Saves Are Not True Saves

In most games, when I load a save, I expect to be taken back to the exact same conditions that existed when I made the save. In No Man’s Sky, that doesn’t happen.

It turns out that most of the environmental variables (time of day, weather, etc.) are independent of the save. If you make a save during the daytime, when the weather is fair, but you load the save at night, during a storm, you will find that your saved game is now at night, during a storm.

If you save during a fight, when you load the save, you will no longer be in a fight.

Handy in some circumstances, irritating in others - but definitely confusing.


I hadn’t noticed that, or maybe just ignored it. They are going to have to do it that way if they are ever going to synchronize the clocks for multiplayer. Right now each player gets their own weather, mode, enemies etc. The further down the rabbit hole toward multiplayer that they go, the more they will have to coordinate between the players. And the discontinuity of saving will have to fit in.

During the ARG one of the websites described the save system as saving the user for restoration. (Now if our plants would just grow while we sleep :slight_smile: )


Which relates to a basic question I have had … in No Man’s Sky, does the universe “keep on running” after you exit the game? I know it’s supposed to while in-game – if you fly away and return, for example – but how about after exiting?

If the Universe is always running even when you area away from the game, that would account for what you experience. Right?