Not making Games? New Games to watch for

@sheralmyst: Here ya go. keep 'm coming :wink:


The Verge: Nothing says ‘ready to game’ quite like being cocooned in a giant scorpion cockpit.


Here’s all the games I’m looking forward to in the near future:

The Eternal Cylinder


The Survivalists

Away: The Survival Series

Immortals Fenyx Rising (I know, it’s not indie and it’s Ubisoft, but it looks soo good!)


Still 2 hours away and the fighting in the chat is both hilarious and pathetic… :dizzy_face:
Buy the console that works best for you and be thankful we have options.
EDIT It has begun! :scream: :laughing:

PS5 $499 Digital $399
XBox X $499 Digital $299
That might help some make a decison.
And Gamestop will have installment plans for both systems. There will, naturally, be a markup but in these difficult times, it is nice to know the option is there.
Also, PS5 preorders will be limited due to a hardware shortage. This is paimful news for everyone.
XBox preorders begin next Tuesday


This time, finally, redone by CYAN and in VR for Oculus Quest (optional). Cyan is asking for all who are interested to please Wishlist this on Steam and GOG.

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I wishlisted it even though I don’t have an Oculus. Steam has quite a bit statistical info on users, I hope they can tell how many interested customers have other VR headsets so Cyan can prioritise adding support for them as well.

The only thing that stood out for me from this PS5 event is that they got Twitch to trigger a notification on my phone even though I had not opted in for that. :rage:


The VR will be optional for Myst. I am sure they will follow the pattern as with Obduction. They know many do not have VR. Even without it, the very much improved look and level of detail is so nice. The added dialogue from Atrus makes me wonder if there is more in the game than the original. I noticed the specs require 20GB of space…tons more than needed for the original game.


Just so everyone knows, PS5 is gone. Botted no doubt and already on ebay for $25,000. There are some people out there who deserve prison time and huge fines

Personal opnion: the whole next console thing has gotten old. It is over-hyped and lends itself to this type of behavior. Can we just stop now? :confused:


Ok then. I’ll take a couple.
Actually let’s make it 3.
Anyone else want one while I’m mortgaging the family home?


Yea. While a new console is exciting stuff, over hyping it just ends up bringing out the worst in people.

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Rumour has it that an angry fan created a script that generates accounts that bid tenS of thousands on these and then there’s nobody behind the account and that stalls those sellers out…

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