Screenshots v1.5-1.77


most beautiful planet from space I have encountered so far






Unsure what this is on my farmer. Anybody know?


Hmmm. Monstrous tongue and in his Prime. Interesting. Maybe he’s trying to cozy up to You-Tubers.


Was it static or animated/moving

Is your base underwater or close to water.

The closest thing it looks like to me, is one of the water effects for ‘splashing’ /'geyser '.


It is very close to water and it does look like a water effect and is animated. It just showed up recently.


Ok must be a placement bug/glitch …weird :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes. I see those little water geysers regularly. They never seem to be connected with anything. It would make sense if there was a plant or a vent in the rocks but there hasn’t been with the ones I have seen.



Hello my love. It’s been a while since I last wrote, but do not fret for I am well. Today I found a planet with enormous mountains, deep valleys buried in dense fog with hidden beaches and caves, and knee high purple grasses. It also had man eating plants, was 350F in the shade, and the incessant rain was always of the scalding nature. I hope that you are well. -Dearest Jack


@ kliktrak, @ sheralmyst

Was just wondering if the base helpers change what they’re doing based on what mission they want you to do. In that case the water effect didn’t really make much sense for the farmer at the time.




Postcards from the daily mission


My new favorite thing to do in the game!



Atlas Rises home planet.

Found a planet with caramel chews! YUM!

He’s got the whole world in his… uh…