NMS Lore & More (SPOILERS!) - version 1.38

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

In this topic I want to list interesting text found within the LANGUAGE source files of No Man’s Sky. More specifically, from both the NMS_LOC1_ENGLISH (pre-1.3) and NMS_UPDATE3_ENGLISH (1.3x), as both are used in the current version. Both these files basically contain all the text used within the game for the English localisation.

Considering the amount of text available and a wish to have it nicely organised and separated by topic, I am unable to fit it all in just one post. This is however no issue at all and may even work out better, as separate posts can then be referenced elsewhere on the forum if wished for. I am currently preparing tables for a variety of topics, :bear: with me:

I will keep content from NMS_LOC1 and NMS_UPDATE3 separated for each topic listed above. While both are used, it does help distinguish the content added with Atlas Rises (1.3).

Note: This topic is merely meant for reference, as I prefer actual discussion of lore or other interesting (text) content to be done elsewhere on the forum. Do however feel free to discuss the more technical side, notify changes/mistakes, or make suggestions/requests, including localisation in any of the other available languages.

Thanks @toddumptious, for getting me started on this! Turns out to be quite a bit of work … :grin:


Death, Permadeath, Death Quotes - NMS_LOC1_ENGLISH

Death, Permadeath, Death Quotes - NMS_LOC1_ENGLISH
ID Value (text)
DEATH_COLLECT Restoring lost inventory
DEATH_STARTUP Initialisation…
Voluntary death
DEATH_VOLUNTARY Life became too hard
VOLUNTARY_DEATH_OPTION Restore to last save
Other death
DEATH_POLICE Death by Sentinel attack ship.
DEATH_ASTEROID Death by asteroid collision.
DEATH_LANDING Death by high speed ground-impact.
DEATH_FREIGHTER Death by freighter defence laser system.
DEATH_SHIP Death by ship combat.
DEATH_GUN Death by Sentinel attack drone.
DEATH_CREATURE Death by planetary predator.
DEATH_STANDSTONE Death by mysterious relic.
DEATH_LASER Death by laser.
DEATH_TERRAIN Death by catastrophic planetary impact.
DEATH_RADIATION Death by radiation.
DEATH_TOXIC Death by toxic inhalation.
DEATH_COLD Death by hypothermia.
DEATH_DROWN Death by oxygen starvation.
DEATH_HEAT Death by heat exposure.
DEATH_WALKER Death by Sentinel walker.
DEATH_ENERGY Death by life support system failure
DEATH_PLANT Death from deadly plant toxins
Vy’keen (dict.)
Gek (dict.)
DEATH_STAT_TITLE generations
PERMADEATH_ENABLED Permadeath enabled. You will lose your save upon dying.
GAMEMODE_PERMADEATH_DESC All progress wiped upon death.
Face the risk of permanent character death with the increased hazards and dangers of Survival Mode gameplay.

Permadeath, Death Quotes - NMS_UPDATE3_ENGLISH

Permadeath, Death Quotes - NMS_UPDATE3_ENGLISH
ID Value (text)
Source I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.
~ Douglas Adams (The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul)
Source We are an impossibility in an impossible universe.
~ Ray Bradbury (1975 interview “Assignment America” with Maya Angelou)
Source The mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve, but a reality to experience.
~ Frank Herbert (Dune)
OF 16 16 16 16 16 IN~~NITY, AND IT W/AS NOT ME/AN/T THAT
Source We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far.
~ H. P. Lovecraft (The Call of Cthulhu)
Note Looks like they messed up with quote 40 / author 41
AND 16 SWA//.WS ME W…/E.
Source I see the blackness, worse than space, worse than anything, utterly black, and it swallows me whole.
~ James Smythe (The Explorer)
Source Stability is the beginning of the end. We only walk by continually beginning to fall forward.
~ William Gibson (Zero History)
Source Reality is shaped by the forces that destroy it.
~ D. Harlan Wilson (The Kyoto Man)
Source Here lies one from a distant star, but the soil is not alien to him, for in death he belongs to the universe.
~ Clifford D. Simak (Way Station)

*Standing O for Devilinpixy *

This is something I’ve always wanted to catalogue and organise myself, I never started because time is limited and I figured somebody else would finish one while I was half way through mine. Thanks for taking the initiative on this one, look forward to having it all in one handy little place for referencing, I’m always paraphrasing the crap out of the game for my half assed theories and speculation. Good call on keeping the original text and the new text as seperate things for each section, I’ve always wanted to compare em since 1.3 hit and I realised EVERYTHING had changed almost.

edit @DevilinPixy Holy crumbs, hadn’t seen those new death quotes yet, the glitchy WT-16 ones, I gather from the post that these are just in permadeath mode? Quality immersive touch for permadeath considering the nature of most traveller encounters, speaking of, hang on picks flesh out from between teeth ah, thats better. Sorry, it was him or me… Which is to say. Me, or me.


You’re most welcome. Considering I am on PC and not shy to dive into game source files, I have had these source files ever since I started playing since Atlas Rises. Having backups for each version comes in handy as well. I have just been holding off for some time as I did not want to fully spoil my own game-play. Once that was out of the way, I figured I might as well start organising a bit better, as similar sources elsewhere available on the internet are not always found or not quite the way I prefer. Also very useful to have it all in one place, my preferred place, this wonderful forum!

Speaking of which, I do plan on going through the Travellers again as well at some point, as I prefer to have this sourced on this forum instead of linked elsewhere. Ket_ does do a wonderful job though, nothing wrong with his work done. But if you do not mind, I’d like to add my version of his work done, which you linked, in your topic, once I have that done.

Considering all comes from the game’s source files, this only means it is present and available through code. This does not always mean it is actually used in-game. Although I have noticed HG being very careful putting in ‘new’ content ahead of time, sometimes you do get clued on what’s to come next :wink: In this case, I am actually not sure if those ‘updated’ quotes are already being used, although I am sure someone can verify. I have personally yet to die in my normal mode game.


Abandoned Buildings - NMS_LOC1_ENGLISH

Abandoned Buildings - NMS_LOC1_ENGLISH
ID Value (text)
TIP_ABANDONED <TITLE>Abandoned Building detected<>

Rare technology available
SIGNAL_ABANDONED Abandoned Building Detected
Vy’keen (dict.)
ALL_ABAN_LANG_1 User identified. Terminal now active. Unlocking data log for analysis.
ALL_ABAN_LANG_2 Returning user identified. Terminal now active. Unlocking data log continuation for analysis.
ALL_ABAN_LANG_3 Final data log awaiting user analysis. Terminal now active.
ALL_ABAN_LANG_4 Alert. User identified. New data log repository unlocked. Awaiting analysis.
ALL_ABAN_OPT_A_1 Analyse data log
ALL_ABAN_RES_A_1 I discover something coded deep inside the long-dead traveller’s data log.

Something has been left that will aid me on my own journey…
ABANDONED_TEST_1 I sensed it again today. I found a scarlet pocket of flesh pulsating on the wall of an outpost. I knew it was inside. It had to be. I went in up to my wrist, then my elbow. Within seconds its gummy lips had constricted around my shoulder - my entire arm inside an airtight sack of liquid flesh. All I could find was teeth. Endless teeth.

I pulled out. The hole, gaping now, bubbled with red foam. For a moment I thought I could hear screaming. I had failed. It wasn’t there. I continued my journey.
ALL_ABAN_DESC_1 ‘It looked like a wound on the world. Crimson and ragged-edged, like something that once lived but was then torn asunder. I should have stayed away.’

‘Had I the senses to taste the air of this planet, I imagine it would have reeked with some kind of alien fetor, but nothing could stall my curiosity.’

‘Was it dead? Where I touched it, the surface was moist and yielding. It seemed to become motile then, crawling on a mat of slow cilia, moving from me.’

‘I should have left it alone.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_2 ‘I glimpsed the crimson orb between the clouds. A vast and baleful eye, unblinking and monstrous. Fear turned the blood in my veins to ice. I was so afraid it would see me, but then the clouds moved and it was gone.’

‘I was no longer certain if it had ever been real. Perhaps the fungal deposits from the last world I visited are still clogging my exosuit vents. Affecting my cognition somehow.’

‘I have cleaned my filters six times now. But I still feel it inside me.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_3 ‘I found a body. It’s unlike anything I have ever seen. If there’s a species like it, then I hope they’re all dead like this one.’

‘At first I thought it some tragic remnant of a matter-transfer tech malfunction: a cage of bones and flesh studded with random patterns of crooked teeth and rheumy, lidless eyes. But no.’

‘Some horror of twisted evolution, warped by cruel nature. I can’t help but picture what it would have looked like alive. I cannot help but fear that it will live again.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_4 ‘The oceans here are blood. Nothing lives in them; they are alive themselves. Great protean life forms as large as continents… or perhaps there is only one of them.’

‘What does such a thing consume, I ask myself? The answer seems to be everything. I found evidence of past life here, but no signs of it.’

‘Does the native flora and fauna hibernate when it comes to eat them, then return and repopulate once it retreats? I can feel it moving inside my brain, whispering. It wants me to discard my suit and swim.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_5 ‘I awoke from a dream where I was drowning in something thick and glutinous. It filled my pores and suffocated me.’

‘I want to believe that this is my tired mind playing tricks. I have been so long without deep sleep.’

‘The crimson sphere shimmers at the corner of my eye whenever I try to rest. I cannot comprehend how it tracks my spoor from world to world.’

‘Or is it that I am following it? The orb cannot be in all places at once. That cannot be.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_6 ‘Is this what we become? At each turn on my journey I find only more to taint my spirit and my flesh. The fanged maws erupt around me when my back is turned.’

‘I hear them chattering and spitting. Sometimes they scream sounds that may be words. Perhaps my name.’

‘I haven’t removed my exosuit in many cycles. I’m afraid to look at my own skin. I know it will be seething, pus-wet and pitted. I have become a vector of infection.’

‘The corruption of something ruinous lives in my flesh. Don’t come looking for me.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_7 ‘What are the Sentinels? They appear on countless worlds without summons or warning, they traverse the galaxy unopposed and enforce their will upon every sentient being they encounter.’

‘Who made them? Who gave them the will to police the stars and demand that we bow to their silent rules?’

‘The goal of the experiment was to learn the answers to these questions. It began on an uncharted world beneath a blue-white sun, far from the axis of civilization.’

‘The first drone screamed when it was cut open.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_8 ‘Where do the Sentinels come from? No ships are ever seen arriving to deposit them, yet we know they have spatial drives and can appear on any planet.’

‘Do they build themselves from resources on the worlds that they infest? Like a mechanoid virus, drawing on the host body to metastasize new matter?’

‘Korvax science speaks of metals in their makeup that should not exist in our age of the universe. No-one has ever seen them built.’

‘They are simply here, as if the universe expresses them into existence.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_9 ‘There is a world – turned to dust long before the rise of the Vy’keen – where the natives turned against the Sentinels.’

‘They chafed under the omnipresent eyes of the machines. Resentment begat violence. Drones were destroyed.’

‘More natives fought, and so came the bipeds, the quadrupeds, the interceptors in the sky. These and more.’

‘Soon there was war; and still the machines came, in exponential growth until at last they ended a species as a punishment. Still, the Galaxy refused to learn from this…’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_10 ‘Is there a connection between the monoliths and the Sentinels? The origins of these ancient structures seem to predate all known civilization.’

‘Over time these structures have become imbued with the beliefs and the histories of the creatures that evolved around them.’

‘But what if there was a precursor species that came before us all? One of such infinite knowledge and interstellar power that even after their extinction, their tools remain for us to pore over, like an infant confronted with a fusion reactor.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_11 ‘When there is no explanation for a phenomena, it is a natural progress for intelligent beings to fill in the missing parts of their experience.’

‘On some worlds, the Sentinels are still worshipped as avatars of an all-seeing deity. Drones are considered sacred, sent by an unseen God to ensure that they live in enforced harmony with the environment around them.’

‘There is a disturbing commonality to many elements of their theologies; a recurring visual symbol of a crimson sphere and the promise of an end time soon to unfold.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_12 ‘The experiment’s final phase emerged from frustration. We wanted to learn something new. We wanted to know how they worked. We wanted to see inside them.’

‘An untested dimensional-warping process was used, one we believed would allow us to capture a drone intact. We would cage it, keep it docile. It was our error to believe we could.’

‘The machines co-opted the warp-tech and turned it upon us. In the horror of it all, our flesh was merged with their metal. Our questions were finally answered.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_13 ‘There is a world in the great void where all things are made of razors and glass. Pity anything of simple, soft flesh that goes there.’

‘The glass is thirsty. It is brittle and crystalline, and so very beautiful to behold - but it must drink.’

‘You will go there and you will forget my warning.’

‘Then it will cut you with an edge so fine that you will feel no pain, and only as your life gushes out to dampen the cracked and broken landscape will this come back to you. Too late. Too late.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_14 ‘Beneath their skin, they had placed tiny seeds of the glass, which took on the appearance of strange, ritualistic scarring.’

‘The nubs of the broken crystal were ancient, ground down and polished by generations before them. They fed them their life, and in return the crystals glowed with emerald fires and brought them closer to their fate.’

‘I would listen to them talk of worlds they could never have seen, in alien tongues that their body was not made to utter.’

‘The glass made them something more than they were, a vessel for intelligences utterly unlike us.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_15 ‘The orb rests within its cage-cloak of crystal in so many guises. The angles of the shroud are utterly perfect.’

‘When measured, no device of known science can determine any flaws, any variation in surface even down to the molecular level.’

‘I have tried time and again to get close enough to touch it, but it retreats from me. I am not worthy to know its secrets yet.’

‘My mind must be opened wider. The layers of me revealed and peeled back in sections. There is no other path open. I have already begun to cut upon the skein.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_16 ‘If one can see clearly enough, you will come across a crystal and learn that it is made, not of atoms and molecules, but of thought and gravity and numbers.’

‘You must go deep. Come and see, I beseech you. More than I must know of this, if only to spread the word and warn the other species.’

‘Tell it to all. Write it in every language you know, etch it in stone, scream it in song but never be silent.’

‘I tell you; I have seen what lies beneath the surface of everything. The brittle grid of reality crumbles.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_17 ‘It is here and not here. We reach for the mastery of the galaxy but we do not understand the truth. What if I told you that time is the drug that keeps us docile and unquestioning?’

‘There is no now and then, there is no today or yesterday. This is an illusion reflected in glass, patterns of untruth that the universe uses to laugh at us.’

‘We are not meant to see such things. Our smaller minds rebel at concepts so unimaginably vast that they cannot be held in a single thought. It is how it controls us.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_18 ‘I will cut open space. My heart is filled with regret, but there is nothing else to be done.’

‘I find only darker roads and glassy, endless chasms ranged before me. It is for the best.’

‘The lacerated, blade-filled path is the truth and I am unable to deny it. In time, there will come daring souls far cleverer than I who will learn from my errors.’

‘I forge the way for the ones to come after. I walk barefoot on shards of broken reality, into the infinite and shattering forever. At the heart of it, the secret awaits me.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_19 ‘My comms hub detected a garbled message sent with strange resonance qualities. Not unusual, given the atypical qualities of local space-time in this quadrant.’

‘Systems spent several cycles attempting to reconstruct the missing elements of the message to no avail.’

‘Analysis indicates that the signal shows signs of degradation corresponding to initial transmission occurring before the planet I orbit was even formed.’

‘And yet my name is spoken clearly amid the static and the distortion.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_20 ‘I traded with a Korvax Entity I met on Ikdlak. The sentient offered refined rods of Chrysonite as part-payment for various star-mapping datums recorded by my ship’s sensor modules.’

‘In the process it encountered the anomalous message I detected several cycles ago. I dismissed the signal as a chance event, a random coalescence of interference that happened to resemble a spoken voice.’

‘In truth, it had disturbed me. The Entity analysed the message in its own curiosity and revealed another layer beneath the audio component. A visual of a world with green skies and an obsidian moon.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_21 ‘The mysterious message continues to prey upon my mind. With the aid of the Entity, I have learned that its temporal origin is approximately two to five thousand solar cycles from the now.’

‘I have narrowed down a point of transmission to a sector of space in the haze zone, close to the galactic anterior.’

‘I realize now that to ignore the signal would be an error. It is incumbent upon me to trace it. In my more fanciful moments, I wonder if it might be a warning or a revelation. I have set a course.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_22 ‘This will be my last recording for quite some time. I have refitted my vessel with a powerful Odvinsko hypderdrive and a cryogenic suspensor pod.’

‘It is my intention to enter a dormancy state in order to survive the journey to the distant source of the anomalous message.’

‘I have nothing to hold me here. I have committed myself. While I sleep, I will listen to the signal. My resting mind may be able to parse yet more meaning from it.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_23 ‘I awakened to discover that the planet from the image is gone. Only a belt of rubble surrounding a red giant star in the final stages of collapse remains.’

‘Whatever cataclysm killed this world took place before my species could walk upright. But it is undeniable. The signal came from here. It carried my name amid its atonal song.’

‘I have crossed unimaginable distances to seek out the origin point. Sensors have detected a metallic mass embedded in one of the largest of the planet’s fragments. It will take time, but I will be able to dig it out.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_24 ‘The red giant consumes itself. The interactions between spatial shearing zones in the system are causing the formation of a singularity. Space-time is becoming malleable. I am unable to depart.’

‘In the ashes of a dead world, I exhumed the corpse of the ship that had sent a message to me across the millennia, the ship that knew my name. Crushed and warped by unimaginable forces, I could barely recognize it.’

