Screenshots v1.5-1.77


No worries! If not that one, there will be another Atlas occupied system with a view! I mean, the odds are pretty good. lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Had an update for NMS on my PS4 yesterday.
Before update:

After update:

I haven’t noticed other changes yet. I’ll have more time to check it out this weekend.


Have you ever looked around on the load screen? This ball of light can be in various places and look different depending on the angle of your view.
My question is, what is it? Us? Another traveler? Or something else…:grinning:


I’ve looked around-never saw the ball of light before. I’ll have to pay attention to it on the load screen if it’s not there and see if I can find it. I’m hoping for ‘something else’…


My guess would be it’s an oversized lens flare…


Yes, but what is the ball of light? It moves along a path as the game loads. I presume it is perhaps us entering the sim?


I thought that was the center… ?


Ah yes. That makes sense. :thinking:


When messing about in the Galactic Map, the galaxy centre appears as a destinctive bright light, which creates the lens flare effect.
Sometimes it is offset on the load screen, sometimes not.


So this brings me back to the conclusion I reached when I completed what there is of the storyline. The center is still meant to be our ultimate destination. Yet, there is nothing there. While lava etc…would be really nice, I would just like to see a conclusion to the story that gives us a way to reach the center with some sort of climax and a conclusion to the story.


In terms of narrative satisfaction, it would be comforting for the story to conclude with some final revelation, and a closing sequence. We expect stories to have a beginning, a middle, and an end.

But in terms of this story, restarting from the centre is the conclusion. The Atlas lied to you. All you are is a source of input. The iterations never end.

And yes, that’s unsatisfactory for humans. But the Atlas is not running its program for humans.

Alternatively, it’s possible that Sean Murray couldn’t think of a good ending, so he just kept us going round and round instead.


Haha! Speculation overload! We’re all desperate for something!!

That is indeed the center of whatever galaxy you’re loading into. As your game loads you fly through the galaxy. Each time you load, your position is random. Sometimes you’re facing the center, other times you’re facing just east of it, etc. It hasn’t changed since launch. The Galactic Map is one of my favorite things in the game. All the names of the highlighted systems are places that have been discovered already. In a sense a “live” view as your game loads.

The lens flare has always been there as well. Just jump into the Galactic Map and turn your view to the center.



On the loading screen it also appears to be galaxies with names aswell. Devilin made a list reuniting all of them, but I don’t know where now, old stuff.
Same, (I could be wrong) but I think no one as ever found why they are there…


It is possible but I’ve always thought of the ‘ending’ as kind of a hitchcock type ending. Not really a lot of closure but tries to make you think and leave you scratching your head at the end. It would make a good Amazing Stories episode.


Yeah, I totally dig the ending conceptually.
It’s a somewhat risky thing to pull after people invested tens of hours into reaching the goal, though. I guess that kind of concept just doesn’t work very well for long interactive media. That problem could also be observed in ME3, which essentially had the same ending as Vernor Vindge’s “A fire upon the deep” (galactic civilisation destroyed, long-range spaceflight rendered impossible, uncountable trillions dead, but hope for the future… as in, a couple of hundred thousand years in the future), which is a great novel.
But in an interactive media, where you might feel responsible for the outcome rather than just be an observer of it, such “downer endings” can literally feel unrewarding, as in you feel you deserved more return for your investment, and can lead to a literal feeling of betrayal. Basically, people felt ripped of, and that feeling was genuine. There were major issues with lazy execution and ludonarrative disonance in ME3 of course (Noone ever complained about the downer endings of the X-Com games, for example, because the gameplay was all about desperation and overcoming the impossible). While in the original NMS I’d say the ludonarrative is damn near perfect, it is easy to see how that ending could in fact be considered extremely lazy.


Found a cool Ossified world! There’s mostly not much color except for the light in the flora and sodium, oxygen & deuterium rich plants. I love the way the colors pop at night and reflect off my suit!

These look like alien Christmas trees!


Me driving to work in January…with the windchill it was -53…




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