So, I do art and stuff - general artistic / creative chat

Aye-Aye! Sir! :joy:


So this one is a little more dark in the background than I would like. I prefer lighter at the top but, still not bad. Tiger lilies from my flower bed.
I am really enjoying being loose and impressionistic but not sure how far I want to go with it. Maybe crossing into a little more abstract than intended? Feeling my way along.

Sorry for the glare from my lamp…


Your work has such a lively mix of colors. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It is hard to tell because of the glare but the sky looks lovely to me. Nice compliment to the tiger lilies. I also like the shift in the background from cool to warm blue to green. :heart:

Yeah. I don’t think that we ever fully settle on something. What’s art if it doesn’t evolve? :wink:

Most of my work is either/or: fully experiential abstract or fully representational. I would prefer to do more of the abstracted landscapes once I get things rolling here again.

I have my new palette well stuck to my Magnetic easel board, and well toned. Tomorrow it should be dry enough to use. In the meantime I have been using my glass palette on the table.

The pain was bad this afternoon, but I still managed to get about 20 minutes to paint. :Gratitude:


Breakfast…(not for me) :smile:

Stinky phone camera


A mushroom disguising itself as a blossom! “Ain’t Nature wunnerful!” :grin:

They do say that the best camera ever is
… the one you happen to have with you! >.>

I had a revelation about my Vine Tomato II oil painting this week. Which I have finally been able to work on again. When I get some more time I will post about that.