‘But I see a corroded Odvinsko hyperdrive, a cryo-pod. The same as my ship’s.’

‘My vessel is buried here. The voice is mine. I am warning myself-’

Abandoned Buildings - NMS_UPDATE3_ENGLISH

Abandoned Buildings - NMS_UPDATE3_ENGLISH
ID Value (text)
UI_MAINTAIN_ABANDONED_SUB Repair by removing corrupted material
PROC_FLAVOUR_ABANDON_1 Corrupted Terminal
PROC_FLAVOUR_ABANDON_2 Abandoned Terminal
PROC_FLAVOUR_ABANDON_4 Deserted Terminal
PROC_FLAVOUR_ABANDON_5 Forgotten Terminal
PROC_FLAVOUR_ABANDON_6 Forsaken Terminal
ALL_ABAN_DESC_25 ‘I visit again, trying to catch them in their lie, but the Korvax are resolute. They claim I am irrational, that no power in the universe could simply destroy a world and leave no trace in matter or memory. They claim that I should leave them alone.’

‘But it was mine. Don’t they understand that? It belonged to me. I should have remembered, I should have remained true to my anger. But I was weak.’

‘It was then that I first heard it. That voice in the darkness.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_26 ‘My world has gone. Vanished. Taken, perhaps, though all deny the crime. All deny the truth. That is what my voice tells me.’

‘I travel from planet to planet, trying to find some parallel, some precedent for what has occurred. Everywhere I go, the same: a fear of Sentinels, of pirates, perhaps even of Vy’keen, but of worlds disappearing? Of the universe changing? No. No-one fears that. Why should they?’

‘My voice assures me I am right, and that all others are wrong. It is a comfort to me.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_27 ‘I have found something. It was just an abandoned building, just a small shack in some forsaken wasteland. I expected nothing more than brief respite from the storm. But what I found…’

‘I approached the terminal and began to read. ‘It looked like a wound on the world…’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_28 ‘There is something here. Can’t you hear it? Can’t you smell it? It touches you, infests you even as you stand. And yet you cannot resist.’

‘I read all of their logs, the tales of travellers who came before me. A crimson eye. The rise of the Sentinels. A world of glass that blinks. I understand little of it, yet still it fills me with dread and a strange kind of loathing. A hatred of myself, the origin of which I do not know.’

‘It is the last log which concerns me most.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_29 ‘A world of green skies and an obsidian moon. It is my world. It has to be. All claimed it did not exist, and yet here I am, reading of its supposed destruction. Reading of an impossible paradox, of time and cataclysm.’

‘I need to get back. It is the only purpose I have left. Surely you can understand that.’

‘It was then that my voice helped me. It was then that I learned of the portals.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_30 ‘I stood before the dais, the wormhole active before me. I should feel privileged to stand here where so many others have failed, but I am left only with that sense of guilt again. I feel as if I have done something wrong, but I cannot think this way. I must return to my home.’

‘I enter. My voice said it would be okay.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_31 ‘I step through the wormhole.’

‘I am alone, in this space between worlds. I am alone but for my thoughts, my words. I am alone but for you.’

‘I see you. You must have known I could. You must have known what this was. Through these travels we come to know ourselves, just as the universe comes to know us in turn.’

‘I am so sorry for what I have done, but it does not believe me. I run, further and further from the portal’s exit.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_32 ‘I cannot step through. I know now that if I do, all of this will be over. Lives come back to me. I have seen horrors and wonders. I have been cruel. I have become good and evil. I have grown beyond all such things, life after life. And now I am become you.’

‘That you are reading this, that I know you are reading this… it means that one day I will step through the portal. That I will wake up next to a crashed ship, that I will be reborn once more.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_33 ‘One day, your voice will speak to you, telling you of some fate, some signal that needs answering. It will tell you of some secret at the heart of reality, some puzzle that needs to be solved lest all life falls into decay and oblivion.’

‘Do not listen to it.’

‘If all the world is a lie, then nothing is true, not even their explanation.’

‘Abandon it. Abandon me. It is inevitable.’
ALL_ABAN_DESC_34 ‘Hello World’

‘The terminal has nothing more to show me but this single phrase, repeated from system to system.’

Crashed Ships #1 - NMS_LOC1_ENGLISH

Had to split due to character limit. This part contains the full NMS_LOC1_ENGLISH

Crashed Ships #1 - NMS_LOC1_ENGLISH
ID Value (text)
ALL_REQUEST_CRASHED SHIP Distress signal coordinates
BUY_DECLINE_DESC_ABAND_SHIP Leave the starship alone
Korvax Options
Options All
ALL_1_CRASH_OPT_1 Search the crashed ship for functioning technology
ALL_1_CRASH_OPT_2 Search the crashed ship for any cargo it was transporting
ALL_1_CRASH_RIGHT_1 You salvage a new technology from the wreckage!
ALL_1_CRASH_RIGHT_2 The vessel was transporting valuable goods!
ALL_1_CRASH_WRONG_1 Nothing is found. Perhaps I am not the first to find the stricken ship.
Reward All
ALL_CRASH_REWARD_1 I find a new multi-tool in the crashed starship.
ALL_CRASH_REWARD_2 I retrieve a new technology from the crash site.
ALL_CRASH_REWARD_3 I retrieve a new product formula from the wreckage.
ALL_CRASH_REWARD_4 I discover valuable trade goods inside the cargo hold of the crashed starship.
TRA_CRA_DESC_1 I clamber into the cargo ship and find its black box. As soon as I touch it a holographic image of a panicked reptilian trader appears.

Perhaps it’s a message for their superior, perhaps a loved one. It’s impossible to tell, as the playback is hauntingly silent. In its final moments the Trader seems to point at some freshly installed ship tech, before dropping to its knees in despair.
TRA_CRA_OPT_A_1 Inspect recently installed ship tech
TRA_CRA_OPT_B_1 Search for cargo
TRA_CRA_OPT_C_1 Strengthen black box signal
TRA_CRA_RES_A_1 I discover the poorly installed tech that caused the crash.

I scan its blueprint, and can now construct it myself…
TRA_CRA_RES_B_1 The ship’s hold is a treasure trove of broken ship tech… with one item intact.

I scan a blueprint, and can now construct it myself.
TRA_CRA_RES_C_1 I boost the distress signal and log the crash site with local authorities.
TRA_CRA_DESC_2 The interior of the downed craft is a patchwork of technologies, possibly scavenged from multiple ships. The portly corpse of a dead beaked lifeform sprawls on the control panel. Clearly the deceased had a penchant for the finer things in life.

The cargo hold is secured by some kind of home made security system. Like the rest of the ship, it’s a mishmash of technologies. Deactivating it could be tricky.
TRA_CRA_OPT_A_2 Attempt to open cargo hold
TRA_CRA_OPT_B_2 Search the pilot
TRA_CRA_RES_A_2 Bypassing three layers of security I open the cargo hold only to be knocked down by a shockwave of energy.

Scanning the enclosure I see the pain is worth it.
TRA_CRA_RES_B_2 A decomposed grub-like crustacean and an exosuit tech proves my reward after the exertions of heaving the bloated corpse off the controls.
TRA_CRA_DESC_3 It’s hard to tell just how long ago this craft crashed here. The pilot’s reptilian body is fully decomposed and the technology looks dated.

The pilot’s skeletal hand is clutching something. I go to investigate but a noise from the cargo hold distracts me.
TRA_CRA_OPT_A_3 Investigate object in pilot’s hand
TRA_CRA_OPT_B_3 Investigate noise
TRA_CRA_RES_A_3 I find a holo-locket that projects the image of a lifeform that was perhaps the pilot’s mate.

This, however, wasn’t the only information that was stored…
TRA_CRA_RES_B_3 I am startled by a local beast somehow feasting on a device being transported in the hold.

It smashes into me as it bolts. I gather the cargo the creature has failed to devour…
TRA_CRA_DESC_4 Under a large ceiling pipe lies the decayed pilot’s body, and beneath it I notice the sharp glint of metal.

The control panel still hums with life, but upon closer inspection the thrusters prove inoperable. The lifeform could have been trapped alone on this planet for years.
TRA_CRA_OPT_A_4 Check body
TRA_CRA_OPT_B_4 Search data banks for tech
TRA_CRA_OPT_C_4 Search ship for cargo
TRA_CRA_RES_A_4 As I pull the body away a secret cargo compartment slides open to reveal a new multi-tool tech.
TRA_CRA_RES_B_4 Everything has been deleted, aside from a promising tech blueprint…
TRA_CRA_RES_C_4 The pilot was clearly a fan of hidden booby trapped compartments.

My search, however, is worthwhile.
TRA_CRA_DESC_5 Clearly downed by an attack from a superior vessel, the ship’s interior is a charred mess of burnt metal and debris. It feels like it could fall apart at any moment.

The craft shudders as I head into the cockpit where its black box projects footage of the ship’s purpose and final moments: a diplomatic vessel attacked by a vigilante warrior race. Wars have been started by less. This craft is likely sorely missed by its people…
TRA_CRA_OPT_A_5 Boost homing beacon signal
TRA_CRA_OPT_B_5 Search ship
TRA_CRA_RES_A_5 The homing beacon signal intensifies. I receive a reward instantly.

Hopefully the pilot’s people will find it and give the trader a fitting burial.
TRA_CRA_RES_B_5 I scavenge the ship, but it grows unstable.

As it shakes I make my escape, but not empty-handed.
TRA_CRA_DESC_6 Two bodies lie slumped on the control panel. Their expensive red robes would suggest they carry riches, but the altar in the cargo hold indicates they were devotees to a religion of some sort.

Whatever religion it was, it doesn’t look pleasant. The altar is bloodied, sits in a dank cloud of incense and seems to hark back to a brutal and ancient time.
TRA_CRA_OPT_A_6 Search bodies
TRA_CRA_OPT_B_6 Examine altar
TRA_CRA_RES_A_6 The holy traders carry valuable technology.

I gain an exosuit technology blueprint.
TRA_CRA_RES_B_6 The altar poisons me, yet contains an ancient knowledge.
TRA_CRA_DESC_7 A small skeleton lies dead by an advanced-looking exosuit, as if it was struggling to put it on during its death throes.

The ship read-out displays a crash date from the recent past. How could this lifeform have decomposed so quickly? I hear a terrifying buzzing noise approach from behind me, if I run now I could take some loot from the cargo hold with me…
TRA_CRA_OPT_A_7 Investigate exosuit
TRA_CRA_OPT_B_7 Take cargo and run
TRA_CRA_RES_A_7 A swarm of flesh-eating insects attack.

I manage to extract an exosuit tech blueprint, but receive injuries.
TRA_CRA_RES_B_7 I take the cargo and run.

Flesh-eating insects follow, but die in the planet’s atmosphere.
TRA_CRA_DESC_8 As I climb through the hatch and climb towards the cockpit, I notice two warrior bodies in the cargo hold. They are small specimens of their kind, with wrists and ankles chained to one another.

TRA_CRA_OPT_A_8 Search cockpit for tech
TRA_CRA_OPT_B_8 Send out alert
TRA_CRA_RES_A_8 I ignore the bodies and scan a ship tech blueprint.
TRA_CRA_RES_B_8 I broadcast a warning about local slavers.

I receive a token of thanks from a planetary overseer.
TRA_CRA_DESC_9 I track down the black box. It springs to life, projecting the image of an aging reptile frantically recording a message as the ship’s systems malfunction around it.

Judging from the reptile’s tone, it sounds important that their message reach its intended. It clearly never did. The ship seems free of useful technology, but has a full cargo hold.
TRA_CRA_OPT_A_9 Boost black box signal
TRA_CRA_OPT_B_9 Search ship
TRA_CRA_RES_A_9 The message sends. Its recipient is aware of my help.

It send me a reward, with thanks.
TRA_CRA_RES_B_9 I retrieve trading goods from the ship.
TRA_CRA_DESC_10 Fire has ravaged the ship’s interior. Wads of burned units lie scattered throughout the hold. The pilot lies here, close to death, pleadingly weakly for help.

There is little I can do to help them, save kind words.
TRA_CRA_OPT_A_10 Comfort dying trader
TRA_CRA_OPT_B_10 Search the ship
TRA_CRA_RES_A_10 The grateful trader thrusts a tech blueprint into my hands.

It dies peacefully, comforted by my presence.
TRA_CRA_RES_B_10 The trader curses me with its last breaths.

I take its cargo and leave.
EXP_CRA_DESC_1 The hi-tech ship’s emergency systems activate as I climb on-board, and a hologram appears before me - the lights in the mask it wears seem wide and dim.

The pilot calmly reports news of its imminent demise. The noise of explosions and tearing metal can be heard. The hologram disappears, leaving an array of glittering technologies and devices behind it. Some of them still look operational…
EXP_CRA_OPT_A_1 Search for functioning technology
EXP_CRA_OPT_B_1 Search for transported goods
EXP_CRA_OPT_C_1 Strengthen the ship’s discovery beacon
EXP_CRA_RES_A_1 The research ship carries fascinating technological advances.

I scan a blueprint, and can now construct one of these advances myself…
EXP_CRA_RES_B_1 The research ship’s cargo hold contains advanced technology.

I scan a blueprint, and can now construct some of it myself…
EXP_CRA_RES_C_1 I manage to boost the signal of the craft’s black box.

A lost ship is rediscovered.
EXP_CRA_DESC_2 The cockpit is pristine, devoid of damage save for that caused by the deceased pilot’s impact against the control panel. Its data banks, however, look as if they could be brought back online.

Lights intermittently flash around me. Some systems clearly remain operative, one of which appears to be a sophisticated security sensor and camera array.
EXP_CRA_OPT_A_2 Access the ship’s databanks
EXP_CRA_OPT_B_2 Loot ship for functioning technology
EXP_CRA_RES_A_2 Only one data bank is accessible.

Thankfully, it’s a useful one.
EXP_CRA_RES_B_2 I discover a useful tech. However, the ship has recorded my looting.

Unable to erase the footage, I leave.
EXP_CRA_DESC_3 The pilot lies dead beside a short circuiting control panel that sparks intermittently. Beside the dead robotic navigator hovers a Sentinel that nudges the deceased lifeform, almost as if to wake it.

As I approach the floating machine fires a warning shot in my direction.
EXP_CRA_OPT_A_3 Destroy sentinel and search cockpit
EXP_CRA_OPT_B_3 Enter peacefully and search cockpit
EXP_CRA_OPT_C_3 Search remainder of ship
EXP_CRA_RES_A_3 The sentinel offers little resistance.

The ship’s databanks are easily hacked…
EXP_CRA_RES_B_3 The sentinel opens fire, forcing me to defend myself.

The ship’s databanks prove adequate compensation for my wounds.
EXP_CRA_RES_C_3 The remainder of the ship proves bereft of threats.

I help myself to what I find.
EXP_CRA_DESC_4 Judging by the destruction within, this ship must have crash landed with particular ferocity. Cargo thrown from its containers is strewn everywhere.

It’s hard to distinguish between what are remnants of the pilot’s metallic shell and which pieces of debris are from the ship itself. The black box has survived intact, but it makes a strange fizzing noise as I approach.
EXP_CRA_OPT_A_4 Search wreckage
EXP_CRA_OPT_B_4 Boost black box signal
EXP_CRA_RES_A_4 I’m surprised by the sheer amount of valuable goods I find.
EXP_CRA_RES_B_4 The box sparks, burning my arm.

I make the ship easily discoverable by its electronic race, and am rewarded.
EXP_CRA_DESC_5 Everything on the hi-tech research ship appears to be operational, apart from the engines. There’s no sign of the pilot, however.

I wonder whether they’re still alive somewhere within the crash site.
EXP_CRA_OPT_A_5 Access the ship’s computer
EXP_CRA_OPT_B_5 Search the crash site
EXP_CRA_RES_A_5 Between the endless logs of flora and fauna I strike technological gold.
EXP_CRA_RES_B_5 I meet a dying electronic lifeform.

It is grateful for my company, and shares its secrets before it disconnects.
EXP_CRA_DESC_6 I’m alerted by banging and a strange electrical buzzing from the cockpit. The scorch marks on the walls of the hold suggest a firefight took place here.

The noise of robotic activity from the cockpit suggests the firefight isn’t yet over…
EXP_CRA_OPT_A_6 Search cargo hold
EXP_CRA_OPT_B_6 Search cockpit
EXP_CRA_RES_A_6 The hold hisses open. Exotic techs were being transported.

I retrieve a ship technology blueprint.
EXP_CRA_RES_B_6 A scorched sentinel attacks.

I retrieve products from the pilot’s corpse.
EXP_CRA_DESC_7 As I climb past the sealed cargo hold, the craft’s holographic black box springs to life. The vessel was struck by a meteor and crash landed here. Nearby lies the dead electronic pilot, its multi-tool at its feet and its protective casing cracked. Its death pose suggests it was trying to contact its people before the impact.

An operational camera watches on from above, and signals could be boosted. I could perhaps explain the lifeform’s disappearance.
EXP_CRA_OPT_A_7 Boost black box distress signal
EXP_CRA_OPT_B_7 Search dead pilot
EXP_CRA_RES_A_7 I log the ship with grateful authorities.

The cargo hold unlocks, revealing a ship tech cargo.
EXP_CRA_RES_B_7 The pilot’s equipment helps me construct a multi-tool tech blueprint.

The camera focuses in on me. I’m being watched.
EXP_CRA_DESC_8 I clamber through the ship’s hatch, and see the holographic black box playing on an eternal loop. For some reason the electronic pilot was shot down by its own kind.

