Not making Games? New Games to watch for

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Well I’ve finally gotten into Cyberpunk 2077 & my experience matches @Polyphemus description.
Big, beautiful & quite playable so long as you ensure you regularly save.

On a base level PS4 there is a bit of pop-in as well as lesser detailed elements in some places but in truth I’m astonished at the complexity & graphics distance they can get a PS4 to achieve. There are so many layers going on. Of course it’s not PC level clarity but it certainly is impressive.
Regular manual saves help navigate the few blocker-bugs & I’m very willing to forgive the occasional visual glitches that occur.
The game reminds me of Fallout 4 in some ways & I thoroughly enjoyed that game too.

Map is just huge & since I love exploration I’m trully enjoying all the landscape to poke about on.
I was concerned the crazy shooter style of the game might be too wild for my taste but I’m having a blast (pun intended).
It certainly contains a lot of gore & sexual content but it fits with the futuristic dystopian theme so I’m ok with it.

My only winge is the huge load times which severely break immersion.
Visual bugs are usually just funny but having to sit & wait so long, coupled with the sometimes forced reloads to navigate a glitch makes for some play sessions feeling painfully drawn out.

I think that despite some bugs, it is a great game which despite some (fixable) issues is in fact a nicely rounded package.
NMS was worse following Atlas Rises so I’m pretty forgiving on a game offering so much visual bang for your buck.
8 out of 10


Interesting. On PC, the only times I get loading screens during play is when entering very large buildings - and the devs covered that by making you ride an elevator - so the elevator doors won’t open until the building map has loaded. The fast transit points are not instantaneous, but they only take a few seconds. I can travel from one end of the map to the other, and it’s seamless, just like Skyrim or Fallout 4.

I’m glad you’re enjoying it.


Any regular load point is irritatingly long, such as following a cut scene, fast travelling or after 'flatlining.
Reloading a save point can take a full minute which is painful.