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I was pleased when I first found this work in progress, now I am starting to get hyped!

In 4k60


For the benefit of those who don’t have access to Steam:


A fireplace on a spaceship is an unlikely concept. Two instances within a month pushes coincidence to breaking point. So the question now is:

Did Sean put a fireplace in No Man’s Sky because he knew there was one in the Steam promotion?, or:

Did Steam put a fireplace in their space fantasy as a reference to No Man’s Sky?, or:

Are they both riffing off each other?


I just looked at this page on Steam and it looks like a NMS update - an old worn pocket book. :heart_eyes:

I got “paranormal professor”, because… “you like science and you are very brave”… Oooookay? lol
I mostly went for pacifist and “aufmüpfige” (defiant?) answers. There were no paranormal options.

In that story you quoted, I took the other option and did not get the alien fireplace, instead I distract them with an offer of friendship and then kill them all….? I hope the persons writing these nonsensical stories were having fun and got a bonus. :wink:


I have been following development for this game for what seems ages, but now it is finally going to release September 27, 2021. I am excited!



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