Investigating the hold reveals rows of metallic shell casings hung from the walls. Empty electronic bodies, waiting to be filled with life. The pilot had clearly gone rogue with a precious cargo, and the crash site never discovered.
EXP_CRA_OPT_A_8 Increase homing beacon power.
EXP_CRA_OPT_B_8 Loot empty electronic lifeform shells
EXP_CRA_RES_A_8 An overjoyed message comes through.

I am thanked with a new technology blueprint.
EXP_CRA_RES_B_8 The loot yield from the bodies is excellent.

Yet I somehow feel judged…
EXP_CRA_DESC_9 Two robotic pilots lie crumpled against the ship’s controls, which appear to have been sabotaged. Suddenly the ship’s main doors hiss open.

A malfunctioning robot enters, seemingly speaking the language of a warrior species. It ignores me, choosing instead to posture dramatically to itself in the doorway. It carries a multi-tool that appears superior to my own.
EXP_CRA_OPT_A_9 Talk to robot
EXP_CRA_OPT_B_9 Search cockpit and leave quietly
EXP_CRA_RES_A_9 The robot presents me with its multi-tool.

I am clearly seen as an ally.
EXP_CRA_RES_B_9 I steal a ship technology blueprint.

The robot clearly doesn’t view me as a threat.
EXP_CRA_DESC_10 The disconnected electronic pilot was clearly some kind of scientist. It lies clutching the black box protectively in its metal arms. The hold is filled with experiments, each one seeming to focus on the manufacture of items and industrial chemicals that would likely be valuable to this race of electronic lifeforms.

Despite the crash much of the ship’s equipment is still operational and could be scanned for a working technology blueprint.
EXP_CRA_OPT_A_10 Extract black box data
EXP_CRA_OPT_B_10 Search equipment
EXP_CRA_RES_A_10 The black box reveals the secrets of the scientist’s latest project…
EXP_CRA_RES_B_10 I scan a piece of operational ship technology.
WAR_CRA_DESC_1 The cockpit is adorned with the trophies of dead creatures, perched on every available surface. At the controls sits a tendrilled hunter, its body and face lacerated. The dank smell of blood assails my nostrils as I fight back the nausea.

The black box reveals the pilot was attacked by something whilst in flight, but it’s unclear what. I could strengthen the warning beacon in the cockpit, but it would leave me vulnerable to attack…
WAR_CRA_OPT_A_1 Search ship for signs of life
WAR_CRA_OPT_B_1 Send out a warning signal
WAR_CRA_OPT_C_1 Search cockpit then leave
WAR_CRA_RES_A_1 I discover a ship technology blueprint.

The creature that caused this carnage is, thankfully, long-gone.
WAR_CRA_RES_B_1 An unknown benefactor sends a reward for my actions.

I can now construct a tech that once powered this stranded craft…
WAR_CRA_RES_C_1 The components are hard to extract, leaving me with deep cuts on my fingers.

As I leave the ship I hear movement in the shadows.
WAR_CRA_DESC_2 The opulently furnished interior suggests the dead pilot once belonged to one of its race’s more affluent families. The cause of its mid-flight demise is unclear, but the ship is likely to be carrying a decent cargo.

The body lies draped over a large box covered in dangerous-looking alien markings. A strange black mist surrounds the scene.
WAR_CRA_OPT_A_2 Search for loot
WAR_CRA_OPT_B_2 Open the box
WAR_CRA_RES_A_2 The ship, as expected, is full of valuable commodities.
WAR_CRA_RES_B_2 As I open the box a dark energy channels through me like poison.

The tech I find within the container has come at a cost.
WAR_CRA_DESC_3 As I enter the vessel I’m greeted by a pile of military multi-tools, clearly thrown from a rack that once housed them. They fizz and spark, and look unsafe.

The broken body of a tendrilled behemoth lies awkwardly nearby. The craft must have crashed with such ferocity that little else is intact inside the ship.
WAR_CRA_OPT_A_3 Try out a multi-tool
WAR_CRA_OPT_B_3 Deconstruct multi-tools to salvage tech
WAR_CRA_RES_A_3 The loaded power cylinder explodes, burning my flesh.

The multi-tool itself remains operational.
WAR_CRA_RES_B_3 I disassemble some multi-tools and salvage some tech from within.
WAR_CRA_DESC_4 I’m greeted by the stench of rotting flesh as I enter the derelict vessel’s spartan interior. A huge beast, dressed in what appears to be military uniform, lies where it died - mere feet from the escape hatch.

Behind it is a partially smashed rack of military multi-tools, secured by a sparking alien locking mechanism. The cockpit door hangs slightly ajar, and I can see operational equipment inside.
WAR_CRA_OPT_A_4 Enter cockpit
WAR_CRA_OPT_B_4 Attempt to take multi-tool
WAR_CRA_RES_A_4 A pilot lies slumped across the control panel. I wrench a ship tech from beneath it.

The stench of decay forces me to leave.
WAR_CRA_RES_B_4 Electricity shoots through me as the damaged alien device sputters in protest.

What I find within somewhat compensates for my pain.
WAR_CRA_DESC_5 A high-tech cage filled with the mangled bodies of animals lie in the cargo hold - thrown like thrown dice. The creatures appear to be long dead yet their fur moves unnaturally as though still alive.

Within the cockpit a warrior-like pilot lies sprawled on the controls, a boltcaster in its hand. The ship’s data banks appear to be operational.
WAR_CRA_OPT_A_5 Investigate data banks
WAR_CRA_OPT_B_5 Approach seemingly dead creatures
WAR_CRA_OPT_C_5 Take multi-tool
WAR_CRA_RES_A_5 I access the ship’s manifesto. The creatures were infected with a dangerous parasite.

I take information on an interesting new tech before hurriedly departing…
WAR_CRA_RES_B_5 A dozen bloated razor-toothed maggots leap at me from the nearest corpse, revealing the ship tech they’re stacked upon.

I grab it then stagger from the ship bleeding profusely.
WAR_CRA_RES_C_5 I take the multi-tool, pausing only to open fire on the razor-toothed maggots that emerge and attack…
WAR_CRA_DESC_6 The stricken craft’s black box beams a holographic video of this old and ramshackle ship’s final voyage. It’s a bucket of bolts, and I’m surprised something this lo-fi could even break through this planet’s atmosphere.

It seems pirates found it sitting idle on the landing platform of this planet’s orbital space station, perhaps hopeful of valuable cargo. Pursuit was given. There were no survivors.
WAR_CRA_OPT_A_6 Search for advanced technology
WAR_CRA_OPT_B_6 Search the cargo hold
WAR_CRA_OPT_C_6 Increase black box frequencies
WAR_CRA_RES_A_6 The craft is a fairly basic model, with very few upgrades.

However, the plans for an intriguing technology can be found in its databanks.
WAR_CRA_RES_B_6 I open up the ship, and find a valuable cargo within.
WAR_CRA_RES_C_6 There’s enough power to boost the ship’s emergency transmission signal.

The network picks it up.
WAR_CRA_DESC_7 This was a pirate ship. Trophies fashioned from the bones of alien species adorn every available surface. Two pilots lie slumped behind the exit hatch, each plunging a dagger into the other’s throat. There was a prize on-board and it was worth dying, and killing, for…

My unease grows as I hear scratching emanating from the cargo hold. Where, surely, the loot will be found.
WAR_CRA_OPT_A_7 Send out warning signal
WAR_CRA_OPT_B_7 Search cargo hold
WAR_CRA_RES_A_7 I report my desperate findings.

The network picks up my signal, and sends a reward.
WAR_CRA_RES_B_7 A wild-eyed pirate lunges at me as the door opens.

It flees, leaving behind its ill-gotten gains.
WAR_CRA_DESC_8 Two warrior corpses lie across the control panel, clearly flung there by the impact of the crash. I’m no expert, but they seem to be of different genders. Perhaps they were a mating couple. Perhaps they were co-pilots.

Whatever their story, it has now ended.
WAR_CRA_OPT_A_8 Search bodies
WAR_CRA_OPT_B_8 Search cockpit
WAR_CRA_RES_A_8 The larger body carries a holo-locket of its mate.

It also contains some valuable knowledge…
WAR_CRA_RES_B_8 I wrench the bodies from the cockpit.

Beneath them lies an undamaged technology that I can scan.
WAR_CRA_DESC_9 The black box projects the footage of the craft’s final moments; engine failure leading to a crash landing, but gives no clue as to the whereabouts of the pilot. I notice the insignia of pirates. I should be wary.

The ship’s control panel appears to still be operational.
WAR_CRA_OPT_A_9 Search ship for pilot
WAR_CRA_OPT_B_9 Investigate control panel
WAR_CRA_RES_A_9 An ambush! I fend off an assailant, who drops a damaged multi-tool.

I manage to retrieve a technology blueprint.
WAR_CRA_RES_B_9 I retrieve a vital ship technology blueprint from the terminal.

A crashing from the hold convinces me to leave.
WAR_CRA_DESC_10 The stench of rotting flesh hangs in the air. The skeleton of a colossal warrior kneels beside a puddle of dried blood. Below it lies an unsheathed laser-sword.

The hold brims with hi-tech equipment, some of it still intact after the crash. Judging by the nature of the hardware I’m guessing the warrior was on some kind of clandestine mission they never completed.
WAR_CRA_OPT_A_10 Search ship
WAR_CRA_OPT_B_10 Investigate laser-sword
WAR_CRA_RES_A_10 The ship’s military technology systems proves a treasure trove.

I retrieve a blueprint.
WAR_CRA_RES_B_10 A scan of the laser-sword reveals an unknown technology.

Its blueprint can be retrofitted for use in my multi-tool.
WAR_CRA_DESC_11 The cargo hold is a sentinel graveyard: dozens of charred drones of various shapes and sizes lie stacked in a giant heap. They have been systematically disconnected and taken apart. Their inner-workings are exposed and preserved.

A deep growl emanates from the cockpit.
WAR_CRA_OPT_A_11 Extract components from dead sentinels
WAR_CRA_OPT_B_11 Investigate sound in cockpit
WAR_CRA_RES_A_11 I gain a new multi-tool technology blueprint from the sentinels.
WAR_CRA_RES_B_11 A creature feasts on the pilot’s body.

It wounds me, but I retrieve an exosuit tech blueprint from the corpse.
WAR_CRA_DESC_12 The ship’s interior is pitch black. I fumble through the darkness until I reach two doors. One leads to a glittering cargo hold, the other is marked with the symbol of the Atlas.

Red light seeps from the cracks and around its edges. How can this be here?
WAR_CRA_OPT_A_12 Open Atlas door
WAR_CRA_OPT_B_12 Enter cargo hold
WAR_CRA_RES_A_12 I am drowned in blinding red light.

I awake restored, and with an exosuit tech blueprint.
WAR_CRA_RES_B_12 The cargo hold is well-stocked.

On my exit I see the atlas door has… disappeared

Crashed Ships #2 - NMS_UPDATE3_ENGLISH

Had to split due to character limit. This part contains: Gek, Korvax, and Vy’keen.

Crashed Ships #2 - NMS_UPDATE3_ENGLISH
ID Value (text)
TRA_CRA_DESC_11 As soon as I touch the beacon, a holographic image of a reptilian detective appears.

The detective was attempting to hunt down a TradeGek suspected of multiple counts of fraud and embezzlement.

According to the ship’s private logs, the detective had initially looked the other way, bribed to stay silent. It is unclear what made the detective change their mind.
TRA_CRA_OPT_A_11 Access databanks
TRA_CRA_OPT_B_11 Strengthen black box signal
TRA_CRA_RES_A_11 I access the ship’s systems, extracting a quantity of Nanite Clusters. Nothing else is salvageable.
TRA_CRA_RES_B_11 I log the ship with the authorities, reporting the wrecked vessel. I am rewarded for my trouble, the authorities promising to follow up on this lead.
TRA_CRA_DESC_12 The log shows the downed craft is composed of a patchwork of technologies harvested from multiple ships. Two beaked corpses lie on board the vessel. One against the control panel, the other sprawled against the back wall of the ship.

They appear to have been on their way to fertilise a spawning pool. From the ship’s logs, it is clear that they could not stand one another. They did this out of duty, nothing more.
TRA_CRA_OPT_A_12 Search remains
TRA_CRA_OPT_B_12 Access the ship’s computer
TRA_CRA_RES_A_12 I search the bodies, finding a few useful supplies. I leave them in peace, a state they were unable to achieve in life.
TRA_CRA_RES_B_12 I access the ship’s systems, extracting a quantity of Nanite Clusters. The remaining data is damaged beyond repair.
TRA_CRA_DESC_13 The vessel crashed long ago, its pilot long since decomposed and forgotten.

The ship’s log reveals that the SalesGek lived a life of unadulterated greed, pursuing profit and wealth with such passion that they lost everyone they ever cared about.

They claimed they always knew what drove them, that there was no point in pretending otherwise.
TRA_CRA_OPT_A_13 Search remains
TRA_CRA_OPT_B_13 Access databanks
TRA_CRA_RES_A_13 I check the pilot’s remains, finding a few useful supplies untouched by the passage of time. Their wealth in life means nothing now.
TRA_CRA_RES_B_13 I access the ship’s systems, extracting a quantity of Nanite Clusters. The ship’s logs show that the trader was engaged in selling illegal shipments to the Vy’keen. I leave, not wishing to be associated with their crime.
TRA_CRA_DESC_14 The log shows the ship’s interior to be a charred mess of metal and debris. The remnants of a Gek fugitive lie near the ship.

They tried to flee the burning wreckage but died of internal injuries a short time later. They had poisoned the spawning pools of eight rival families, murdering several hundred innocents.

They seem to have been following orders, helping their master…
TRA_CRA_OPT_A_14 Report fugitive
TRA_CRA_OPT_B_14 Search cargo hold
TRA_CRA_RES_A_14 I report the death of the fugitive, bringing an end to the authorities’ investigation. The victims’ families reward me for my assistance. Perhaps now they might be at peace.
TRA_CRA_RES_B_14 I search the ship and find valuable cargo within. I try not to think about what the fugitive did to afford such rare goods.
TRA_CRA_DESC_15 The ship’s log reveals that the Gek pilot had left their life of trading and profit behind them. They believed they had earned enough, and wished to spend the remainder of their life roaming the galaxy and pursuing new skills.

Friends gradually joined the so-called ReneGek, and a whole movement began. The Trade Federation did what it had to do…

Fire spread through this ship in the moments after its crash, burning the pilot and their companions to cinder.
TRA_CRA_OPT_A_15 Search remains
TRA_CRA_OPT_B_15 Boost distress signal
TRA_CRA_RES_A_15 I check the pilot’s remains, finding a few useful supplies untouched by the passage of time. I leave them in peace. Even the Trade Federation cannot take that from them.
TRA_CRA_RES_B_15 I log the ship with the authorities, reporting the wrecked vessel. I am rewarded for my trouble. The Trade Federation does not wish the Gek to become a martyr.
TRA_CRA_DESC_16 I track down the ship’s black box. It springs to life, projecting the image of a trader recording a message as the ship’s systems malfunction around them.

They were delivering relief to impoverished Gek, in defiance of the orders of the Trade Federation. With their dying words, the Gek Trader condemned the malice of their people.
TRA_CRA_OPT_A_16 Report vessel
TRA_CRA_OPT_B_16 Search cargo hold
TRA_CRA_RES_A_16 I log the ship with the authorities, reporting the wrecked vessel. I am rewarded for my trouble and the Gek immediately request the deletion of the Trader’s final transmission.
TRA_CRA_RES_B_16 I search the ship and find valuable cargo within. The star charts are too damaged to know where this relief was going to, and there is no point in letting it go to waste.
TRA_CRA_DESC_17 The log shows this vessel to have been luxurious. Although much of it have been destroyed, the craft seems to have been laden with a small fortune in valuables and expensive supplies.

The vessel was a funeral ship for the child of a Gek Trade Lord. They were sent off into the stars with an offering of wealth, as was the old way.
TRA_CRA_OPT_A_17 Search for supplies
TRA_CRA_OPT_B_17 Access databanks
TRA_CRA_RES_A_17 I search the ship and find valuable cargo within, possessions meant to honour the dead child.
TRA_CRA_RES_B_17 I access the ship’s systems, extracting a quantity of Nanite Clusters. Nothing else is salvageable. The ship was not meant to survive for very long.
TRA_CRA_DESC_18 The vessel crashed eons ago, its pilot long since decomposed and forgotten.

The black box shows the Gek crying as the ship’s systems begin to fail. They were bankrupt. They had lost everything…

They believed that it was better this way.
TRA_CRA_OPT_A_18 Search remains
TRA_CRA_OPT_B_18 Access the ship’s computer
TRA_CRA_RES_A_18 I check the body, finding a few useful supplies. I leave them in peace. Their worries are finally at an end.
TRA_CRA_RES_B_18 I access the ship’s systems, extracting a quantity of Nanite Clusters. Nothing else is salvageable, the pilot’s ship already in poor repair before the crash.
TRA_CRA_DESC_19 The log shows these Gek were on their way to the Grand Festival, an assembly of Trade Lords and their employees from across the stars.

There they prayed to the Atlas and divine luck, their worship manifesting in an extravaganza of gambling, GekNip, and fireworks.

