Star types

I like to visit planets that have a lot of water and that have lots of small islands. I like there to also be a lot of fauna eg abundant/copious etc.

What type of Star should I visit to have the best chance of finding this type of planet? eg yellow/red/green/blue. Also what number? eg 0-9.

Any other tips for trying to find planets that have lots of water and lots of fauna?

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If I remember rightly, when browsing the Galactic Map and you select a star, on the box that pops up look at the, “Class” as this will give an indication as to the system.

It’s the first letter you want to pay attention too.

Commonly, you will see a “G” but I believe “O” and “B” are the best.

Go for one that shows a few planets as the box will tell you this too just to increase your chances.

Hope that helps.

Try searching for “How to locate Lush Planets” to give you a more in depth look.


the ‘plutonium free’ take off points on planets with lots of small islands seem fewer and far between - bring plenty if you’re in survival+ mode :worried:

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I think the best Chance to find a nice “lush” planet is in blue and yellow star Systems.
I’m not sure if the Letters really matter, or what the meaning of them is, but from my experience, the higher the number, the better the Chance.

Stars in NMS are classified using the Morgan-Keenan system, which is where we get the letters from
They’re ranked in order of heat, from O to M, with O being the hottest and M being coldest. The numbers, from 0-9, tell the heat in that category (i.e O1 star is hotter than an O3 star but both are hotter than a B star).


Welllll, thank you for that Information :smiley:

Thanks for the information :smile:

For those joining after Arg, “spectral” was the third glyph answer.
We had to solve OBAFGKM.