Screenshots v1.5-1.6



“Hello. Roadside Assist…How can we help you?”


I set out on a Squiding Expedition… Scarier than you think…

Quickly found myself surrounded by more than just sharks

As I decended lower into that dark ABYSS, music emitted from the waves

Ferocious tentacles extended with poisoned slime

Waited till it was nearly upon me, to fire a round into the sweet-spot

There will be supper tonight, I haven’t eaten in weeks, was my only hope

Some eat 'em. Others fly 'em. Or be eaten… In the deepest depths of the deep dark sea!

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Starships 🚀 (post 49)
Starships 🚀 (post 62)

Squid :squid: expedition was 49-62 - Enjoy!


The little red dots I’ve found circling and difficult to scan, turn out to be medium sized sentinels often on patrol. Though I did have one red dot turn out to be a huge beasty fish thing. It took ages to track and scan because it kept swimming away. It was fun though as there was a bit of a challenge. Eventually got it when it spent a little time in shallow water.

I guess if I had killed it then scanning would be simple… but not much fun in that :slight_smile:



So I discovered filters in Photo Mode…


:cool: If you make a Topic @ me. I think a cartography topic would be neat. We also have latitudes and longitude, now. Constellations maps, and star charts of regions, and cities would be nice for Hubs.


Double rings

Forsaken Planet



Twilight world



Infected Planet:




I found a “Chromatic Fog Planet” with “Unfathomable Storms”.

The sky was beautiful after the storm cleared.

Oh, and a cave with trees.


I’ve barely traveled so I’ve not seen to many of the new biomes. Looks very cool.


Think I got a new base location :slight_smile:


Is that orange portal glow standard on those biomes?


I’ve only been to two systems with that hue. This the first I’ve activated the portal on. I’d imagine they’ll be the same. The holo doors are orange too.

edit: not just the biome, everything in the system is orange. Freighter shot.