They started the celebrations too early. They never saw the asteroid field…
TRA_CRA_OPT_A_19 Search cargo hold
TRA_CRA_OPT_B_19 Boost distress signal
TRA_CRA_RES_A_19 I search the ship and find valuable cargo amidst the great kegs. It would have been a fine Festival, no doubt.
TRA_CRA_RES_B_19 I log the ship with the authorities, reporting the wrecked vessel. I am rewarded for my trouble and the Gek elders bemoan the loss of yet more talented employees.
TRA_CRA_DESC_20 The log is showing active inputs to the cockpit systems. Investigation reveals the body of a trader crumpled against the ship’s controls. Their death appears to have been an accident.

They traded in bonds, care contracts for the old and infirm. The Gek are born in vast spawning pools, and it is to such a place they return, to seek the comfort of the crimson water before their death.
TRA_CRA_OPT_A_20 Search remains
TRA_CRA_OPT_B_20 Access the ship’s computer
TRA_CRA_RES_A_20 I check the body, finding a few useful supplies. I leave the fallen trader in peace.
TRA_CRA_RES_B_20 I access the ship’s systems, extracting a quantity of Nanite Clusters. The logs reveal that the fallen pilot was stealing units from those they cared for.
EXP_CRA_DESC_11 The craft’s emergency systems have been activated. A hologram appears before me, the lights on its mask constricted and crimson.

This Korvax Sentry had been pursuing a carapace that had disconnected from their Convergence. Displaying unusual and even heretical signs of independent thought, the unit had attempted to lead a rebellion against its fellow Atlas worshippers.
EXP_CRA_OPT_A_11 Report crash
EXP_CRA_OPT_B_11 Search cargo hold
EXP_CRA_RES_A_11 I log the ship with the authorities, reporting the wrecked vessel. The Convergence rewards me for my trouble, promising to pursue the heretic to the end of the universe.
EXP_CRA_RES_B_11 I search the ship and find valuable cargo within. The sentry had clearly prepared for a long pursuit.
EXP_CRA_DESC_12 Although damaged, the data banks of this vessel look as if they could be brought back online.

The electronic pilot of the vessel malfunctioned. The connection between their suit and their Convergence had decayed, irrevocably corrupted.

They drifted through the cosmos alone and afraid.
EXP_CRA_OPT_A_12 Access databanks
EXP_CRA_OPT_B_12 Strengthen black box signal
EXP_CRA_RES_A_12 I access the ship’s systems, extracting a quantity of Nanite Clusters. Nothing else is salvageable, the terminals damaged by the pilot’s convulsions.
EXP_CRA_RES_B_12 I log the ship with the authorities, reporting the wrecked vessel. The Convergence reward me for my trouble, mourning the loss of their friend.
EXP_CRA_DESC_13 Everything on the research ship appears to be operational, apart from the engines. The ship’s logs reveal that the electronic lifeform was studying galactic trade.

The Korvax were trading more from curiosity than necessity. Profit, loss, accumulation… these concepts are alien to them, and they seem to have been trying to understand other lifeforms better.

They were fired upon in a deal gone wrong. The study ceased.
EXP_CRA_OPT_A_13 Search remains
EXP_CRA_OPT_B_13 Search cargo hold
EXP_CRA_RES_A_13 I check the pilot’s remains, finding a few useful supplies untouched by the passage of time. Their suit appears strangely vacant and limp.

Whoever inhabited this suit seems to have somehow escaped before the moment of death. How, I cannot say…
EXP_CRA_RES_B_13 I search the ship and find valuable cargo within. Even if it did not come naturally to them, the Korvax appears to have been an excellent trader.
EXP_CRA_DESC_14 The log shows the shell of an electronic pilot, its systems failing, its protective casing cracked.

The Korvax appears to have fled justice. They had been caught falsifying research data and experiments. They offered no explanation when they were caught, no purpose for their malice. They only flew…
EXP_CRA_OPT_A_14 Report fugitive
EXP_CRA_OPT_B_14 Access databanks
EXP_CRA_RES_A_14 I report the death of the fugitive, bringing an end to the authorities’ investigation. I am rewarded for my help, the Korvax dispatching one of their Sentries to this world to examine the crime scene.
EXP_CRA_RES_B_14 I access the ship’s systems, extracting a quantity of Nanite Clusters. Nothing else is salvageable. The Korvax seems to have paid little attention to the maintenance of their machines.
EXP_CRA_DESC_15 I find a holographic black box playing on an eternal loop. The electronic pilot of this vessel was considered a hero among their people, awarded a rare degree of autonomy from the Convergence as a result.

They appear to have been responsible for deepening their species’ relationship with the Sentinels. It is unclear how they accomplished this.
EXP_CRA_OPT_A_15 Search remains
EXP_CRA_OPT_B_15 Access databanks
EXP_CRA_RES_A_15 I check the body, finding a few useful supplies. Several unusual components are attached at key points along their exosuit.

It glints like the shell of a Sentinel. As I touch it, I feel the hum of the universe itself. I leave, shaken by my encounter.
EXP_CRA_RES_B_15 I access the ship’s systems, extracting a quantity of Nanite Clusters. The pilot was using them in an attempt to commune with Sentinel drones…
EXP_CRA_DESC_16 The stricken craft’s black box reveals the final voyage of the electronic lifeform within.

The Korvax pilot appears to have been ancient, its intelligence and technology utterly incompatible with the present form of the Convergence. Such entities apparently pre-date the fall of the Korvax homeworld, drifting through the universe with a faint memory of long-lost glory.
EXP_CRA_OPT_A_16 Report vessel
EXP_CRA_OPT_B_16 Search cargo hold
EXP_CRA_RES_A_16 I log the ship with the authorities, reporting the wrecked vessel. I am rewarded for my trouble, the Convergence dispatching ships to recover their ancient comrade.
EXP_CRA_RES_B_16 I search the ship and find valuable cargo within, much of it untouched for a hundred years or more.
EXP_CRA_DESC_17 Fire spread through this ship in the moments after the crash, but the logs reveal that the pilot was already dead.

This was a funeral vessel for a Korvax leader, its suit held in stasis at the centre of the craft. Traditionally the species recycles such suits for new lifeforms, but for some, their death presents an exception.

Their bodies are sent out to the stars, to return to the Atlas that made them…
EXP_CRA_OPT_A_17 Search remains
EXP_CRA_OPT_B_17 Search for supplies
EXP_CRA_RES_A_17 I check the body, finding a few useful supplies. I leave the remains in peace, hoping that they will find what they seek in death.
EXP_CRA_RES_B_17 I search the ship and find valuable cargo within. The Korvax appear to have carried offerings on board.
EXP_CRA_DESC_18 The craft’s holographic black box springs to life.

The electronic pilot appears to have grown terrified in the weeks leading up to their death, their systems no longer operating with the efficiency to which they were previously accustomed. They began to forget things.

The crash was an accident, of course…
EXP_CRA_OPT_A_18 Report vessel
EXP_CRA_OPT_B_18 Access databanks
EXP_CRA_RES_A_18 I log the ship with the authorities, reporting the wrecked vessel. I am rewarded for my trouble.
EXP_CRA_RES_B_18 I access the ship’s systems, extracting a quantity of Nanite Clusters. Nothing else is salvageable.
EXP_CRA_DESC_19 A hologram appears before me, the lights on the Korvax’s mask waning and mournful.

The fall of their homeworld plays out before me, Gek warships surrounding the planet and bombarding its core. Countless lives are lost, the Gek enslaving the survivors and melting down their bodies.

But that was many years ago. The universe is different now, isn’t it?
EXP_CRA_OPT_A_19 Search for supplies
EXP_CRA_OPT_B_19 Access ship’s computer
EXP_CRA_RES_A_19 I search the ship and find valuable cargo within. The Korvax must have been on a mission of some importance.
EXP_CRA_RES_B_19 I access the ship’s systems, extracting a quantity of Nanite Clusters. Nothing else is salvageable. All other records were purged in the moments approaching the crash.
EXP_CRA_DESC_20 Everything on the research ship appears to be operational, if somewhat obsolete by the standards of other craft. There is no sign of the pilot.

As I explore the ship, I realise I am not alone. I feel it watching me from all around… a soul in the walls… an echo of something that once lived…
EXP_CRA_OPT_A_20 Search cargo hold
EXP_CRA_OPT_B_20 Access databanks
EXP_CRA_RES_A_20 I search the ship and find valuable cargo within. There is no sign of the lifeform.
EXP_CRA_RES_B_20 I access the ship’s systems, extracting a quantity of Nanite Clusters. As I do, the ship speaks to me. The pilot’s consciousness survived within, unable to leave.

As the system shuts down, there is nothing I can do but comfort them, allowing them say their last goodbye to the world.
WAR_CRA_DESC_13 The log reveals a cockpit adorned with the trophies of past success, the skulls of criminals and fugitives proudly displayed across the inner chamber.

The vessel belonged to a Vy’keen bounty hunter. They were hunting a criminal, a pacifist with no intention of contributing to the war economy and the glory of the Vy’keen people.

The log reveals that the pacifist shot first. Both are now dead.
WAR_CRA_OPT_A_13 Search remains
WAR_CRA_OPT_B_13 Report fugitive
WAR_CRA_RES_A_13 I check the pilot’s remains, finding a few useful supplies untouched by the passage of time. I leave them in the peace they had denied to others.
WAR_CRA_RES_B_13 I report the death of the fugitive, bringing an end to the authorities’ investigation. I am rewarded for my help, the Vy’keen suggesting that I seek other bounties worthy of my skills.
WAR_CRA_DESC_14 The manifest shows a stockpile of ancient, frequently non-operational, technologies and supplies.

In life, its pilots were old comrades, two Vy’keen warriors united in the pursuit of vengeance, fine Grahgrah, and the taste of final battle. They were old, approaching the end of their lives.

There is no obvious explanation for why the vessel crashed.
WAR_CRA_OPT_A_14 Search cargo hold
WAR_CRA_OPT_B_14 Access databanks
WAR_CRA_RES_A_14 I search the ship and find valuable cargo within. The Vy’keen had stocked the ship well for their final journey.
WAR_CRA_RES_B_14 I access the ship’s systems, extracting a quantity of Nanite Clusters. Nothing else is salvageable, the systems corrupted by whatever caused the vessel to crash.
WAR_CRA_DESC_15 The log shows the ship’s interior to be a twisted mess of metal and debris. It also reveals the crew of this vessel survived the crash.

The ship’s energy and food supplies gradually dwindled, and one by one, the warriors fell. Only one remained in the end. According to the data logs, they should still be here…

But I am alone, aren’t I?
WAR_CRA_OPT_A_15 Search cargo hold
WAR_CRA_OPT_B_15 Search remains
WAR_CRA_RES_A_15 I search the ship and find valuable cargo within. Whoever was here appears to have left a short time ago, traces of their time on-board still visible.
WAR_CRA_RES_B_15 I check the crew’s remains, finding a few useful supplies untouched by the passage of time. I leave them in peace.
WAR_CRA_DESC_16 I track down the ship’s black box. It springs to life, projecting the image of a downcast warrior recording a message as the ship’s systems malfunction around them. The pilot was sent to visit a colony of freighters located on the outer edge. There were multiple communities of Vy’keen commoners living on board. They were not warriors, they just wanted to live in peace. Their choice disgusted the pilot.
WAR_CRA_OPT_A_16 Report vessel
WAR_CRA_OPT_B_16 Access databanks
WAR_CRA_RES_A_16 I log the ship with the authorities, reporting the wrecked vessel. I am rewarded for my trouble, the Vy’keen dispatching ships to finish the pilot’s task.
WAR_CRA_RES_B_16 I access the ship’s systems, extracting a quantity of Nanite Clusters. Nothing is salvageable bar the image of someone close to this pilot, likely their consort or some other family member.

Their loved one will never know what happened to them.
WAR_CRA_DESC_17 The ship’s logs reveal that it was carrying two halves of a slain warrior. They were being sent on autopilot to the home of their ancestors, so that their family might see them one last time.

There is no habitation here, no survivors who might greet the ship. There are only Sentinels, watching from afar.
WAR_CRA_OPT_A_17 Search cargo hold
WAR_CRA_OPT_B_17 Access ship’s computer
WAR_CRA_RES_A_17 I search the ship and find valuable cargo within. The pilot had ordered gifts and supplies to be brought home with their corpse.
WAR_CRA_RES_B_17 I access the ship’s systems, extracting a quantity of Nanite Clusters. Nothing else is salvageable, the computer too damaged to reveal anything more.
WAR_CRA_DESC_18 The black box projects footage of the craft’s final moments.

The warrior pilot had lost a great battle, a duel to determine the honour of their family’s house. Defeated, they claimed their enemy cheated. They forced a rematch and won.

But the warrior could not live with their dishonour. They cried out as the ship cut through the clouds, and all was ended.
WAR_CRA_OPT_A_18 Report vessel
WAR_CRA_OPT_B_18 Search remains
WAR_CRA_RES_A_18 I log the ship with the authorities, reporting the wrecked vessel. I am rewarded for my trouble.

The Vy’keen assure me that the warrior’s name will be stricken from history for their dishonourable behaviour…
WAR_CRA_RES_B_18 I check the pilot’s remains, finding a few useful supplies untouched by the passage of time. I leave them in peace.
WAR_CRA_DESC_19 The ship’s data logs reveal that the warriors were headed for an event known as the Sundering, a three-moon celebration of the glory of Hirk. The celebration is popular with the youth of their species.

Yet the journey was long, the craft was cramped, and tempers were tempers. Now Vy’keen lie slumped across the base of the ship, their corpses mangled by the crash.
WAR_CRA_OPT_A_19 Search remains
WAR_CRA_OPT_B_19 Report vessel
WAR_CRA_RES_A_19 I check the bodies, finding a few useful supplies amidst chunks of meat and drink.
WAR_CRA_RES_B_19 I log the ship with the authorities, reporting the wrecked vessel. I am rewarded for my trouble, the Vy’keen cursing the loss of their youth.
WAR_CRA_DESC_20 The log reveals the interior of the ship to be ice cold. There are several Vy’keen on board, some cubs, some spawn. They died in their parents’ arms.

The ship was fired upon by a passing Gek freighter. They believed the Vy’keen were threatening their trade route. Apparently, they did not check for survivors.
WAR_CRA_OPT_A_20 Search for supplies
WAR_CRA_OPT_B_20 Report vessel
WAR_CRA_RES_A_20 I search the ship and find valuable cargo within, more than should be present on a simple passenger craft…
WAR_CRA_RES_B_20 I log the ship with the authorities, reporting the wrecked vessel. I am rewarded for my trouble, the Vy’keen promising to inform the victims’ relatives.

Crashed Ships #3 - NMS_UPDATE3_ENGLISH

Had to split due to character limit. This part contains: Traveller/4th Race.

Crashed Ships #3 - NMS_UPDATE3_ENGLISH
ID Value (text)
Traveller/4th Race
FOURTH_CRA_DESC_1 This vessel resembles the first ship I ever flew, the one from which I awakened. It seems to have belonged to a fellow Traveller.

The ship’s log reveals that they never made it to the stars. Their vessel was caught in an electrical storm shortly after awakening. They spent their whole life trying to fix it, but were too afraid to take off.

They died alone. Within the vessel, I find the scattered remnants of their supplies.
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_A_1 Search cargo hold
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_B_1 Access databanks
FOURTH_CRA_RES_A_1 I search the ship and find valuable cargo within. The Traveller appears to have found much of worth on their world.
FOURTH_CRA_RES_B_1 I access the ship’s systems, extracting a quantity of Nanite Clusters harvested from abandoned buildings. Nothing else is salvageable.
FOURTH_CRA_DESC_2 The ship appears disabled, crashed… but the logs reveal I am not alone here.

A Traveller sits on the floor of the vessel, appearing to glitch in and out of existence with each passing moment. They are bleeding, unable to speak…
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_A_2 Scan anomaly
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_B_2 Comfort Traveller
FOURTH_CRA_RES_A_2 I scan the anomaly. My exosuit begins to spit out error messages, warning me to stop what I am doing. The Traveller cries out as I approach, attempting to alert me to some nameless threat…

I find something, an object caught between worlds. I pull at it…
FOURTH_CRA_RES_B_2 I attempt to comfort the Traveller, but they cannot hear me.

I search the rest of the ship and find valuable cargo within. By the time I return, the Traveller is gone.
FOURTH_CRA_DESC_3 The black box projects footage of the craft’s final moments. Multiple Gek fighters surrounded the vessel, demanding that the pilot admit their guilt and surrender to final sanction.

It appears that the pilot was a Traveller, accused of a conspiracy to assassinate a Gek Trade Lord. It is unclear whether they survived the attack.

The ship’s control panel appears to still be operational.
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_A_3 Analyse black box signal
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_B_3 Access databanks
FOURTH_CRA_RES_A_3 I attempt to analyse the black box signal using my scanner. My exosuit begins to issue error messages, claiming that existential collapse is imminent.

I find something, an object caught between worlds. I pull at it…
FOURTH_CRA_RES_B_3 I access the ship’s systems, extracting a quantity of Nanite Clusters. I find records that confirm the Gek accusations, but no clue to the pilot’s motivation.
FOURTH_CRA_DESC_4 The black box reveals the ship is stained with the blood of at least two species. Vy’keen warriors pursued the pilot across three systems before blasting them out of the sky.

