Screenshots v1.5-1.77



I think all of this ‘bug-catching’ during the updates has become an addiction. I seem to be only interested in early access games now. Subnautica Below Zero and Foundation (which is strangely addictive) are my current obsessions.
Returning to NMS is always a delight.


I can only totally agree. I choosed an extreme cold planet ( did we have the snowflakes? Is it new? I have to check the new improvements asap) with crazy agressive sentinels, to kinda play on “hard mode”. Since I am not really interested on permadeth, I put my own settings hehe :smile:

Glad to play back, I also forgot that I bought a New B-Class fighter !! Looks awesome!

First step: Build the Nautilon!! :+1:


Really happy with these! Love this filter!



This is new to me. Not entirely sure what to make of it.


It’s a glitch. Been around since 1.0.


I have seen a number of ‘ghosts’ since NEXT. The Appearance Modulator working with no one in it. Those little nav data cubes spinning as if someone just used it, the anomaly pictured above as well as little jets in the water that have no visible source. :ghost:


Haunted Emeril Planet



It really feels like everyone left the forum… :neutral_face:
HG, let the season 3 begin!! :sunglasses:



Dangerous criminal