttle:

Unsymmetrical explorer:

An undergrown hauler:


Guys, please don’t kick me :sweat_smile:

Even the name “Kagawat of the Abyss” doesn’t sound like something advantageous :joy:


It’s a Viking shortship! Unfortunately, there is only room for about 4 shields instead of the 60 or so you might find onf a skeld. That seems almost too short even to be called a shortship. How about “stubbyship?”

Public Service Announcement: Please never take me seriously. It will only lead to tears.



Oh boy… The color… no wings… almost no stickers… he earned his place.


I find this design strangely appealing, but I have no idea why…


No accounting for taste? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m teasing of course, maybe it’s because it’s a bit different - almost military instead of fantasy?


Could be Amphibious/Land-based craft…or…if the tan area on top is a cushion it could be a kiddie ride at the Mall…anyone got 2 quarters? :smile:


It’s a sky scooter for a larger species of traveler. If you see one of these coming with a giant astraddle, it might be wise to flee.


“Can I copy your homework?”
“Yeah, just change it up a bit so it doesn’t look obvious you copied.”