Screenshots v1.5-1.77



I have spent this entire Community Event on the same planet and today I finally found the last of the 10 creatures inhabiting this super toxic, torrential acid inflicted planet…and naturally, this last critter wanted me dead.

I can finally move on, but there has been beauty to discover even in this deadliest of planets. The blinding storms transform what would be a typical green, toxic landscape into a pastel palette of fascination.




Until I either rollback my graphics drivers or move to Linux, this is NMS for me:

Hmmmmm…have all my other games run junky or have NMS work…
:sob: so I may not be posting any pics for a while…

UPDATE: This issue is resolved. Here was the solution. Maybe it can help others.
Issue is ArbSparseTexture, setting only in tkgraphicssettings. Disabled it, looks fine. Tessellation still glitchy as usual.
Sorry for posting this in screenshots…:grin:


All fixed! :grinning:



I just like how the clouds are glitching through the horizon. But at first glance you can’t tell and it just looks like the structure back there is towering through the atmosphere!


Finally got the Walker Brain, had to take down 2 with aerial bombardment.


I know what the Big Ball in my portable refinery looks like now. It’s also a bit of Where’s Waldo for scale.


Awww. PoR looks lonely. Terrible Mohawk “do” too. Get a stylist, man!

@kyle-culver: Smog Alert!



Emerald Skies!


An Ode to Monet’s Les Meules a Giverny


Impressionist haystacks! So well done. NMS is at it’s best when fantastic things happen. Fortunately, that’s often.


Is it a space station shadow? Like the spot on Jupiter? Do I just need a better laptop? The “space between”
looks really cool.





After “This is the Police”, “This is the Police II”, God of War and Red Dead Redemption II, here I am in the Sim once again, and it’s a pleasure to be back!