Patient Intervention Thread - Claire




Ok so one day someone on wikipedia decided that sophie was a diminutive, i’d like to see his source :wink:
If we look at here or there it doesn’t say it’s a diminutive (but I agree these sites are not a proof of anything ^^ )
Even the Sophia’s wiki page says that Sophie is a variant.

Is a diminutive with the same numbers of letters really a diminutive ? :stuck_out_tongue:


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If you want to get technical Sophie is the hypocoristic form of Sophia


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We must be bored, arguing etymology!


It’s like Claire, the etymology is the same as for Clara. Only the languages give some specificities to names.

But all greek/latin firstnames are easier for french speaking people to find their etymology as about 90% of the words comme from these roots.

Bored i’m not sure, maybe “Clarus” will be helpfull at a point :smiley: maybe Claire will be our best chance vs “Obscurus”


I like the French-Canadian point, she may switch between the two depending on whom she is addressing.


Wait…isn’t Alexander’s wife Emilienne? Couldn’t Emily be the diminuitive for that name? What if all the dreamers are related to people in the ARG? Or all of the dreamer’s minds are being altered to think they are? WHAT IF NONE OF THEM ARE REAL AND THEY ARE JUST AI?!


this has some merit to it…


We are rescuing simulations, with a simulation, and saving them from a simulation!
Edit: simulation


I had the exact same thought pop up after finding out Alexanders wife is emilienne.
We don’t know the name of philips wife or his kids, so there’s still a potential connection there. Eun Ha however seems to have no relations to persons with oddly specific names…

I tend to rule this one out, though. We have bodies, after all. Or at least we’re told we have…


Anything is possible…I’d be surprised if Emily ends up connected to Emilienne rather than Claire’s friend Emily but anything could happen.


Well, Emilienne, Emily (Emilie in french) have the same latin root: aemulus (rival or imitator and I think we can say that imitator sounds good to an AI :wink: )

Another interesting fact with dreamers first name is Tariq, which means “fighter” and Alexander “the one who repel the warrior”

Maybe some dreamers have connections with each other. Not sure they all are AI.


I have no idea what this thread is for…but Claire Sandfield? Like Claire Redfield?


Do we know the names of the other dreamers?


Simon, Alisha, Nina, Mike, Isabella and Tony are missing


I hadn’t realized the other names had meanings behind them…but yeah, there is A LOT going on here…could Sophia be Sophie…it’s a bit of a stretch for the argument since there would have been a last name change and a different pronunciation of the first name but it all easily could be. Can Emily have a connection with Claire’s friend Emily and/or Emilienne? Yes, certainly could. And then there’s #231187661T, a character that certainly seems to have a connection to the game since that name he’s got right now is the name of a crashed ship log in the game…also the helmet instead of an actual face like all the other dreamers. Oh and let’s not forget about Tariq…a WARE staff member who is almost certainly up to no good. By the name meanings you gave it may be that Alexander will end up being the one to stop Tariq…I just hope the old man doesn’t get hurt.


Claire is a young girl, so it’s not possible she became an experimental subject without parents agreement. I don’t believe that Sophie Dubois would let her daughter in such hands.

But we have to think about something: Why is she a dreamer ? Philipp needed money, Alexander probably has something neurologic, but why a teenager ?


Theraphy & Healing, maybe Coping with emotions, anger issues…

Edit: Also, wasn’t it comfirmed a ‘testing’ facility? I’m sure they attempted to recruit a variety of test subjects.