Screenshots v1.5-1.6


No problem, thanks anyways ! :smiley:


Some shots from my adventures in Normal Mode on Xbox:


This weeks Community Event did not work well for me. I could not find the Anomaly but, I was able to make some Quicksilver. I had a bad feeling about this event from the moment I found the Portal that Polo told me to use.

It was erroneously reported that I visited Polo’s robotic companion but, no such meeting happened.

The Sentinels back home were stuck underground, unable to rise from the depths from which they spawn.

I still had a nice time taking in the view of the event planet.

I do like the new Atlas Stations with 4 landing pads however, I have now lost my Atlas Path…



Awesomeness. This is the new ‘most realistic’ I’ve seen to date.



Small patch fixed my Atlas Path, made Polo finally show up with the Anomaly, stopped my motor from constantly revving on my exocraft, and best of all, I have my Melee Boost back…YES! I am so happy I feel like dancin’.



"Open The Pod Bay Doors"




Missiles Away!

Rocketeer Ready


Having keybindings for photo mode is pure genius. Hands down. :camera_flash:


and cousins


I had been waiting in high anticipation for this specific thing! Had mentioned it many a time in my streams and talking with others. It only made sense since a third party built the Photo Mode feature. They can at least add keybinds! Here a few of mine that I’ve been messing around with. :slight_smile:








A walker i just had a battle with near my base( i ran inside my main building before i died) was in this "paused, transformer, folder up state for a while right in the middle of my base area. When I got close to it, it stood up so I took the selfie on the top of it. When I went a short distance away to get carbon, it was gone when I came back.



Nice to see someone else’s for a change.


Guess I found Another spot to build my home base!!

Look at this lake!

And this is the planet I found it! With a dark Moooon :grin:


Another great Planet No Man’s Sky Next offers!!


That’s DAM(n) cool! I can imagine a fun base built there :wink:


I like the land bridge! I found a natural arched bridge over a canyon between to mountains once. It really wanted a castle at one or both ends, But I was like no can do (pre-NEXT).