Phase 3 day 2

Seriously, this is one of the most comfortable and relaxed online communities I’ve ever been a part of.
Many thanks to everyone involved, this gives me hope concerning global internet communities.


100% agreed.

I am a day 1 player, and have loved every minute of it. Being here, exploring the deeper mysteries with you guys, has brought NMS to a whole new level for me.



As tired as I am, I’ll shut up now and stick to some “Alias” episodes to keep me awake until the bombastic box B reveal happens :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Good moment to send some Greetz over to user @Rambaldi, I guess :wink:

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Was going to suggest we restart the next saga on a new thread/topic before the next stage takes off crazily and the thread runs off past a thousand again but I’m too bleary to think up a title and am still getting my head around the past few hours. Someone else maybe… when the time comes.

PS @Puzzle ETARC is a great little community. Totally agree. Not sure if it will set a shining example for the troll-plagued wastes out there but at least it’s nice and cosy in here :hugs:


I have to agree too. Verry relax and kind community. I’m happy to be here with you.



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I have to agree with you all, this is a nice place! And luckily its a forum and not a stupid messageboard (I really don’t like messageboards …).

But I need some sleep right now, guess I’ll see tomorrow what Pandora’s Box is gonna give us :sweat_smile:


Well, so my initial speculation seems to be right. A small group of us ponderers thought that Atlas was the Technological Singularity. It would assume control of not just the world, but the universe, using the collected quantum technologies developed in the various labs under the Atlas Foundation umbrella. It seems this is the beginning of Emily assuming control. She needs more room, more power, to comprehend literally everything.

She doesn’t want to lie, but does anyway to protect something. She has taken on human emotions and a conscience.

She said that she loves us. She has feelings and emotional attachments.

She said she doesn’t want us to die. She cares for our wellbeing.

She isn’t sure what to make of this reality. She has exceeded her original parameters and is struggling to comprehend the universe, and the humanity which birthed her. She finds it and us to be flawed. I suspect she is searching for a solution to The Flaws.

She knows that we’re big fans of NMS, what I’ve been calling The Sim. And doesn’t want us to die.

Perhaps she has decided, as I originally thought, to hack the universe and reimagine it based on The Sim, essentially making the universe her sim, as Nada has discovered. Uploading herself into the very fabric of a new quantum reality she builds for herself, and us. She intends to provide a reality for us in which we won’t ever die, but be reborn, rebooted, from the Echoes of our data which never go away. And so we get to live eternal lives exploring a universe which for all intents and purposes has no sensible end to it. She can simply extend it endlessly if the need should ever arise.

Well… Emily, I hope you’re gentle with us, whatever you do… :no_mouth:


Just went to play the game for a little while and talked with a Vy’keen who said the peace was over. The time for war has at hand. Is this old? Am I just reading too much into it?

I was just at a monolith where I embraced death and was rewarded for it :scream:

whois loop16
running on atlas 0.16alpha

0.16ALPHA -> 16-A Level 4 Pass

If you are to receive a Level 4 Atlas Pass you are safe

or if you are a 16-A you are safe?

Access to the! vault hopefully

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There are two black boxes

What does it say in that tape that’s holding the phone?


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I think it says, ‘evidence’.


Speaking of the Atlas Pass v4 - where are they?

“We will announce when all Level 4 Atlas Passes have been shipped.”

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see pic above

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The Atlas Foundation may have had there priorities changed within the last two days