The Lighter Side of NMS. Graphics Hiccups and Funny Pics

Yep, and if you leave the water they poof.


Sometimes I’m scanning a fish and accidentally Bob to the surface and they disappear :see_no_evil:


It saves wear on the tyres, but the first step getting in is a bit tricky…



Here are a few of my recent ship issues.

Similar zebra stripes on the rocks of my home world.

Missing walls…

…and a floating flag.

EDIT: Forgot to add this one. I guess I’m not the only one who’s face gets messed up.


Log 1743 Planet name checks out…:grin:

Found likely suspect!


Yay, they fixed the weapon not showing when making a screenshot!!!



Oh god, I can just picture the face of the programmer when the ticket lands back on his desk. All the times when I got a fixed bug back due to unintended consequences and was like “yeah, of course. Should’ve seen that coming if I thought about it for 5 more minutes…”.


Procedural generation on the fritz again!
I wasted about fifteen minutes trying to land on one of the pillars.

I don’t know about you guys but this expression cracks me up every time I see it. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s stuck on an airless planet.

I mined a rock, but the spark effect did not go away.
Legend says that sparks are still flying out of the ground at this spot.


Actually, I’ll save them the trouble, as there is a trick to this :wink:

Basically when up against a wall or alike, the camera will not render the player. The multitool does however render now this is fixed. So you can end up only seeing the tool. Easy to just step away a bit to get the player to render again and all is fine. Just thought it was funny :joy:

The tool does render through everything else though and doesn’t care what is supposed to block its view. Now that I will report …


First time in ages I’ve gotten a case of the giggles.
Caption was spot on. :+1: :rofl:



But… where’s my farmer?

Oh okay fine.

Here’s a double problem.

And still:


So I was fighting sentinels, doing that new infamous armourer mission.

I was jetpacking to my ship with no shields while a walker tried to kill me. It didn’t. I made it to my ship.

Well, sort of…

See, I thought I was being real slick. Quite the clever clogs, really. Held the button to board my ship as I came hurtling by on my rocketpants. If I could nail this escape they would cheer my return to the space station. They might even give me a cool nickname.

However, the circle did not fill up to activate boarding sequence before I shattered both my shins against the hard rock floor, wooden splinters shooting up as my clogs exploded from impact velocity.

I swear I heard a very bad rendition of Blue Danube Waltz by Strauss played on trombone as it all happened in slow motion, as if the simulation wanted me to endure this embarrassment for as long as I could.

So that was it. First death on my new normal save while I wait for my previous iteration to get patched. Smeared across the surface of a planet, nanometers from my ship (actually some of me may have ended up ON the ship).

Guess I’ll just do the walk of shame back there and get my gear from the gra-…

Wait. What’s this? Why am I at a crashed ship sight!? Why is my ship here? Why did I not lose any of my stuff?

Glitches and hacks be praised! All my gear is intact, inventory check shows I have all my stuff, no grave to visit, no ship to fix.

Then, like that moment in every twilight zone/outer limits episode, I realise the catch.

My ship is forever smoking, forever on fire.

And long story short I literally just wanted to show you my glitched ship that is forever crashed but always flies.


Ah. I thought it was now rendering when taking pictures in first person. :smile:


All I did was go around the building, came back to this.

Not sure what happened.



Are those Sentinel parts? Do they just look big or are they actual size but zoomed in close?

That’s close to actual size I am not sure how that walker came a part but I didn’t get him :slight_smile:


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“See, Jamie? This is what happens to naughty sentinels who go around misbehaving!”

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Found my exocraft after NEXT dropped.

Space Station Suptnik.

Space Station Suptnik inside.

Ghost freighter. :ghost:

Time to spoon feed the help… or… Whos kids are these. :joy: They look like high chairs!


Interesting enough, I found something similar, although the parts are not as interesting as yours. Looks like drop pod scrap floating.