There were two individuals on board: a Traveller and a Vy’keen Mech-Priest. Injured, the pair fled from their enemies, transmitting data before they left. It appears that this priest was some kind of fugitive…
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_A_4 Analyse black box signal
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_B_4 Report fugitive
FOURTH_CRA_RES_A_4 I attempt to analyse the black box signal using my scanner. My exosuit begins to spit out error messages, warning me to cease my scanning. The equipment appears to be linked to another universe. I find something, an object caught between worlds. I pull at it…
FOURTH_CRA_RES_B_4 I report the death of the fugitive, bringing an end to the authorities’ investigation. I am rewarded for my help by the Vy’keen, though they are clearly suspicious of the involvement of another Traveller.
FOURTH_CRA_DESC_5 The vessel seems to have belonged to a fellow Traveller. The computer reveals they visited many systems and named many worlds, discovering more new species than many will ever see.

But they saw something they should not have seen…

There is a holographic box deep within the ship. Korvax approached the crashed ship, dozens of them, surrounding the Traveller as they died. The Korvax claim that the Traveller should not have tried to run…
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_A_5 Analyse black box signal
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_B_5 Access databanks
FOURTH_CRA_RES_A_5 I attempt to analyse the black box signal using my scanner. My exosuit begins to spit out error messages, warning me to stop what I am doing.

I find something, an object caught between worlds. I pull at it…
FOURTH_CRA_RES_B_5 I access the ship’s systems, extracting a quantity of Nanite Clusters. Nothing else is salvageable.
FOURTH_CRA_DESC_6 The ship appears to be pristine, all systems functioning. There is no sign that this vessel was ever inhabited, let alone that someone died here.

I see it on the terminal, the only video footage left on the system. Sentinels surrounded the Traveller, murdering them for mining large quantities of Heridium. But the footage does not explain the newness of the ship.
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_A_6 Search cargo hold
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_B_6 Access ship’s computer
FOURTH_CRA_RES_A_6 I search the ship and find valuable cargo within. It appears to have been left for me, a message welcoming me by name.
FOURTH_CRA_RES_B_6 I access the ship’s systems, extracting a quantity of Nanite Clusters. The systems contain multiple video files showing me on my journeys, appearing to have been recorded at reasonably close distance.

It is unclear who recorded this footage. It is unclear whether I was meant to see it.
FOURTH_CRA_DESC_7 The vessel crashed long ago, containing only a few data logs uncorrupted by time and decay.

They reveal that this ship once belonged to a Traveller, a devotee of some ancient religion.

At the time of the ship’s crash, they whispered of eldritch light… of the crimson that deceived…
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_A_7 Access databanks
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_B_7 Scan anomaly
FOURTH_CRA_RES_A_7 I access the ship’s systems, extracting a quantity of Nanite Clusters. Nothing else is salvageable but arcane prayers and ciphered logs…
FOURTH_CRA_RES_B_7 I scan the ship. My exosuit begins to spit out warnings, claiming that I am at risk of imminent non-existence.

I find something, an object caught between worlds. I pull at it…
FOURTH_CRA_DESC_8 The vessel bears the signs of catastrophe, not merely from the moment of its crash but from the causes that preceded it.

The vessel contains a series of instruments designed to analyse water samples. Several of these samples appear to have burst open as the ship came under attack. For a few moments, the ship fell into non-existence, its pilot dying a hundred deaths…
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_A_8 Scan anomaly
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_B_8 Search cargo hold
FOURTH_CRA_RES_A_8 I scan the anomaly. My exosuit begins to warn me of a hazard, particles from the water samples still present in the air.

I begin to see things, mirror images from a world that never was. I convulse, finding something, an object caught between worlds. I pull at it…
FOURTH_CRA_RES_B_8 I search the ship and find some supplies, apparently untainted by the earlier disaster.
FOURTH_CRA_DESC_9 Although there is no trace of the pilot on board the vessel, all systems appear to be operational nonetheless.

The ship was charting a course to a region known as the Keleibniug Mass, bearing the yellow insignia of some far-off alliance.

The pilot appears to have been carrying a message for a King from another universe… the black box shows that the vessel was fired upon by an unknown force.
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_A_9 Analyse black box signal
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_B_9 Access the ship’s computer
FOURTH_CRA_RES_A_9 I analyse the black box using my scanner. The pilot appears to have been communicating across vast distance, with beings unable to reach them.

But something happened here. Something found a way through. I discover an anomaly, an object caught between worlds. I pull at it…
FOURTH_CRA_RES_B_9 I access the ship’s systems, extracting a quantity of Nanite Clusters. Nothing else is salvageable but the logs of various worlds claimed by each faction.
FOURTH_CRA_DESC_10 The bodies of two pilots lie slumped across either side of the ship’s interior.

One seems to glitch in and out of reality, whilst the other stares, motionless. It is unclear if they are alive.
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_A_10 Scan anomaly
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_B_10 Access databanks
FOURTH_CRA_RES_A_10 I scan the anomaly. My exosuit begins to spit out error messages, warning me to stop what I am doing.

I find something, an object caught between worlds. I pull at it…
FOURTH_CRA_RES_B_10 I access the ship’s systems, extracting a quantity of Nanite Clusters. Nothing else is salvageable.

As I leave, the pilots appear to turn towards me, and then vanish.
FOURTH_CRA_DESC_11 The vessel seems to have belonged to a fellow Traveller.

They warped through three black holes and sixteen star systems to reach this world, to try to find the site of their beloved’s suffering.

But they were betrayed. When they got here, they discovered there was no beloved after all. There were only pirates.
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_A_11 Analyse black box signal
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_B_11 Search cargo hold
FOURTH_CRA_RES_A_11 I analyse the black box using my scanner. I discover the communicator code for this ‘beloved’, coming into contact with the same pirates. They agree to pay me for my silence and cease their activities.
FOURTH_CRA_RES_B_11 I search the ship and find valuable cargo, the collected goods of an entire life.
FOURTH_CRA_DESC_12 An exosuit lies slumped against the control panel, the pilot who wore it long since departed.

The suit’s data logs report an ordinary and somewhat familiar life of intergalactic trade, moving from system to system, building funds for upgrades to assist in making even more money. As if the goal of life were to increase a single number…
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_A_12 Access databanks
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_B_12 Search for supplies
FOURTH_CRA_RES_A_12 I access the ship’s systems, extracting a quantity of Nanite Clusters. Nothing else is salvageable.

As I leave, the exosuit appears to shift slightly. I scan it, but nothing else happens.
FOURTH_CRA_RES_B_12 I search the ship and find valuable cargo within.

As I leave, the exosuit appears to shift slightly. I scan it, but nothing else happens.
FOURTH_CRA_DESC_13 The crash site smells of decay, a strange buzzing emerging from the distress beacon.

I see crimson light. I see red curtains fluttering in the darkness of the ship.

I see myself, staring at myself. Both of our exosuits alert us to an imminent existential paradox. Only one version can leave this vessel.
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_A_13 Attempt to embrace anomaly
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_B_13 Attempt to flee
FOURTH_CRA_RES_A_13 I attempt to embrace the anomaly. My exosuit begins to spit out error messages, warning me to stop what I am doing or face obliteration.

My counterpart gives me something, an object caught between two worlds. I give them something in return, something I did not know I possessed.

Two Travellers trade and walk away unscathed.
FOURTH_CRA_RES_B_13 I attempt to flee, but can find no way out. My counterpart walks toward me endlessly, until I am cornered.

I close my eyes and die. I awaken. It was all a dream, I know.

It was not real. I am still myself, aren’t I? I am enriched, full of Nanite Clusters and new purpose.
FOURTH_CRA_DESC_14 The ship’s black box reveals that the pilot of this vessel was a Traveller. They appear to have crashed the ship deliberately, inebriated by a variety of alien substances. They were haunted by what they had done. They believed with all their heart that they should die.
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_A_14 Analyse black box signal
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_B_14 Search cargo hold
FOURTH_CRA_RES_A_14 I analyse the black box signal using my scanner. They appear to have sold the communicator logs and locations of other Travellers for monetary gain, the resulting individuals captured by slavers and pirates.

But there is something else here, something anomalous… I grasp at something in the air, releasing an object from a rift…
FOURTH_CRA_RES_B_14 I search the ship and find valuable cargo within. Whoever they were, they appear to have been handsomely rewarded for their work.
FOURTH_CRA_DESC_15 The log reveals the ship’s interior to be ice cold. Its last known landing occurred at a space station with no living inhabitants.

The pilot disembarked to find a crimson interface, an orb that told them the secret of existence. It told them that they would die within a day. The pilot left, declaring this Atlas to be a liar…
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_A_15 Access databanks
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_B_15 Scan anomaly
FOURTH_CRA_RES_A_15 I access the ship’s systems, extracting a quantity of Nanite Clusters. Nothing else is salvageable.
FOURTH_CRA_RES_B_15 I scan the anomaly. My exosuit begins to spit out error messages, warning me to stop what I am doing.

I find something, an object caught between worlds. I pull at it…
FOURTH_CRA_DESC_16 The ship’s computers reveal that the pilot was in regular contact with Travellers via holographic interfaces.

The Traveller’s curiosity got the better of them. They wished to know who had created the portals. They wished to understand the secret of the final cycle before time itself ran out.

The Traveller found an answer, of course. A listener in the darkness…
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_A_16 Search cargo hold
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_B_16 Scan ship
FOURTH_CRA_RES_A_16 I search the ship and find valuable cargo within. It appears to have been left for me, a message welcoming me by name.
FOURTH_CRA_RES_B_16 I scan the ship, discovering a number of anomalous properties.

There is something here, an object caught between worlds. I pull at it…
FOURTH_CRA_DESC_17 The black box reveals that this vessel once belonged to a Traveller. They appear to have ingested infectious matter whilst exploring a derelict world.

They were unable to cure themselves. As their condition grew worse and worse, they hurtled towards the centre of the galaxy. They did not make it.

There is no body. No sign of what happened, but for the footage on the black box.
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_A_17 Analyse black box signal
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_B_17 Search cargo hold
FOURTH_CRA_RES_A_17 I analyse the black box, discovering that the pilot was in perfect health. Whatever was wrong with them must have been a condition of the soul, not of the body.

But still, the logs are troubling. There are things on this ship that should not be here… objects foreign to this universe. I place one of them within my hands…
FOURTH_CRA_RES_B_17 I search the ship and find valuable cargo within. It is unclear where the pilot had been travelling before the onset of their illness.
FOURTH_CRA_DESC_18 The vessel crashed long ago, but the pilot did not die at once.

They lived on, attempting to survive alone on this world for many years. But loneliness takes its toll. The silence was all consuming.

It seemed the pilot repeatedly placed themselves in danger just to hear the Exosuit’s warning voice. This desperation seems to have lead to their demise.
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_A_18 Search for supplies
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_B_18 Scan the ship
FOURTH_CRA_RES_A_18 I search the ship and find valuable cargo within. They appear to have stockpiled much during their time on this world.
FOURTH_CRA_RES_B_18 I scan the ship, but the results seem impossible. They claim that I am not alone. They claim that I am surrounded by other lifeforms, standing all around me.

I feel faint. As I stumble away, I feel an object slipping into my hands… a gift from another world, or a curse…
FOURTH_CRA_DESC_19 The logs reveal that the pilot was celebrating a festival known as ‘Unification Day’. Groups of similar minds, unable to meet but attempting to find one another, to claim worlds across time and space. Once a year their various alliances, federations, hubs, and empires united to remember all that they were, are, and could become in time…

The vessel appears to have been destroyed by pirates.
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_A_19 Scan anomaly
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_B_19 Access databanks
FOURTH_CRA_RES_A_19 I scan the anomaly. My exosuit begins to spit out error messages, warning me to stop what I am doing. This ship does not belong in this universe.

I find something, an object caught between worlds. I pull at it…
FOURTH_CRA_RES_B_19 I access the ship’s systems, extracting a quantity of Nanite Clusters. Nothing else is salvageable but a collection of alternative histories, dissident heresies about the origins of this universe.
FOURTH_CRA_DESC_20 The log reveals the pilot lived in this vessel for a long time, longer than most lifeforms ever live. It reveals a paranoia, a growing fear of the universe they had explored for so many years.

They had begun to hear a voice. They had come to believe that their exosuit was not what it seemed.
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_A_20 Scan the ship
FOURTH_CRA_OPT_B_20 Search cargo hold
FOURTH_CRA_RES_A_20 I begin to scan the ship, but my exosuit appears to prevent me. My power begins to fail. I become aware of an object in front of me.

It is strange how I did not notice it before. And now… now I do not even know why I am here. I should continue my journey, I am sure of it.
FOURTH_CRA_RES_B_20 I search the ship and find valuable cargo within. I leave, feeling as if I am being observed.

The dais? Not sure if typo of “dials” or reference I’m unaware of. Loving ALL of this, I did not know there was a new abandoned building tale that reads like one of us regular humans experiencing our first taste of abandoned building lore :smiley: HG you are the bost, the super bost!

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It’s not a typo on my end at least. I had noticed it as well.


“Dais: a low platform for a lectern or throne”

Well, there ya go. Thanks for the english lesson, HG!


They do make typos at times though, they are only human after all. I reported ‘KURT VONNEUGT’ for example :wink:


Crashed Freighters - NMS_UPDATE3_ENGLISH

Note: Included the Freighter found as part of the main story at the end

Crashed Freighters - NMS_UPDATE3_ENGLISH
ID Text
UI_MAINTAIN_FREIGHTER_SUB Open by repairing damaged components
UI_NOTIFY_FREIGHTER_SUB Search for valuable wreckage
UI_NOTIFY_FREIGHTER_DESC The freighter’s cargo is scattered across the area. Use the Scanner (<IMG>SCAN<>) and the Terrain Manipulator to unearth and claim the loot.
UI_NOTIFY_FREIGHTER_OBJ Salvage materials from the wreck

Scan <IMG>SCAN<> for pods

Dig up with <TECHNOLOGY>Terrain Manipulator<>

Switch Multi-tool mode <IMG>CYCLEWEAPON<>
INTRCT_FREIGHTER_LOG Freighter Log Terminal
Log Text
2nd Interaction
LOST_FREIGHTER_SEC_DESC There are no further log entries.
Freighter Names
FREIGHTER_NAME_10 Unidentified Wreck
FREIGHTER_NAME_11 Unsalvagable Wreck
FREIGHTER_NAME_12 Rusted Freighter Wreckage
FREIGHTER_NAME_19 Lost Freighter Wreckage
FREIGHTER_NAME_21 Unknown Doomed Freighter
FREIGHTER_NAME_25 Log from the Sea of %PROCNAME%
FREIGHTER_NAME_26 Log of the %PROCNAME% Hauler
LOST_FREIGHTER_DESC_1 Life goes on. Day after day, delivering after - kzzzkt - I hope to go home, soon. The life of a - kzzzkt - is not for one like me.

Multiple Sentinel energy signatures detected, requiring immediate - kzzzkt -

Dropping out of warp, they’re - there’s -

The Sentinels - kzzzkt - what are they doing?

Fighting each other, the Sentinel ships are engaging each other - kzzkt - ignoring us for now -

The Sentinels appear to have departed. They’re - kzzkktz -

Distress signal nearby - kzzkt - broadcasting ‘sixteen’ on repeat.

I’m going to take a look…
LOST_FREIGHTER_DESC_2 My love. I dive into a black hole tomorrow. I know we agreed not to - kzzzkt -

I warned them about - kzzzkt - advisability of such a large vessel moving through the rift. But they are arrogant, vain creatures, are they not?

We emerged into the skies above the - kzzkzkt - anomaly.

Reality itself has abdicated here. Vast hexagons litter the landscape of this once proud planet, now become the plaything of our unseen foe…

I fear I will not be back home for - kzkzzkt - time.

We drank the water.

My love… forgive me…
LOST_FREIGHTER_DESC_3 I do not like this. Forced to harbour Gek on board? To give them safe passage across the stars? I lodged a complaint. Let’s - kzzkt -

We encountered remnants of the Vy’keen Expeditionary Force. Their ships decimated, fragments of flesh and steel floating through the asteroid field.

Sentinels scan their debris. We leave quickly.

I refuse to take my crew any further. You should have told me why we were doing this, why - kzzkt -

There is no hope, is there?
LOST_FREIGHTER_DESC_4 These Korvax really are something, aren’t they? We tried - kzzkt -

What made it tick? What was the point?

It just - kzzkt - stared at us…

We made a great deal of profit in that last port. We asked the Korvax what it wanted us to do with its share.

It spoke for the last time since boarding the freighter. It said -

The Korvax showed me a secret. There is not long to go, now. We must head towards the centre. We must - kzzkt -
LOST_FREIGHTER_DESC_5 We approach the temporal anomaly. I have to admit, I’m excited. I might be the first - kzzkt -

The system possesses impossible properties. Last night, sound briefly travelled faster than light.

I asked them to forgive me, but they told me I was being a fool. They told me I was a good captain. We drank until late in the - kzzkt -

One moment our instruments are decimated. The next, they seem advanced far beyond their original capabilities.

And the beauty of it, I can’t sleep -

The stars… there are sixteen of them, now - kzzkt - I’m going to approach -
LOST_FREIGHTER_DESC_6 We have crashed. It was much calmer than I thought it would be. Our training worked, the crew were composed, and - kzkzkt -

Twelve casualties. They will not be forgotten.

We are running out of food. Whatever we attempt to scavenge, whenever we attempt to fight for our survival, the Sentinels arrive to prevent us. We need to get off world…

We are going to retreat beneath the surface and await rescue. I will maintain my own link with the ship.

