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Well I am disgusted, but unfortunately, not surprised.

I got my second Pfizer jab on Wednesday. Was sick as a dog yesterday, and am feeling much better today. I slept a lot. lol

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A really long read…unbelievable…this is what happens when no one trusts anyone. Very interesting though.
Vanity Fair: The Lab-Leak Theory: Inside the Fight to Uncover COVID-19’s Origins.


From DRASTIC’s point of view:


We may never know the truth

Al Jazeera English: Why are calls growing to investigate the Wuhan lab leak theory?.


Woo Hoo! :grinning:
Bloomberg: J&J Covid Shot Neutralizes Delta Variant, Is Durable Over Time.


The article is in the preview window. I always find these scientific websites a bit confusing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



“There are lots of closely related strains of covid found in wild animal populations, and studies of people who work in Chinese livestock markets show that they have developed antibodies to many of them”.


Trying to pin down “Patient Zero” for COVID-19 will drive you batty.


After several weeks with several counties reporting 0 cases, AR is now back to over 6,000 active cases. Over 1,000 per day for the last several days. There will be a spike in deaths as well. On average, a person is sick for 1 week then goes into hospital for about 1 week then death occurs. It is especially sad because this time it is hitting 20-40 years of age. And it was so avoidable. I really fear our kids will be next.
I still remain mostly at home, entering Wal-Mart at 7 am once a week. Very few people still wear a mask… :cry:


Despite my 2 shots, I still do no contact grocery pickup with few exceptions.

If I enter a store I mask up even though I don’t have to. I might be asymptomatic. If not, wearing a mask can be comfortable to others who see me.

It’s not a big deal to me.


So have managed to survive (since Friday last week) the violent riots and organised insurrection in South Africa, the worst hit is the city where I stay on the East Coast called Durban, in the province of KwaZulu-Natal (kzn)

This national news Youtube channel has good coverage:

The massive warehouse was eventually destroyed and burnt down after the mob had stripped it later in the day.

Covid pandemic seems fairly insignificant right now for us in this situation, wondering where and when food will be available.


Good to hear from you. I started to ask because I wondered if it was close to where you live. So glad you are okay. Hang in there. Stay safe. :heart: Sending many prayers your way.


Thank you, incredible community effort to setup perimeters and protect ourselves after police and military abandoned ordinary citizens.

My area has one of the very few remaining unlooted/burnt shopping centres, protected by the community. Was patrolling till 2am this morning, will be back out from 10pm tonight.


Just an update, things are calm, but so uncertain, the fact that no law enforcement/security forces responded last week, has resulted in majority of citizens feeling completely vulnerable, lets hope it doesn’t happen again , next time will be better organised and a coup or civil war.


So glad you are ok @kliktrak !
Meanwhile, things are getting ugly here. I went onto a small, nearby store yesterday. I was the only one in a mask. I got some fairly ugly looks. :unamused: I continued to smile and be friendly. That seemed to calm a few looks… I am so afraid this virus is going to start killing more children.
ABC News: Researchers: Virus surge a ‘raging forest fire’ in Arkansas.

Some hopeful news…of course, people would still have to be willing to take the meds…
The Jerusalem Post: Israeli lab: Some existing drugs could stop COVID at almost 100%.


I continue to wear a mask in stores, required or not. I wore one at work too, until I realized that I am not a people person anymore, and quit before I got into a bad situation. That was a CircleK and lasted about 3 weeks.

And happy cake day @sheralmyst !


And now i am in a queue for 1st round vaccine.

(Edit: pfizer 1 of 2 received)


Good for you! I know the big concern now is a huge spike in cases after all the caos.
CDC is realizing, too late, that the mask mandates here were lifted too soon…
I have so much peace of mind since getting vaxxed, especially since I also still mask up.


Definitely, so grateful mask wearing is mandatory here, regardless of vax status.