Patient Intervention Thread - #231187661T


Why is it that I can only see some replies while others are just blank, I had an email from MacForADay but couldn’t read it because there was nothing there!!


Those are replies blurred because the posts are discussing possible spoilers…it’s all speculation really but sometimes if we think something has a really big chance of being true we decide to blur it. You can click on the blurred words to make them readable.


Depending on your screen colour settings its possible that you cannot see spoiler hidden text. Try tapping/clicking on the blank space where text should be and hopefully you will see the hidden text.

Alternatively, click on your avitar (top right), then click the cog symbol and go into ‘account’.
Then toggle your screen ‘interface’ settings between ‘Etarc’ & ‘Atlas’ theme. This should give you a different colour scheme, which might work better.
Dont forget to save your changes at the bottom.

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Ok many thanks for the explanation.


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Ugh…not going to lie, I was hoping we’d get at least one or two real bits of info about #231187661T


So was I. Very disappointing in the information area.


I’m sooooo mesmerised by this character! I’d really want some juicy info!!



I’m too tired and probably way overthinking so imma lay this out here. Maybe phone a friend lol. The patient text had red text that laid this out 3obtNyj2lHs. This is the only one with the “veiw patient file” unclear but has same type of coloring. I over think by miles but when something right in my face, it’s like its too obvious so my head just walks past it lol. Any ideas?


EMILY may not be DEAD . . .

I think “Patient #231187661T” is meant to be another / a bonus puzzle…

I have TWO “bits” of information about “Patient #231187661T”…

can be factored into EXACTLY TWO (and only two) PRIME NUMBERS:

271 x 853,091

Combining these two Prime factors...

271,853,091 can be factored into
3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 1118737 ==> 27 x 9 x 1118737
Using a straight Alphabet Loop, 27 = 26+1 = “A”, 9 = “I”… and I didn’t process 1,118,737 … but “AI”…? :stuck_out_tongue:

-231,187,661 (Patient “number”)
= 40,665,430 --> can be ASCII-Table’d into 4 characters of no apparent(?!) consequence.

… but can itself be factored into
2 x 5 x 13 x 103 x 3037
Using the Alphabet Loop, B E M … 103 = (4x26)-1 = Y … and I didn’t do 3,037…
How many "Emily"s have you ever known, who use the “short-form” / nickname “Emy” (Emmie)?
(Yes, admittedly, that’s one helluva s-t-r-e-t-c-h, but I thought I’d take it down this path anyway…)
((Factor Order doesn’t matter in Maths; Factors are Factors. But in Puzzles, sometimes an Order presents…))
… and what about “BE MY” (3037) …? :stuck_out_tongue:

Combining the factors the other way...

853,091,271 can be factored into
3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 853 x 12347 … the last of which is a “pretty” Prime number… and also 5 characters long, like “Emily”.
34127 = EMILY ?

-231,187,661 (Patient “number”)

… which conveniently factors into 10 x 62,190,361 – yet another PRIME NUMBER.
(For an “all primes” factoring ==> (2 x 5) x 62,190,361 …)
62 19 03 61 could be similarly ASCII-Table’d, but again not likely to reveal anything truly useful.

That the resulting Factors (especially the larger numbers) are ALL PRIME NUMBERS,

I leave it with you… fellow Citizen Science Division scientists & cryptographers – you’d know better than I…

PS - for the Numerologists out there, this is Post #111


So… no takers on the Emily v 231187661 theory…? :wink:


That’s why ARG is BEFORE the update :wink:


Just reviewing… cuz I’m a bit enthralled by #231187661T

Got to thinking, where you note it’s not “written in the game’s typical tone”, as I was reading it (but before reading your conclusion), I felt they read like Diary entries. So, in a way, similar to game entries, but … warmer. (?)
Does that make any sense? :smiley:

SPOILER (discussion) WARNING

A most curious observation, @kerdorin

My (*spoiler*-shielded) thoughts for you (& any others curious enough), responding to your Q.

Not explicitly “met dreamers”, imho – this Traveller knows/knew of others who may have suspected a simulation, but did not express it as such, using the phrase “like a dream” instead…

So, “yes” met dreamers just as we, who’ve interfaced with the ARG’s Myriad, have “met dreamers”;
but “no”, because _within the simulation – within NMS – the other Traveller does not seem to realise it is either in a simulation or that it is dreaming, so would not think of anyone else it meets as “dreamers”. (Get me?) :wink:

This bit: “the vision recedes. We both stand here as if nothing has happened” suggests – to me, at least – that (much like the black cat déja vu in The Matrix suggested “a glitch in the matrix”) SOMEthing “reset”; but whilst we definitely notice this “reset” happen, it seems the other Traveller did not seem to notice.

Their parting query suggests to me an implication of them having an “instinctual feeling” about things…

Alternatively / Similarly, that a “parallel existence” overlaid itself before our eyes, which may go to explaining why the other Traveller doesn’t seem to have noticed the change which just occurred. :smiley:

(How d’ya like them apples?) :wink: :+1:



Has anyone restarted their normal file after updating to NEXT? My mind is blown it directly metions the dreamer in the beginning iteration. Pretty cool seeing as how we can now have the same exosuits as the dreamers. I wonder if they will join the game soon possibly as Korvax echoes? Maybe the Convergence is made up of dreamers consiousness?


That has always been the case with the start up in no mans sky, mentions previous iteration number etc, the dreamer in the ARG was a direct nod to the iteration that occurred before the player characters iteration.

Some people thought we were gonna get a big reveal as to who the iteration was before us, some people thought the T indicated it might have some big connection to Telamon and why Telamon has been crippled and shoved into our suit diagnostics.

If you want to learn more about telamon and past iterations of the simulation, seek out boundary failures on exotic planets :wink: (or If you’d like some lunchtime lore reading, there are transcripts online :D)