They are dead - kzzkt -

No longer hungry, no longer - kzzkkt -

What have we done?
LOST_FREIGHTER_DESC_7 I had heard the rumours. So-called ‘Traveller anomalies’, beings of varied appearance and purpose. Their ship approached, our weapons primed. They - kzzkt -

The one before us begged for peace. They appeared to be bio-mechanical, at least in part.

We struck them from the sky.

Probes recovered the body. Well, fragments of DNA and code. The two are almost interchangeable, my researchers tell me.

I must confess to a great deal of excitement. But this - kzkzkt -

Our duty: we must understand what is happening to our worlds.

Visuals confirm it. The same individual we shot down two weeks ago is standing right before us again.

These beings are somehow restored upon death, just as the Emperor suggested.

Well then. An opportunity to retrieve more samples. I order their death once more.
LOST_FREIGHTER_DESC_8 Half our cargo was spoiled by the breach. Try explaining that to the Overseer: The Gek don’t take too kindly to broken - kzzzkt -

I think it will be better if I tell them in person.

Half our cargo was spoiled by the breach. Try - try - explaining - kzzkt - to - what’s - kzzzkt -

The logs are full of hundreds of such messages, each one talking about a breach in the cargo hold.

The freighter’s captain seems to grow increasingly panicked and self-aware regarding the repetition of these logs.

By the time of the final message, they are screaming with happiness and despair.
LOST_FREIGHTER_DESC_9 The Vy’keen have left the Council. We knew that they would. Only two other species remain: the Gek and the Korvax. And us, I - kzzkt -

It’s strange, but somehow I trust the warriors more for their honesty. No-one wants this alliance.

Entities Nada and Polo have been located in the next system. They appear to be alien to this universe, their structure suggesting a disturbance of dimensional boundaries.

We intercepted the coming and going of no less than 5182 Travellers within a single week. They grow in strength.

The space anomaly is right ahead of us. It’s strange, but I feel as if - kzzkt -

But that is impossible, the dream of a fool. We only have one life to live.
LOST_FREIGHTER_DESC_10 We have been ordered to shoot down any Vy’keen vessels on - kzzkzt -

They have been deemed enemies of the Atlas, enemies of the Council, enemies of all humanity…

We have been ordered to aid a Vy’keen splinter faction in the hope that they might create internal unrest and divide their purpose.

We are to rendezvous with two promising revolutionaries, battle-brothers by the names of Hirk and Nal.

Someone is reading these messages.

Who are you?
LOST_FREIGHTER_DESC_11 It began with an idea, a simulation…

The Korvax wished to know what would happen to the universe in the future. They wanted to confirm what had occurred in the past. We were part of their great effort, delivering vast quantities of Nanite Clusters across the galaxy.

The simulation shows me my child as if they are alive, taking their first steps for a second time.

It shows me their death. It shows my own.

I ask the Korvax to stop this. They refuse.

The Korvax shut down their machine. The experiment is over. They claim that the universe is multiversal, cyclical, without origin or endpoint, at least based on available data.

In some worlds, there might be Korvax. In some, no Gek.

In some, we never existed, or if we did, we destroyed our world long before other galactic powers could find them. I do not like the tone with which the Korvax speaks.
LOST_FREIGHTER_DESC_12 The crew speak of mutiny.

Hah! Let them try. Let them see how I earned my position as the greatest commander this - kzzkt -

The log appears to have automatically recorded and transcribed the sound of gunfire and crying.

We hung their heads from the lamps above the canteen. Everyone has seen them. Everyone is complicit now. There is no turning back.

Where next? The whole universe awaits…
LOST_FREIGHTER_DESC_13 This will be my last year running this trade route. I - kzzzkt -

I have a child at home to look after now, or so I am told. My travels must come to an end.

I look around my crew and ponder their families. The Gek are spawned in vast numbers, knowing their parents’ identity, but by necessity they are unable to form any meaningful bond. Theirs is a life of competition from the beginning. Perhaps this is what gives them their nature as traders.

The Korvax have no children at all, apart perhaps from the artificial intelligences they create for various experiments. Only the family units of the Vy’keen resemble our own, small units of parents and a number of sibling children, raised as warriors.

Our entire history is one of war and hatred. We are so similar to the Vy’keen, and as I look at my child, I wonder…

Never mind. I will know soon enough, and there is business to take care of before I am home.
LOST_FREIGHTER_DESC_14 We are returning home, carrying data backups of the echoes.

The crew don’t like it. All those souls creep them out. I tell them it’s nothing to worry about. Those rich enough to survive death didn’t care about us in life, and now we have their backups.

They need us now, in case there was an accident, or someone switches the main site off. Who’d want to do that, I wonder?

We made first contact with the Korvax before all others. They found us, they showed us what we could - kzzkt -

They too have ‘echoes’, though the translation is imperfect. Their Convergence is a repository of all those who have ever lived. Ours is a mausoleum of vanity, a monument to the fear of death and nothing more…

… … - kzzzkt - … …

LOST_FREIGHTER_DESC_15 The Traveller wished to dock without a ship. They claimed they could help us restart our engines after the - kzzzkt -

I took the risk, even if Hicks threatened to report me. Help is help.

They are strange beings. They do not appear interested in food or water, never leaving their so-called ‘exosuits’, even in habitable environments.

They ask many questions about our history, about the Atlas, and the visions of old. I tell them what I know, although it doesn’t seem to help them.

… // We were those who saw the face of God // …

… // We were those who were uplifted from an orb of dirt and rubble to the stars themselves // …

The Traveller claims that none of it is real? Who are - kzzkt -
LOST_FREIGHTER_DESC_16 Freighters stretch ahead before us, a vast caravan herding our species across the stars.

We have deserted our past. We have left every colony behind. We go towards the - kzzkt -

The Korvax shared their discovery before they departed. They told us that the universe was going to come to an end. That every universe did, in time…

We would be wiped away, our purpose complete, and the Atlas would start anew. No-one would ever know what we did or who we were.

I will continue in my duty. Faith or doubt, submission or resistance… the end or a new beginning.

We travel to meet our maker. We travel to complete our great work. It is not for me to judge such things…

It is beyond all of us.
LOST_FREIGHTER_DESC_17 I had a dream, last night… I saw all the worlds we had once inhabited, all the places we had once walked, and there was nothing left of it. Just dunes… just sand and rot and mud, stretching as far as the eye could see.

What if we don’t come back? What if the Atlas decides we are no longer worthy of existence? It would be as if we had never been…

I tell the crew all that I have learned in my travels, committing multiple acts of treason and heresy in the process. I ask them what they think, how they feel, what they hope for.

The decision is unanimous. We will turn back. We will join with the Vy’keen in their exodus, leaving the centre to the worshippers of the Atlas.

Perhaps we can still survive, even if the rest of our species perishes…

Something is happening. Please, wherever you are, do not stop reading, do not - kzzzkt -

Sixteen - kzzkt - there are -
LOST_FREIGHTER_DESC_18 The Traveller found us once again. We have killed them eight times already, and still they show only kindness, only gratitude at an opportunity to converse.

What have we done? I cannot help but feel - kzzkt -

They tell us that they are not like the others of their kind, just as we are not like the others of our own species.

They survived beyond the end of all things. They committed terrible deeds, of that they have no doubt, but what are ethics in the face of an existential fall?

Universes come and go. Civilisations rise and they end. And through it all, the cycle continues. But even that must one day cease. Nothing lasts forever, not even time itself.

And in those final moments, in the decay of all that is or will be, the boundaries between worlds will fall. Our time will come again, if only in brief.

We will be seen, we will be heard, and our ship? Our freighter?

We will live again, in all our multiplicity, in all human worth… We will live again because someone, somewhere, will read our words for a final time.
LOST_FREIGHTER_DESC_19 I say goodbye to the officers. I have served with them for years. There is no-one else I would rather end my life with.

One of them says they had a child. So did I. So do many…

All ranks mingle in a great and final night. We speak of the sights we have seen, of alien warriors, of traders, of beings whose minds we could never hope to comprehend.

We say goodbye to it all.

Our sensors tell us there is not much time now. The stars blink out, one by one.

Goodbye, my love.

LOST_FREIGHTER_DESC_20 … … - kzzzkt - … …

… …

Is - kzzkt -

Anyone - kzzzkt - …

It’s not - zkzkzkt -

Nothing ends. Don’t you see it? Nothing - kzzzkt -

Nothing -
Main Story Freighter
FREIGHTER_CORE_ACT2_14_DESC I do not know who will read this message. I do not know if anything will survive. But I must die as I lived – I will record it all, even in the face of oblivion…

The swarm came to every world. The drones acted erratically… not attacking, just watching. Time passed and the Sentinels did not seem so much of a threat anymore. They were peaceful now, we thought. We had been forgiven.

We were wrong.
FREIGHTER_CORE_ACT2_14_DESC_A They struck as one, an attack somehow coordinated across unfathomable distances.

With a fury exceeding all prior skirmishes, the Sentinels annihilated all biological life within the universe in a span of 54.2 standard minutes.

Only I remained… the Korvax stood with me in the end, to their credit. They concealed me within their flotilla as they headed towards the centre.
FREIGHTER_CORE_ACT2_14_DESC_B They are coming, now. The screams of my friends resonate in every hall, every corner. The Sentinels have found me.

I told Nada to leave. I told them what we already know, all of us, in our hearts… we are not alone. Even if I die, even if all that is left of me are these words, Nada will find me again in another universe. Ten just like me, a thousand, a million Travellers…

We are not alone, for every soul is many. Even in the face of sixteen, we must declare that we lived. We existed, no matter the horror of the end. They are at my door. I –

Enough for today, more to come soon …


Manufacturing Facilities #1 - NMS_LOC1_ENGLISH

Had to split due to character limit. This part contains a set of related IDs and the Gek

Manufacturing Facilities #1 - NMS_LOC1_ENGLISH
ID Value (text)
TIP_FACTORY <TITLE>Intercepted Manufacturing Facility signal<>
New product formula now accessible
SIGNAL_FACTORY Manufacturing Facility Detected
NOTIFY_MAKEFUEL_GOFACTORY <TITLE>Abandoned Facility Detected<>
Manufacturing Facilities contain new Crafting Formulas
NOTIFY_MAKEFUEL_BREAKIN <TITLE>Abandoned Manufacturing Facility<>
Break through reinforced doors to enter
Deactivate Alarm and acquire Crafting Formula
NOTIFY_MAKEFUEL_BUILDBOLT <TITLE>Abandoned Manufacturing Facility<>
Install Boltcaster in Multi-Tool to break through reinforced doors
Korvax (dict.)
Vy’keen (dict.)
BUILDING_FACTORY_L Manufacturing Facility
BUILDING_FACTORY3 Heavily-Mechanised
BUILDING_FACTORY5 Construction-Focused
EXP_FACTORY_NAME Research Outpost
WAR_FACTORY_NAME Munitions Factory
TRA_FACTORY_NAME Production Facility
ALT_FACT_NAME Processing Facility
INTRCT_FACTORY %RACE% Manufacturing Facility
EXPLORER_FACTORY_OPTION_NAME_1 Take finished products
WARRIOR_FACTORY_OPTION_TEXT_1 The facility incinerates its products.
DNT_TRA_FAC_LANG_1 Warning! High temperature!
TRA_FAC_DESC_1 Something deep within the complex is malfunctioning. Surfaces feel hot to the touch. Hidden machinery clanks and whirrs.

A bead of sweat rolls down my forehead.
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_1 Engage coolant chamber network
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_1 Activate fusion dampening field
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_1 Initialize laser refraction systems
TRA_FAC_RES_A_1 Danger indicators plummet.

The facility springs into life.
TRA_FAC_RES_B_1 The system no longer responds to my commands.
TRA_FAC_RES_C_1 The system remains inoperable.
DNT_TRA_FAC_LANG_2 Mining production stalled! Low power! Uncommon isotope required!
TRA_FAC_DESC_2 All systems have stalled. Warning lights blink on and off.

Vaults that usually store uncommon elements mined on the planet have run low…
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_2 Insert uncommon isotope
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_2 Insert common isotope
TRA_FAC_RES_A_2 The production facility becomes operational.
TRA_FAC_RES_B_2 Lights flicker, but my offering clearly wasn’t enough.
DNT_TRA_FAC_LANG_3 High gas pressure! Breach detected!
TRA_FAC_DESC_3 The outpost is offline. My exosuit’s atmospheric toxicity gauge starts to flicker.

Figures on the terminal suddenly plunge downwards. There’s a leak in the system.
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_3 Vent excess gas
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_3 Flush coolant chamber
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_3 Increase system pressure
TRA_FAC_RES_A_3 Toxicity levels stabilise.

The facility is operational.
TRA_FAC_RES_B_3 The facility remains non-operational.
TRA_FAC_RES_C_3 Toxicity levels rise.

I breathe in damaging fumes.
DNT_TRA_FAC_LANG_4 Product conversion and replication system online.

Awaiting template.
TRA_FAC_DESC_4 The facility’s three dimensional scan chamber is empty. I’m sure some of the items I carry could be traced by its laser.

The scan is attached to operational manufacture systems, but it isn’t clear what they can construct…
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_4 Insert oxide product
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_4 Insert isotope product
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_4 Insert silicate product
TRA_FAC_RES_A_4 The facility processes my offering.

The return is a good one.
TRA_FAC_RES_B_4 The facility processes my offering.

The return is a good one.
TRA_FAC_RES_C_4 The facility processes my offering.

The return is a good one.
DNT_TRA_FAC_LANG_5 Fusion critical! Initiate emergency radiation dampening measures!
TRA_FAC_DESC_5 A warning panel shows a power core overwhelmed from the inside. Strange symbols pulse urgently.

This is a nuclear system. All bad news…
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_5 Activate radiation dampening field
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_5 Shut the system down
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_5 Evacuate in panic
TRA_FAC_RES_A_5 The fusion breach is contained.

Production returns to normal.
TRA_FAC_RES_B_5 The facility powers down safely.

It releases unused resources.
TRA_FAC_RES_C_5 There isn’t time.

An instant energy overflow pulses through me.
DNT_TRA_FAC_LANG_6 Warning! Increase oxide delivery! Warning! Excess oxide catalyst usage creates radiation breach!
TRA_FAC_DESC_6 The terminal oversees element usage. I can adjust the amount of oxides pouring from resource vaults into the production systems.

Warning lights flash, and a timer ticks down…
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_6 Maintain oxide levels
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_6 Increase oxide levels
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_6 Dramatically increase oxide levels
TRA_FAC_RES_A_6 The system ceases production.
TRA_FAC_RES_B_6 The system maintains its production.
TRA_FAC_RES_C_6 The system maximises production.

A radiation breach occurs.
DNT_TRA_FAC_LANG_7 Warning! Magnetic coil overcharged! Production low!
TRA_FAC_DESC_7 I feel heavy. My multi-tool pulls me down, and my helmet forces itself into my shoulders.

It’s not just me impacted. Production processes are going haywire…
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_7 Reboot gravitational stabilisers
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_7 Reduce electromagnetic flow
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_7 Power down facility
TRA_FAC_RES_A_7 Gravity momentarily destabilises.

The system remains inoperable.
TRA_FAC_RES_B_7 The facility springs back into operation.
TRA_FAC_RES_C_7 The facility powers down.

Some systems align, and residual elements become available…
DNT_TRA_FAC_LANG_8 Gek Trading Federation recharging and repair point! High uncommon silicate quantities? High service!
TRA_FAC_DESC_8 The production process this building is devoted to isn’t clear, but it’s almost certainly to do with a strange biological probe antenna that suddenly extends from the terminal and attaches itself to my midriff.

Standing here, while feeling the probe attach itself to all my exosuit systems, I can reach a resource vault that looks like it will only accept uncommon silicate elements.
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_8 Insert small uncommon silicate sample
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_8 Insert medium uncommon silicate sample
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_8 Insert large uncommon silicate sample
TRA_FAC_RES_A_8 The probe pumps healing liquid into my midriff.
TRA_FAC_RES_B_8 The probe pumps healing liquid into my midriff.

It uses its secondary repair beam.
TRA_FAC_RES_C_8 The probe pumps healing liquid into my midriff, while a beam repairs my equipment.

It then sprays a foam inside me that turns into a charge cylinder.
DNT_TRA_FAC_LANG_9 Warning! Unexpected system detected! Bypass chip template detected! Gek Trade Federation informed!
TRA_FAC_DESC_9 The terminal isn’t running proprietary code. It’s possibly illegal, and emptying resource vaults of rare silicates.

I could revert the facility to its original use, but I could also see where the system hijack leads…
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_9 Revert system
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_9 Insert rare silicate
TRA_FAC_RES_A_9 The system reboots, and rewards me.
TRA_FAC_RES_B_9 The system hijack uses my resources to create an illegal, but useful, device.
DNT_TRA_FAC_LANG_10 Attention trader friend! Do not operate! More oxide products required for repairs!
TRA_FAC_DESC_10 An automated process has turned off this terminal’s primary operations. Someone has an input a brief and panicked note on-screen, and also half-filled the connected Resource Vault with oxide products.

A space, however, has clearly been left for more.
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_10 Restart systems
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_10 Insert oxide product and restart systems
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_10 Take products
TRA_FAC_RES_A_10 The products are taken into the system, and some repairs initiate.

The terminal splutters and dies before they complete.
TRA_FAC_RES_B_10 The oxide products are taken into the system, and some repairs initiate.

