Screenshots v1.5-1.75


I found a new home planet. It has bad storms, but the sentinels aren’t aggressive. Plus there’s butterflies :heart_eyes:


Haunted Planet (my first of this sort).


This is what happens when @Oshoryu mentions he’s putting on a few ‘quiet’ beers at his lake cabin… :grin:


Stirring up trouble on an infected world.


Islands were to small to even land on. Most empty, yet strikingly beautifully water world I’ve ever encountered.


Didn’t know where to share this so I stuck it here.
Nothing special about this pic except that I stumbled across this RUNNING portal while poking about on a hostile moon looking for crashed ships.
I’ve never ‘accidentally’ found a portal since Atlas Rises so I assumed they were located only after doing the monolith-locate-a-portal thing. Apparently not.
What I don’t get, is why this one was running. I didn’t land to investigate and can only guess that it was a side effect of the community event, auto-assigned polo portal. The one I used was on the main planet so I don’t know why this was even active. It probably would have shut down when I tried to interact with it.
Interesting… :thinking:


:ghost: It was calling you…“Step through” :smile:


Probably a trap. :hole: :scream:


That is interesting. I wonder if when you activate a portal, all the portals in that system are activated? I am really curious to figure this out. I might have to do some testing later. As the Korvax say: “Fascinating!!”



In a dark place we find ourselves, and
a little more knowledge lights our way -


I was dreaming about a planet in this simulation that could offer me a home, a place to stay.



That looks…uncomfortable. :face_with_head_bandage:


Especially for that little drone that’s about to get kicked into space…


That’s a station, going for goal!


Ah, silly me… I thought it one of those valet drones cleverly placed. :smile:

Great work with your perspective, there!


It looks like the NMS Intergalactic Championship is off to a great start this year.


I don’t care what anyone says about ps4, the graphics are beautiful on my tv from my ps4, and so are yours Darth.

I also built my own gaming pc, and have two beautiful monitors but I will keep playing NMS, on my PS4.



I 100% agree, it looks great on a tv screen, when mine’s not playing it mostly has screen shot wallpapers from my recent travels as well as some from our fellow interlopers in this forum…so many great pics here to inspire me to find more of my own. :grinning: