The mods here are out of control

I just created a topic about wiring my base and some mod just tossed it into an existing post with HUNDREDS of exsisting replies.

Do the mods not like too many topics?

Does it hurt them somehow??

Now my question will never be seen much less answered.


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Relax, your post will get answered here, posts have to be sorted and placed in a similar category to avoid to many posts.
@sheralmyst may be in here or one of the others to explain better unless they feel I just answered it.


If you would take the time to look through the existing topics, you may find that your question has already been answered. If you bookmark topics that appeal to you, then you will get a notification when something new has been posted. Keeping up with the daily posts could help answer questions before they even arise.
And yes, too many topics are difficult to manage.


I agree the mods are insane, moved they your topic to a thread where everyone is talking about similar things and answered your query pretty well. mental…just mental


@SirGreenDay: I was the one who merged your new topic with an already existing topic. The topic in question was created to help others who experience electrical wiring and piping issues. Your questions fit the topic perfectly, with a large part already answered in said topic.

Not only did I merge your topic, I also left you a reply with an answer to help you out. Your questions did not go unnoticed, nor unanswered. Most of our users with questions regarding electric wiring or piping will be able to find this topic. It is likely easier to go through just a single topic looking for answers than go through a whole bunch of individual topics.

So next time you have a question, check and see if an existing topic fits or has an answer already. If your question does not really fit any existing topic, then feel free to create a new.