Systems are restored.
TRA_FAC_RES_C_10 I take the products and disrupt the facility’s operations.
DNT_TRA_FAC_LANG_11 Friend! Know language, know commerce! Units buy knowledge! Choose Vy’keen, choose Korvax or choose a refresher in the language of the benevolent Gek!
TRA_FAC_DESC_11 Three vast columns of words endlessly scroll on-screen, each in a strange alphabet. Bloodied runes scratched in sand, precise sequences of dots and a hand-written font full of exclamatory punctuation.

Each comes with separate unit cost.
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_11 Select the bloodied runes
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_11 Select the dot patterns
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_11 Select the hand-written font
TRA_FAC_RES_A_11 I learn some of the language of a distant warrior race.
TRA_FAC_RES_B_11 I learn some of the language of a distant scientific race.
TRA_FAC_RES_C_11 I learn how to better communicate with a local race of strange beaked traders…
DNT_TRA_FAC_LANG_12 Gek Trade Federation dispatch! Planetary oxide demand high! Collection ship imminent!
TRA_FAC_DESC_12 My scanner picks up traces of rare elements in nearby trade vaults, but the security alert is closing them off.

The terminal is tracking an approaching trade ship. If throw some elements in before they lock, I could benefit…
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_12 Insert rare oxide
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_12 Insert rare silicate
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_12 Insert rare isotope
TRA_FAC_RES_A_12 The trade vault closes on my offering.

A relieved beaked trader shouts its thanks through the speaker systems above the noise of the alert.
TRA_FAC_RES_B_12 The trade vault slams shut.

I only receive a small payment.
TRA_FAC_RES_C_12 The trade vault slams shut.

I only receive a small payment.
DNT_TRA_FAC_LANG_13 Warning! Resource vault flooded! Production system operation forbidden!
TRA_FAC_DESC_13 There’s been a recent fire alert. The screen is wet to the touch. Panels in the ceiling drip where a sprinkler system has been engaged.

A warning flashes on the terminal.
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_13 Drain capacitor banks
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_13 Drain resource vault
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_13 Drain laser-assisted replication tank
TRA_FAC_RES_A_13 The system sputters a little, then dies.
TRA_FAC_RES_B_13 The drained resource vault feeds rare elements into the production system.

The facility is back online.
TRA_FAC_RES_C_13 The facility remains offline.
DNT_TRA_FAC_LANG_14 Friend healing and repair station initializing!
TRA_FAC_DESC_14 A biological probe launches from the terminal and pierces my exosuit. It’s pinned deep into my chest. I can barely move.

There’s no indication if this is the facility’s function, or a security measure.
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_14 Escape
TRA_FAC_RES_A_14 I use my jetpack’s propulsion to pull back and break the probe.

It contains something useful…
TRA_FAC_RES_B_14 The probe pumps healing liquid into my exosuit.

I am healed, and my equipment is repaired.
DNT_TRA_FAC_LANG_15 Warning! Product recipe unselected! Assign recipe! Gek Trade Federation lose units!
TRA_FAC_DESC_15 The alarm has rebooted the facility. An automated start-up routine is running.

Three chemical symbols flash on-screen: a silicate, an isotope and an oxide. Machines around me hum as they warm up…
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_15 Choose the isotope
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_15 Choose the oxide
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_15 Choose the silicate
TRA_FAC_RES_A_15 The installation start-up procedure is completed.

It rewards me with a product formula!
DNT_TRA_FAC_LANG_16 User warning! Common oxide resource vault empty! Production permanently disengaged!
TRA_FAC_DESC_16 The production facility is dormant, but still has enough charge to operate. The resource vaults that feed the alien machinery are empty.

I need to act quickly, but the element I need isn’t immediately clear…
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_16 Insert common isotope
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_16 Insert common silicate
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_16 Insert common oxide
TRA_FAC_RES_A_16 The isotope is drawn into the production chamber.

It makes no impact.
TRA_FAC_RES_B_16 The silicate is drawn into the production chamber.

It makes no impact.
TRA_FAC_RES_C_16 The oxide is drawn into the production chamber.

Production is renewed. The facility awakes.
DNT_TRA_FAC_LANG_17 Education Blob fun! Common oxide: Gek language revision! Common silicate: Korvax! Common isotope: Vy’keen menace language!
TRA_FAC_DESC_17 An enthusiastic gilled blob is on-screen. It talks in the language of the traders and bounces up and down letters in alien alphabets.

The bizarre computer program asks for something. Trade vaults open.
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_17 Insert common isotope
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_17 Insert common silicate
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_17 Insert common oxide
TRA_FAC_RES_A_17 The delighted Education Blob teaches me some of the language of the traders.
TRA_FAC_RES_B_17 The delighted Education Blob teaches me some of the language of the electronic lifeforms.
TRA_FAC_RES_C_17 The delighted Education Blob teaches me some of the language of the warriors.
TRA_FAC_DESC_18 The security alert is scrambling the screen. It’s a chaotic jumble of words.

There’s just enough visible text to point me towards the right workflow, and potentially to bring the installation back online.
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_18 Planetary trade platform
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_18 Space Station
TRA_FAC_RES_A_18 The previous user’s workflow is restored.

The system comes back online.
TRA_FAC_RES_B_18 I fail to access the previous user’s workflow.

The installation remains offline.
TRA_FAC_DESC_19 The alarm has covered the terminal in unreadable static, I can only make out a few bits of text.

There’s hopefully enough to make sense of what the last user was working on, which could restore systems…
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_19 Jetpack
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_19 Hyperdrive
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_19 Launch thrusters
TRA_FAC_RES_A_19 The previous user’s workflow is restored.

The system comes back online.
TRA_FAC_RES_B_19 I fail to access the previous user’s workflow.

The installation remains offline.
TRA_FAC_DESC_20 The security breach has dimmed the terminal, but when I concentrate I can make out a few words in the blackness.

When translated they could lead me to the last user’s workflow, which would automatically bring the facility back online…
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_20 Laser
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_20 Boltcaster
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_20 Land disruption grenade
TRA_FAC_RES_A_20 The previous user’s workflow is restored.

The system comes back online.
TRA_FAC_RES_B_20 I fail to access the previous user’s workflow.

The installation remains offline.
TRA_FAC_DESC_21 The security breach has scrambled the screen, but some text is still legible.

The words can be traced back to the previous user’s workflow, which is how I can get it back online.
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_21 Scanner
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_21 Hazard Protection
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_21 Exosuit
TRA_FAC_RES_A_21 The previous user’s workflow is restored.

The system comes back online.
TRA_FAC_RES_B_21 I fail to access the previous user’s workflow.

The installation remains offline.
DNT_TRA_FAC_LANG_22 Alert! Alert! Liquid frenium leak! Charge cylinders frozen! Increase temperature!
TRA_FAC_DESC_22 An unknown fault has forced the whole system offline. I exhale deeply and notice condensation appearing in my visor.

It isn’t long before the security alert will force a total shutdown.
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_22 Activate incineration banks
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_22 Supercharge coolant flow
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_22 Initialise charge cylinder sequence
TRA_FAC_RES_A_22 Warmth spreads through the facility.

Systems return online.
TRA_FAC_RES_B_22 Systems remain frozen.

The air takes on an icy chill.
TRA_FAC_RES_C_22 The noise of muffled explosions can be heard beneath my feet.
DNT_TRA_FAC_LANG_23 Electrolyte acidity test positive! Acidity slug detected! Release alkaline neutrality fluid into solution tank!
TRA_FAC_DESC_23 A recent scan shows a small alien lifeform crushed in the machinery below. Equipment all round it has corroded.

The impact has been near-catastrophic. Emergency measures have initialised.
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_23 Neutralise electrolyte solution
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_23 Acidify heridium tanks
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_23 Release suspension fluid
TRA_FAC_RES_A_23 The acidic taste in the air subsides.

The installation is operational.
TRA_FAC_RES_B_23 A complete system shutdown is initiated.
TRA_FAC_RES_C_23 A frenzied chemical reaction can be heard somewhere beneath my feet.

A complete shutdown is initialised.
DNT_TRA_FAC_LANG_24 Resource vault fire detected! Element stockpile destroyed!
TRA_FAC_DESC_24 Something, somewhere in the facility is on fire. A faint smoke begins to rise, and my scanner registers a steadily increasing temperature.

Whatever product is created here won’t last long…
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_24 Starve production chamber of oxygen
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_24 Starve resource vaults of oxygen
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_24 Initialise facility sprinkler system
TRA_FAC_RES_A_24 Flames lick the edges of the resource vault, before automated systems initiate.
TRA_FAC_RES_B_24 The facility will require extensive repair work.
TRA_FAC_RES_C_24 The facility sprinkler system briefly operates.

It has no impact on the internal fire.
DNT_TRA_FAC_LANG_25 Entity! Geological scan in progress! Medial strata mined. Uncommon isotope required to recall. Danger! Rare isotope overcharges!
TRA_FAC_DESC_25 A geological probe is buried deep below the installation. If I’m quick, I can call it back up to the surface - along with its cargo.

Resource vaults are empty. I need an isotope with the right amount of power…
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_25 Insert common isotope
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_25 Insert uncommon isotope
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_25 Insert rare isotope
TRA_FAC_RES_A_25 A deep, distant noise of thunder is heard.

The process does not have enough power to bring the probe to the surface.
TRA_FAC_RES_B_25 The noise of underground thunder shakes the facility.

A mechanical procedure deposits a reward into my waiting hands.
TRA_FAC_RES_C_25 The probe’s return mechanism is overpowered.

It collides with the gravitational well. Nothing can be salvaged.
DNT_TRA_FAC_LANG_26 SYSTEM REPORT. Power gel creation engaged. Common isotope: high. Uncommon isotope: low. Rare isotope: high.
TRA_FAC_DESC_26 Machinery is still active. A timer ticks slowly down to the facility’s next roll-out of products.

My scanner has detected the elements used here. I could speed up the process…
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_26 Replenish common isotope
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_26 Replenish uncommon isotope
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_26 Replenish rare isotope
TRA_FAC_RES_A_26 The facility production rate is increased.
TRA_FAC_RES_B_26 Facility production speeds are unchanged.

The trade vault remains empty.
DNT_TRA_FAC_LANG_27 PRODUCTION REPORT. Shielding shard replication engaged. Isotope and Silicate levels acceptable. Oxide levels falling. Alert administrator.
TRA_FAC_DESC_27 Despite the security alert machines are operational. My scanner flashes briefly with the element varieties used to fuel them.

I can speed up processes, and maybe sustain them too.
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_27 Replenish oxide
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_27 Replenish isotope
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_27 Replenish silicate
DNT_TRA_FAC_LANG_28 ALLOY MANUFACTURE ACTIVE. Temperature: acceptable. Pressure: acceptable. Catalyst: levels falling.
TRA_FAC_DESC_28 Industrial manufacture of a complex product is underway. The next expected retrieval I could make isn’t imminent, but I can speed up systems.

A screen detailing production conditions is open.
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_28 Increase temperature
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_28 Increase pressure
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_28 Increase catalyst supply

Manufacturing Facilities #2 - NMS_LOC1_ENGLISH

Had to split due to character limit. This part contains the Korvax

Manufacturing Facilities #2 - NMS_LOC1_ENGLISH
ID Value (text)
DNT_EXP_FAC_LANG_1 Initialize reboot? Data loss probability warning.
EXP_FAC_DESC_1 The screen is full of product formulas, but the system is crashing.

An error message appears alongside a countdown timer.
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_1 Save data
EXP_FAC_RES_A_1 I save the data before a system reboot.

The terminal restores instantly. I am rewarded.
EXP_FAC_RES_B_1 The system reboots instantly with a blank screen.

All data has been lost.
DNT_EXP_FAC_LANG_2 Warning. Calm, entity! Contact Convergence technology entity for help
EXP_FAC_DESC_2 The primary terminal is non-responsive, but comms seem open.

I can open up conversation with whoever - or whatever - installed it.
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_2 Request remote help
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_2 Hard reset the system
EXP_FAC_RES_A_2 The bright lights of an electronic lifeform appear on a nearby screen. It chitters brightly.

I receive a reward for my report.
EXP_FAC_RES_B_2 The facility becomes entirely unresponsive.
DNT_EXP_FAC_LANG_3 Save failed! Tech blueprint data corrupted! Reconstruction probability: high
EXP_FAC_DESC_3 A fragmented file has frozen systems. The machine is stuck in a loop trying to open it.

Its deletion could free up the outpost, but the file would be lost forever.
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_3 Attempt file reconstruction
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_3 Delete file
EXP_FAC_RES_A_3 The file manages to reconstruct!
EXP_FAC_RES_B_3 The research system silently resumes its work.
DNT_EXP_FAC_LANG_4 Virus detection warning! File extracting valuable data!
EXP_FAC_DESC_4 An unknown program has hijacked the terminal. It looks… more alien than expected.

The code is enmeshed with vital research drives. I can quarantine it before damage is done.
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_4 Quarantine unknown process
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_4 Allow unknown process
EXP_FAC_RES_A_4 The virus is removed.

The facility’s overseers are relieved.
EXP_FAC_RES_B_4 The virus extracts a useful reward.

It’s shared with me.
DNT_EXP_FAC_LANG_5 Warning! Interruption forbidden! Sentinel scan ending soon! Control returning to overseer imminently!
EXP_FAC_DESC_5 The outpost’s sole focus is a complex planetary scan. Every single facility system has been directed into its completion.

Intriguing storage vaults are at my feet, but are locked.
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_5 Cancel planetary scan
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_5 Leave planetary scan running
EXP_FAC_RES_A_5 All scan data is lost.

The installation is shut down remotely.
EXP_FAC_RES_B_5 The planetary scan unexpectedly concludes.

Storage vaults open.
DNT_EXP_FAC_LANG_6 Korvax research log. Primary entity: product recipe research. Secondary entity: technological blueprint reconstruction.
EXP_FAC_DESC_6 Two electronic lifeforms are registered on this terminal.

The primary entity’s work is full of complicated chemical symbols, the secondary entity focuses on diagrams of electronic circuitry.
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_6 Login as Primary Entity
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_6 Login as Secondary Entity
EXP_FAC_RES_A_6 The primary entity’s workflow procedure provides some useful knowledge.
EXP_FAC_RES_B_6 The secondary entity’s workflow procedure provides a technology blueprint.
DNT_EXP_FAC_LANG_7 Entity! Geological scan in progress! Medial strata mined. Uncommon isotope required to recall. Danger! Rare isotope overcharges!
EXP_FAC_DESC_7 A geological probe is buried deep below the installation. If I’m quick, I can call it back up to the surface - along with its cargo.

Resource vaults are empty. I need an isotope with the right amount of power…
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_7 Insert common isotope
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_7 Insert uncommon isotope
EXP_FAC_OPT_C_7 Insert rare isotope
EXP_FAC_RES_A_7 A deep, distant noise of thunder is heard.

The process does not have enough power to bring the probe to the surface.
EXP_FAC_RES_B_7 The noise of underground thunder shakes the facility.

A mechanical procedure deposits a reward into my waiting hands.
EXP_FAC_RES_C_7 The probe’s return mechanism is overpowered.

It collides with the gravitational well. Nothing can be salvaged.
DNT_EXP_FAC_LANG_8 Eheu. Korvax Entity experiment failure. Product becomes common element. Clarify experiment!
EXP_FAC_DESC_8 A valuable product is being scanned. An imminent procedure will see it consumed, and perhaps transformed.

I only have seconds to decide whether to allow the experiment to take place.
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_8 Take product
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_8 Allow experiment to take place
EXP_FAC_RES_A_8 The research work is cut short.
EXP_FAC_RES_B_8 The item is transformed into… a common isotope.

The research experiment concludes.
DNT_EXP_FAC_LANG_9 Korvax oxide experiment procedure success! Common becomes rare!
EXP_FAC_DESC_9 A few moments inside the outpost’s primary terminal shows me that the resource vault is full to the brim with uncommon oxides. It’s awaiting some sort of experimental procedure, but the science behind involved looks way beyond a biological lifeform’s mental capabilities.

That said, there’s an automated system that I could access with a Bypass chip…
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_9 Retrieve uncommon oxides
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_9 Use bypass chip
EXP_FAC_RES_A_9 I take the oxides from the resource vault.
EXP_FAC_RES_B_9 The bypass chip starts a process that converts the element…

…into something more valuable.
DNT_EXP_FAC_LANG_10 Researcher! Experiment reject impure silicate sample! Fire hazard probable! Insert pure silicate sample immediately!
EXP_FAC_DESC_10 A rare silicate sample has set fire to a resource vault.

I can starve the flames of oxygen, but the experiment is still running despite the fire…
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_10 Put out fire
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_10 Add more to sample
EXP_FAC_RES_A_10 The flames in the resource vault subside.

I take what’s left of the element.
EXP_FAC_RES_B_10 The element stokes the flames.

The experiment takes place, producing valuable trade goods.
DNT_EXP_FAC_LANG_11 Eheu Entity! Vital words accidentally corrupted? Pay units to relearn!
EXP_FAC_DESC_11 A wired metal dart springs from a panel and slams through my visor. It pierces the skin on my forehead, and I feel a faint electrical current.

Whether ransom, paid service or security device - the terminal seems to want payment…
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_11 Insert units
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_11 Insert units
EXP_FAC_OPT_C_11 Remove dart
EXP_FAC_RES_A_11 I learn more of the binary language of the electronic lifeforms.
EXP_FAC_RES_B_11 I learn a little of the binary language of the electronic lifeforms.
EXP_FAC_RES_C_11 I remove the dart.

