Something for Chris? - NYC Live Drop 2.0

Sorry if this has been covered in the main thread or one of the posts relating to livedrops and streams, if so, merge away Devilinpixy!

During courages livestream, after it became apparent Chris (that WAS his name wasn;t it?) was in a bit of an accident en route, when he finally arrives to the location, the agent mentiones he has something for Chris. He motions to it under his hat, and it’s in a paper bag, seperate from the page he gives to Courage.

I’m wondering, did we ever find out what the agent had for chris? I wonder if it was something always intended for him or if it was a sorta “Sorry we caused your accident inadvertently” consolation prize?

Also the cameo from “super dad” (forget what he goes by -_- ) from the first NYC event made Courages stream all the more better, good to see some recurring characters this season haha.


The guy said it was a cookie in the bag but that could of been a lie now I need to know what was in the bag


I believe it was a kid, not a dad. Not sure what the name was either though.

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It was a son and father duo who were at the live drop the son found the first constellation I believe in the Panic Room whatever they’re called


Courage enters the Outro and walks to the corner where our NPC is waiting.

NPC lifts the cap

NPC holds the Ben’s Cookies bag
Courage takes one of the stacked Secret Memos from below the cookie bag
NPC puts the cap back on top.

… more follows …

See: YouTube recording with timestamp

I think the NPC introduced himself as ?Dr. Fortman?. Later on all introduce themselves again, Dr. Fortman, Courage, Sebatio and someone called Alex. Was nice indeed to see another familiar Agent apparently, who, once outside, explains he was the dad with the wonderful son, Agent Axel, we had seen in the previous New York Manhattan event.


Thanks for the Clarification Devilin, have an inner ear infection so I could not make out cookie at all. Lucky chris! I want cookie! Agent Alex, I shall not forget your name twice, you absolute legend! Proud dad if ever I saw one! I loved when they realised people figured out the password when they retreated to the park, and just started jumping around cheering :smiley: This sort of collaboration and reaction is exactly what I needed during this awful turbulent times!


Has anyone got any info to follow up the unfortunate Chris Crash?