Screenshots v1.5-1.77


This is the one planet-type I have yet to find. How are they described?


This one was an ultramarine


Sorry. Apparently backtracking using Waypoints is way beyond my skills. The colored line kept leading me to systems that I never visited and then terminated. Over and over. Apparently trying to use Waypoints doesn’t allow me to travel very far in space.

The Stellar Corruption Detected planets are similar but colorless. I have a base on one.


So I went exploring.

Found an Ultramarine planet.

Found another Stellar Corruption Detected.

Found a Chromatic Gas Planet.

I think that the multi colored one that I posted before was from a Chromatic Gas Planet in some other system.

Good luck.


:smile: Thanks for trying. Sometimes the description works. I find Bubble planets to be Foamy, etc… I guess it does not always work.


Happy Holidays to you all. Thank you for this amazing community that keeps me connected.




Random ventures around my home system.

Probably one of the few filters I use in the game…




Bravely-For the Community Event



Toxic Sunrise



Community event “You have chosen exploration”



I’ve finally gotten the game to work just as normal again, and the first system I warped to was the most amazing place I’ve ever been in all of video games