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I’m so sorry to hear about your mother! I’m in tears here just reading about it. What a horrible painful experience for her and a huge shock for you. ::hugs::

I absolutely love the little painting! I don’t find the colours out of place at all. You have developed a lot of skill over your creative life, and it takes courage to to what you can to keep creating in the face of painful setbacks.

I do hope you can meet up with those other artists you spoke about farther back who have an art fair and give the rest of the world a chance to purchase your lovely work and take it home to hang on their walls.

Thanks for letting us know what’s going on and the very best to you and your mum. :heart:


They moved the art show up by a month so I am not ready, lol. Not sure why they moved it. Still so hot right now. It is usually in October


@sheralmyst Regards to you & your mother. I’ve had a few sad moments lately being reminded of my dear old dad.
That has left my feeling somewhat low & demotivated. Luckily, I had a lot of cleaning up & decluttering to catch up on & oddly I find that shedding of old, unused items quite therapeutic.

In the arty realm of things, I recently put together a lamp for my little workshop. We often have blackouts here & my back up power system doesn’t feed my sheds.
Therefore, I got a little creative & built a 12 volt, LED lamp/light source that can run off a car battery since I have a charging station & spare batteries on hand.
I’m not really sure what my theme was but I was kind of going for an ‘Energy-Emitter’ built from salvaged bits look. Certainly not an award winning sculpture but it does look kind of funky & does exactly what I wanted by providing a glowing light source above my desk.

Edit: Due to the use of LEDs (they flicker), the light source is not actually as piercing as the photo suggests & each photo I take is different in that the pinky/orange glow is constant but the individual light points are not as bright as it looks in this pic.
In person it is more just colours showing through the shade.
You’ll need to imagine a halfway point between the top pic & this one.


I love it! :heart_eyes:


Good to see some of your new work! I’m with @sheralmyst. I love it! <3

It is hard when people we love have gone. And I fully agree with you about clutter cleaning being therapeutic. That’s what I’ve been working on in my Studio for the last couple of months (besides finishing Vine Tomato II). It really can take my mind off my impending doom. ;`)

Oh, blast! Well you will have lots to show and sell by next year then. They are so sweet and beautiful! :heart:


I am excited for Malcolm’s end of year project. Hoping I will be ready for a big project by spring.


I’m rooting for ya! :applauds:
Though perhaps with the heat waves you’ve been enduring lately Winter might be a better time to start one. :wink:

I finally finished Vine Tomato II oil painting. Now I’m looking for a decent free app that can turn my process photos into a video. I had one, but the developers sold it and the new owners have made it into a subscription app and they actually locked us out of using it unless you sign up (the Bastages!).

I also need to find a tutorial for waxing a finished and varnished acrylic painting. Apparently waxing is a good way to tone down the glossiness of the varnish without leaving it with that slightly chalky look you get from using matte varnishes.

After I finished the V T II, I made a huge dent in the mess in my Studio, but forgot how much dust covered everything I touched and I had to stay out of the Studio for about a week to deal with the allergy attack. I/m embarrassed to say that I forgot to put on a dust mask. It isn’t like there aren’t any around these days. >.> But now James has moved our second air cleaner into the Studio for me. And I have a box of masks in there now too. All I have to do is remember to put one on before I start de-cluttering. :blush:

I now have 67 blog posts lined up ready to go and my web-developer got new full time job working for Cornell University. I’m so happy for her even though that means the work she’s doing for me is going to slow down a lot. By the time we get the site up and running I will need to edit a number of the blog posts. I have to say I am not a patient person at the best of times, and it has only got worse over the last number of months. I do try to limit my expectations more now though so that helps.

I have just wasted an hour of what’s left of my life trying to get the Photosync app to upload two photos (out of the 21 process photos I took of VT-II) to my PC from my iPhone. The frustration is head-banging. :crazy_face: I will post the photos as soon as I can. Putting that aside for now so I can calm down. lol


As for Dall-E, it seems almost impossible to get an even fractionally consistent style out of the thing. is still the best in this regard, since it has predefined style models to choose from. It’s just somewhat slower in the free tier, and you don’t get any license without paying…
Haven’t tried midjourney yet, I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about that.


Nice! So happy for her! I use their bird app every year for the big bird watching event. They collect the data and analyze bird migrations.
On the varnishes, I have been using a gloss varnish and then a second coat with a satin finish. I like it a lot. A little shine but not too much and it seems to be clear enough. I found this video and waxing seems like a heck of a lot of work… :sweat_smile:


That is the video I found too! lol It is pretty comprehensive though she made hard work of it by putting it on too thickly in the first place. After watching that I went looking for what the ingredients lists were for both Gamblin’s and Dormond’s brands. Both have a form of mineral spirits (supposedly odourless) in them. I’m trying to keep a solvent-free Studio. After that I even went looking at furniture wax and floor wax, but it’s probably all the same stuff. :laughing:

My usual way of protecting the acrylics is with two or three coats of thinned Golden’s Isolation coat (acrylic) with a varnishing brush, then their gloss spray varnish (forget the name right now). But I would prefer not to use the spray, and the brushed-on varnish leaves raised brushmarks if we’re not careful.

I’d heard about finishing acrylics, mixed media, water media, etc with wax, and thought that might be healthier. And I could just use the isolation coats and then wax them. The isolation coat protects the paint layer from being removed if for any reason the varnish has to be removed or replaced.

I spent the whole day researching and I will probably use the Gamblin’s. Oh well, we do the best we can with what we have. :blush:

That sounds really good. Do you use spray varnish? or do you brush it on?


I brush it on with a foam brush. Of course, I have not done any large canvases so that might make a difference. I use a good light to look across the surface to check smoothness. I love to pile on the paint for a textured look so I have to watch for little pools of varnish and the foam brush is good for soaking those up.

Not yet varnished
I will do a comparison shot


Oh! I forgot all about foam brushes. Thanks! Those will work great for brushing on isolation coats as well.

When I do large canvases or panels I use a 2-inch brush and stroke as much as possible in the direction of the original strokes. That is so far, as my pieces don’t normally have much texture unless I’m using thick alla prima oils, or pastes/bulking agents with acrylics.

I’m looking forward to seeing the comparison photo. Sweet painting! <3



Gloss varnish

You can see the gloss really makes the colors more vibrant.

Still retains vibrancy but not so shiny. I like it to be just a little shiny. You may need to zoom in…
Angle shot to see shine


Yes! I just love that. I love that the combo of gloss, then satin, works really well. I appreciate these photos of your varnishing process. Thank you! <3

I’m still having no luck with my photosync app. It just refuses to transfer my photos. Mal says when he has some time asap he will transfer to his Apple laptop and then to our file server so I can get them from there. So frustratingly complicated.

I think I need to go to the dump and pick up a batch of old glass windows I can put in the back yard and throw rocks through. Nothing more satisfying than the the sound of raging frustration breaking glass! lol :innocent: :laughing:

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