No Mans Sky Idea

So I got this idea from a dream last night (that’s where a lot of mine come from) and I thought it would be pretty cool is NMS. What if towards the beginning of the game a Sentinal appears. This Sentinal doesn’t attack you but starts talking to you asking for allegiance. If you agree, then the sentinals won’t attack you anymore. HOWEVER, all the NPCs become hostile towards you. It could go vise versa.


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In itself an interesting idea, although in practice this would likely not work well, unless the result would only be temporarily somehow? For any progression in both the Story as well as game-play in general, interaction with the alien NPCs is required. This would require quite a change, unless additional, current race NPCs, without any other interaction are added. This would however make things a bit awkward. Might make more sense to include a completely new alien race with NPCs for this purpose. In general I would not mind to have more ‘danger’ added in some form, especially planet side.


I wouldn’t like this. It is too much like the trending “Walk the Dark Side Path” of killing NPCs. In so many games’ forums, people decry not being able to kill every NPC in a game, including Mission/Quest/Contact NPCs. ESO lets you kill innocent NPCs as a member of the Dark Brotherhood…but even in there, players want to kill Every Single NPC, especially if it affects others getting quests/missions. To me, this just smacks of “I will Control Your Fun” mind-set. I have enough People-Controlling-My-Future in Real Life…I don’t want it in my games.