Not making Games? New Games to watch for


It’s business, big business and sadly enough over-saturated with willing labour! Welcome to the video games industry …

Valve made Portal? Well, technically they did, because they had their name on the title after having bought NMS (Nuclear Monkey Software), a team of young students attending DigiPen Institute of Technology. These guys made Narbacular Drop and Valve bought the full team to make a profit for them. Basically Valve saw a cheap opportunity for a promising title under their name. Cheap labour for Valve to hit gold with Portal, great opportunity for willing students to get their foot into the industry…

Valve ‘Corporation’ just sticks to what is successful, what works best for them (financially), with the least risk involved. It is no wonder they became the biggest software distribution platform. They are good at hiring people to make a profit under their name. Several other popular titles are an example of this. Team Fortress, started out as a Quake modification, then QuakeWorld by TF Software Pty. Ltd. Valve saw another opportunity and just acquired the team … leading to another success! Counter-Strike started as a HL mod, before Valve bought the intellectual rights. Left 4 Dead’s development was started by Turtle Rock Studios, to then be bought by Valve.

Half-Life was their first success, no doubt they had a great team making this one of the biggest titles ever. This success changed their ways however, finding opportunities with alternative ways to make a profit, software distribution. No doubt they intended to continue the franchise which they partly did. I do however think that it didn’t always quite work out the way they planned. One or more attempts must have eventually been turned down or have become too expensive to never see the light. I also believe that over the years, likely too many hands are in the pot of what many (still) believe to be ‘gold’. Valve just decided to go silent and stick to the legacy as a marketing tool. Best to not risk anything unless an opportunity truly arises, which has to be able to deliver to the large expectations created over the years. The risk of backlash is huge and there is no guarantee a new title will make a good enough profit to justify this.

As for Bethesda, @jedidia already explained. Game development aka making games has turned into a business, an industry, making it hard to compete or even survive in, most often ruled by publishers. Over the years, things have changed dramatically. There are huge risks involved, even more so when you are a big company, whether publisher or developer. Business models have changed, timelines to produce get ever shorter, investments required ever larger. You can not afford to risk anything, you have to act fast, invest a lot and get your return as soon as possible.

Once making money has become priority #1, it kills any passion, especially with so much (unfair) ‘competition’ out there, wanting part of the promised ‘gold’.

A Pink Floyd song keeps popping in my head … ‘Welcome to the Machine’.



Kisses back at you :kissing_closed_eyes:

There are still people following their passion


Ah yes! And you are right, thankfully there are still people out there able to follow their passion. I have great respect for them and wish them all the best out there, it’s a tough world …



it is partnering with Legendary to create an open world platformer

So… an openworld multiplayer platformer? Like… Starbound and consorts? That’s about the only thing I can come up with that would kinda fit the concept. Except the platforming in starbound is heavily undermined by its crafting.


I would really hope this game is NOT like Starbound. I would like to see a more serious game both in feel and visuals. Not sure what is meant by that description.

I find this to be quite interesting. Thinking about refreshing my immunizations. They wear off over time. You can be tested to find out. My MMR was refreshed when I had my son.

There is also this.

This is interesting. Has a sort of a Heavy Rain feel (without the ‘button action’ mechanics)


:open_mouth: This looks awesome!

A new game has surfaced with its first prototype trailer. Called “Towers”, the game is said to take inspiration from Breath of the Wild, Studio Ghibli, Harvest Moon and more. Towers features gliders, climbing, farming, town building and cooperative multiplayer.

Hope you don’t mind @Polyphemus, I changed the title. This is a good place to post any upcoming games. Everyone is welcome to post any games they are looking forward to.


Satisfactory is a new game that just came out in Early Access but it’s very playable in its current state. It has some NMS-style exploration elements. The main part of the game involves building a working factory by building/crafting/gathering resources. Looks fun.


From the GoatSim people? My son has been waiting for that one. Unfortunately, this is on Epic only and is Windows only…bummer. Thanks for sharing!

Here’s a new Oddworld game.


Hold the funkin boat, a new oddworld?!!?

I’m in work placement right now so don’t have time to research but, are any of the original team involved or is this from the folks that “remastered” Abe’s Odyssey into 3d and completely robbed it of its unique look and style?

I’d rather they never touch oddworld again if thats the case XD For example, rupture farms was this dark gritty horrible place, in new n tasty its very clean and shiny looking and being 3d, has a lot of reused assets. Odyssees pre-rendered backgrounds allowed for almost every nugget to be unique and tasty.

I think thats how ill refer to them from now on. Unique N’ Tasty vs New N’ Tasty :slight_smile:
I still enjoyed playing the remake but I found myself playing the original a lot more afterwards to see if I wasn’t going mad that the new visuals took away from the world building and immersion somewhat.

Edit: My excitement has sent me on an extended “bathroom” break.

Found this.

Oddworld founding members are at the helm but, the team is split up around the world. In my experience this comes with many cons, primarily an incohesive presentation. Which would be detrimental to an oddworld game. Fingers crossed they pull it off. I sound very negative today haha, ignore that tone if it seems that way ':slight_smile:

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