The terminal’s processes conclude.
EXP_FAC_....._12 Does Not Exist!
DNT_EXP_FAC_LANG_13 Eheu, drill motor automated disconnection! Motor fire! Repair immediately Entity!
EXP_FAC_DESC_13 Machinery here is mining an asteroid for oxides. The process has stalled. The facility reeks of burnt metal, and the floor is hot to touch.

I can direct automated repairs, but it’s unclear where.
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_13 Repair drill bit
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_13 Repair drill motor
EXP_FAC_OPT_C_13 Repair charge banks
EXP_FAC_RES_A_13 The asteroid mining drill bit is replaced.

It remains non-operational.
EXP_FAC_RES_B_13 The asteroid mining drill motor is replaced, and operational.
EXP_FAC_RES_C_13 The drill’s charge banks are repaired and restored.

The asteroid mining process remains offline.
DNT_EXP_FAC_LANG_14 Warning! Temporal capacitor disengaged! Production time loop detected!
EXP_FAC_DESC_14 I rapidly flick through alien warnings to discover what’s brought the facility offline. All too late, I realise I’m doing the exact same thing again. And again.

I’ve done this before. Many times.
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_14 Recharge flux crystals
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_14 Engage temporal capacitor
EXP_FAC_OPT_C_14 Reset clock
EXP_FAC_RES_A_14 I loop in time for several days.

An automated process eventually rescues me.
EXP_FAC_RES_B_14 The temporal capacitor ends the time loop.

The facility resumes operations.
DNT_EXP_FAC_LANG_15 Warning! Silicate overload! Circuit board technology overheat warning!
EXP_FAC_DESC_15 The sound of cascading elements can be heard beneath the floor. Systems are struggling to cope with the overflow.

An automated emergency stop is about to be issued.
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_15 Detach oxide supply chute
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_15 Detach silicate supply chute
EXP_FAC_OPT_C_15 Detach isotope supply chute
EXP_FAC_RES_A_15 The noise of cascading elements subsides.

Systems return online.
EXP_FAC_RES_B_15 The cascading elements force all systems offline.
DNT_EXP_FAC_LANG_16 Alert! Alert! Power core isolated! Central artificial intelligence core endangered! Corrosive toxins detected!
EXP_FAC_DESC_16 The air is compromised. Atmospheric toxins have breached sensitive systems, and brought production to its knees.

Even the primary terminal is corroding at my finger-tips…
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_16 Seal off power core
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_16 Seal off primary motherboard
EXP_FAC_OPT_C_16 Seal off central AI
EXP_FAC_RES_A_16 The power core is further safeguarded.

The vital systems it energises are not.
EXP_FAC_RES_B_16 The facility grinds to a halt, despite the protected motherboard.
EXP_FAC_RES_C_16 The central AI is now protected.

Its governance systems return systems to full running order.
DNT_EXP_FAC_LANG_17 Warning! Vy’keen vessel transmission detected. Data upload to starship.
EXP_FAC_DESC_17 The installation has been hacked. A coded transmission has breached security and is stealing data.

Two wavelengths are open. One from this planet’s surface, and the other from high above.
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_17 Block planetary signal
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_17 Block orbital signal
EXP_FAC_OPT_C_17 Report intrusion
EXP_FAC_RES_A_17 The coded transmission takes full control.

The terminal powers down.
EXP_FAC_RES_B_17 The coded transmission is blocked.

The facility returns to an operational status.
EXP_FAC_RES_C_17 The transmission is blocked.

I receive a note of thanks from the facility overseer.
DNT_EXP_FAC_LANG_18 Bad data. Sentinel drone activity scan corrupted. System disengaged.
EXP_FAC_DESC_18 Operations are offline. A recent research scan has been corrupted, crashing every system in the outpost.

Marking the right file for deletion could restore order…
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_18 Delete planetary quadruped scan
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_18 Delete Sentinel scan
EXP_FAC_OPT_C_18 Delete geological survey
EXP_FAC_RES_A_18 The file refuses deletion.

The system remains offline
EXP_FAC_RES_B_18 The file is removed.

The installation’s primary processes become available.
DNT_EXP_FAC_LANG_19 Alert! Electronic terminal operator power discharge! Reset primary interface!
EXP_FAC_DESC_19 Wild energy fluctuations have brought research operations to a standstill. While I investigate a residual electric charge earths itself through my exosuit.

The security alert is about to pull all power. I need to act.
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_19 Stabilise production battery
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_19 Reset primary terminal
EXP_FAC_OPT_C_19 Open fusion capacitor
EXP_FAC_RES_A_19 Operations throughout the installation stabilise.

The primary terminal continues to malfunction.
EXP_FAC_RES_B_19 The terminal’s power fluctuations cease. It brings order to the outpost’s systems.
DNT_EXP_FAC_LANG_20 Danger! Excess power! Decrease energy use immediately! Delivery at maximum!
EXP_FAC_DESC_20 Systems are super-charged despite the security alert. Equipment beneath my feet buzzes and whirrs with a high intensity.

Suddenly, I detect the smell of burning. A warning appears.
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_20 Reduce power delivery levels
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_20 Increase fan power delivery
EXP_FAC_OPT_C_20 Increase coolant power delivery
EXP_FAC_RES_A_20 Power delivery is reduced across the board.

The installation returns to acceptable activity levels.
EXP_FAC_RES_B_20 The added strain on power delivery leads to a small internal fire.

Systems are now offline.
DNT_EXP_FAC_LANG_21 Unexpected biological blockage detected. Power delivery network disruption!
EXP_FAC_DESC_21 A small creature is scrambling through the wiring below me, woken by the security alert. Its choice of nesting location was unwise…

I can’t regain control until it has been removed from the system.
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_21 Initiate power surge
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_21 Flush production network
EXP_FAC_OPT_C_21 Leave creature alone
EXP_FAC_RES_A_21 A smell of roasted meat wafts up from the systems below.

The system is back online.
EXP_FAC_RES_B_21 The creature makes its escape, but its nest remains.

The facility remains offline.
EXP_FAC_RES_C_21 The creature appears at my feet.

It squeaks, and gives me units as a token of its thanks.
DNT_EXP_FAC_LANG_22 Databank back-up process stalled. Common silicate required to finish process.
EXP_FAC_DESC_22 The alarm has triggered the instant incineration the elements used here. The process they were being used for, however, is still online.

My scanner is picking up traces of silicates, but there’s no indication of which ones.
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_22 Insert common silicate
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_22 Insert uncommon silicate
EXP_FAC_OPT_C_22 Insert rare silicate
EXP_FAC_RES_A_22 The facility uses my element, and feeds it back to me in a new form.
EXP_FAC_RES_B_22 The facility takes in my element, before the resource vaults judder and spark.

The system becomes non-operational.
DNT_EXP_FAC_LANG_23 Help! Feed me silicates! With silicates I escape! Combine with technological Korvax Entity! Escape!
EXP_FAC_DESC_23 The terminal talks to me. A basic AI program rapidly spells out words in the language of the electronic lifeforms.

At my feet, a resource vault hatch falls open.
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_23 Insert common isotope
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_23 Insert common silicate
EXP_FAC_OPT_C_23 Insert common oxide
EXP_FAC_RES_A_23 The AI program is unaffected.

It powers down the terminal
EXP_FAC_RES_B_23 The AI program escapes the terminal.

Systems become operational.
EXP_FAC_DESC_24 An automatic process has scrambled the output of the terminal. I can make out a few words, but the rest is lost in static.

They could lead me to the overseer’s workflow, and bringing the facility back online.
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_24 Shield
EXP_FAC_OPT_C_24 Exosuit
EXP_FAC_RES_A_24 The electronic overseer’s workflow is restored.

The system comes back online.
EXP_FAC_RES_B_24 I fail to access the electronic overseer’s workflow.

The installation remains offline.
EXP_FAC_DESC_25 My intrusion has led to the work underway on the primary terminal being scrambled. It’s a jumble of words.

Using what’s visible I can reboot the overseer’s workflow, and get systems online.
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_25 Satellites
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_25 Asteroids
EXP_FAC_DESC_26 The security alert that’s firing is jamming the terminal. Static covers most of the screen, obscuring nearly all relevant information.

The words left unobscured could lead me to the outpost’s current research focus…
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_26 Pirates
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_26 Traders
EXP_FAC_OPT_C_26 Orbital station
EXP_FAC_DESC_27 The security breach has obscured the screen with a glowing red orb. Few readable words remain.

Working out what the overseer was studying here would reestablish its workflow…
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_27 The Atlas
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_27 The Foretold
EXP_FAC_OPT_C_27 The Traveller
EXP_FAC_RES_A_27 The facility pulses red. I am energised. I am thanked.

I am complete.
EXP_FAC_RES_B_27 I fail to access the electronic overseer’s workflow.

I am blinded by a red light. The facility remains offline.
DNT_EXP_FAC_LANG_28 Education Blob fun! Common silicate: Korvax language back-up! Common oxide: non-intelligent Gek! Common isotope: non-intelligent Vy’keen!
EXP_FAC_DESC_28 An enthusiastic gilled blob is on-screen wearing a mask with a central coloured light. It energetically jetpacks around an alien alphabet.

The blob makes a demand. Common element trade vaults open.
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_28 Insert common isotope
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_28 Insert common silicate
EXP_FAC_OPT_C_28 Insert common oxide
EXP_FAC_RES_A_28 The delighted Education Blob teaches me some of the language of the traders.
EXP_FAC_RES_B_28 The delighted Education Blob teaches me some of the language of the electronic lifeforms.
EXP_FAC_RES_C_28 The delighted Education Blob teaches me some of the language of the warriors.

Manufacturing Facilities #3 - NMS_LOC1_ENGLISH

Had to split due to character limit. This part contains the Vy’keen

Manufacturing Facilities #3 - NMS_LOC1_ENGLISH
ID Value (text)
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_1 Suspicious interloper visual detection system initiated!
WAR_FAC_DESC_1 The alarm has locked the terminal. Security scanners appear and slowly turn towards me.

A message displays itself letter-by-letter on the terminal.
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_1 Cut the camera feed
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_1 Cut the alarm
WAR_FAC_OPT_C_1 Cut heat sensors
WAR_FAC_RES_A_1 The security alert does not trace me.

The facility becomes operational.
WAR_FAC_RES_B_1 The alarm continues to sound.

The facility remains offline.
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_2 Vy’keen voice security scan initializing…
WAR_FAC_DESC_2 The terminal is only intended for use by a certain species. A flap flicks open and a microphone emerges.

A distant voice shouts ‘Grah!’. I am expected to respond.
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_2 Bark ‘Grah!’
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_2 Say everything’s fine
WAR_FAC_OPT_C_2 Apologise
WAR_FAC_RES_A_2 The terminal releases some products.

My subterfuge is rewarded.
WAR_FAC_RES_B_2 I explain there was a slight weapons malfunction, but everything’s perfectly alright now.

A powerful electric current pulses through my body.
WAR_FAC_RES_C_2 I hear a gruff noise of acceptance.
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_3 Intruder detected! Respiration gas concentration high! Enemy respiration!!
WAR_FAC_DESC_3 A laser scan refracts through my visor, then another traces the air around my breathing exhaust.

My gas concentration levels don’t match the warrior standard.
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_3 Use exosuit to decrease gas concentration
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_3 Use exosuit to increase gas concentration
WAR_FAC_RES_A_3 I feel nauseous.

Nothing happens.
WAR_FAC_RES_B_3 I feel dizzy, but the system is online.
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_4 Security alert! Pathetic interloper destroyed war factory entrance door! Sentinels absent!
WAR_FAC_DESC_4 Two holographic security circuit images are on-screen. An open metal doorway, and the facility’s Sentinel detection system.

I can cut one off to reduce the alert. I need to act quickly
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_4 Cut doorway alert
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_4 Cut sentinel intrusion alert
WAR_FAC_RES_A_4 The facility becomes operational.
WAR_FAC_RES_B_4 The terminal initiates an emergency shutdown.
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_5 Vy’keen security system alert! Pressure pad enemy detection confirmed! Too heavy!
WAR_FAC_DESC_5 The floor feels unsteady, and something clicks beneath my feet. The screen locks.

Systems are aware I’m not the lifeform that usually operates here…
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_5 Use jetpack to hover
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_5 Reduce weight
WAR_FAC_OPT_C_5 Stand on one leg
WAR_FAC_RES_A_5 The pressure pad has no weight to report.

The terminal remains inoperative.
WAR_FAC_RES_B_5 I briefly set my heavy multi-tool aside.

The facility becomes operational.
WAR_FAC_RES_C_5 Warrior laughter emanates from nearby speakers.

The terminal remains powered down.
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_6 Intruder alert! Commence detonation sequence! Isotope fuel flow initiated!
WAR_FAC_DESC_6 My presence has triggered a security alert. I hear elements being drawn from the two open vaults below me. On-screen: a clear countdown.

An intense exothermic elemental reaction is being charged. It’s a trap.
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_6 Remove Isotope element
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_6 Remove Oxide element
WAR_FAC_RES_A_6 Disaster is averted.

The factory restarts operations.
WAR_FAC_RES_B_6 I remove the catalyst.

A minor explosion scorches my arm, before facility operations resume.
WAR_FAC_RES_C_6 A blast of flame coats me from below.

The facility remains non-operational.
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_7 Intruder alert! Incinerating trading vault: empty. Incinerating power vault: fuel. Incinerating storage vault: multi-tool.
WAR_FAC_DESC_7 Security procedures are incinerating the content of all the vaults in the facility. Power surges are igniting them one-by-one.

I can isolate one vault from the destruction but I can’t see inside…
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_7 Isolate trading vault
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_7 Isolate power vault
WAR_FAC_OPT_C_7 Isolate storage vault
WAR_FAC_RES_A_7 The trading vault is empty.

The surrounding vaults are incinerated.
WAR_FAC_RES_B_7 I salvage something useful from the power vault.
WAR_FAC_RES_C_7 I salvage something very useful from the storage vault.
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_8 Security breach! Military action unstoppable! Vy’keen High Command vessel coordinate upload imminent!
WAR_FAC_DESC_8 A transmission is firing on emergency frequencies. A ship is in orbit trying to determine the facility’s location. It’s preparing weapon systems.

I don’t have long to act.
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_8 Cut security alert transmission
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_8 Change stored coordinates
WAR_FAC_RES_A_8 A disruption bolt strikes the roof of the facility.

It is rendered inoperable.
WAR_FAC_RES_B_8 I hear a distant explosion and the screams of burning animals.

The facility’s processes return to normal.
WAR_FAC_RES_C_8 A disruption bolt strikes the roof of the facility.

It is rendered inoperable.
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_9 Interloper detection! Heat detection systems confirm report! High temperature intruder!
WAR_FAC_DESC_9 Security scanners click and whirr as they focus. My bright red image is on-screen.

Black lines that match the position of my exosuit’s coolant mesh are clearly visible.
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_9 Decrease coolant flow
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_9 Increase coolant flow
WAR_FAC_RES_A_9 My image disappears from the screen.

I extract my reward from the facility.
WAR_FAC_RES_B_9 The image suddenly blooms bright red.

The terminal becomes entirely inoperable.
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_10 Interloper trespass alert! Destroy products of element upgrade process!
WAR_FAC_DESC_10 I hear the facility automatically incinerating recently manufactured products in nearby storage vaults. The screen suggests that, pre-incineration, they were extremely valuable.

The facility’s production processes, however, remain online. The machinery will accept several uncommon elements…
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_10 Insert uncommon silicate
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_10 Insert uncommon oxide
WAR_FAC_OPT_C_10 Insert uncommon isotope
WAR_FAC_RES_A_10 The system turns my uncommon silicate into…

…a rare and more valuable element.
WAR_FAC_RES_B_10 The system turns my uncommon oxide into…

…a rare and more valuable element.
WAR_FAC_RES_C_10 The system turns my uncommon isotope into…

…a rare and more valuable element.
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_11 Alert. Hospital facility abandoned. Emergency procedure: uncommon oxide heals warrior, rare oxide repairs equipment. Charge cylinder, or similar, brings whole system online.
WAR_FAC_DESC_11 A panel springs open and various bloodied implements fall to the floor. They look as if they have medical uses, but systems have clearly fallen into disrepair.

Two resource vaults designed for temporary oxide processing sit below the panel, but a charged product could also be used to power up the whole facility.
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_11 Insert uncommon oxide
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_11 Insert rare oxide
WAR_FAC_OPT_C_11 Insert charged product
WAR_FAC_RES_A_11 The facility is temporarily revived, and I am fully healed.
WAR_FAC_RES_B_11 The facility is temporarily revived, and my systems are repaired and restored.
WAR_FAC_RES_C_11 The facility comes back online and fully heals, repairs, restores and replenishes my exosuit and equipment.
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_12 Pathetic warrior learn Vy’keen language! Pass test or encounter fighting pits! ERROR ERROR INSERT SILICATE ERROR ERROR MALFUNCTION
WAR_FAC_DESC_12 The warrior stationed here has abandoned its training. A vast amount of data still flows through the circuitry.

The terminal is asking for a particular variety of common element.
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_12 Insert oxide element
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_12 Insert isotope element
WAR_FAC_OPT_C_12 Insert silicate element
WAR_FAC_RES_A_12 The comprehension test powers down.

It has been failed.
WAR_FAC_RES_B_12 The comprehension test has been failed.
WAR_FAC_RES_C_12 I pass the comprehension test, and am rewarded with words of unknown cultures.
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_13 Grah! Bountiful Sentinel hunt! Initiate rare silicate extraction!
WAR_FAC_DESC_13 Sentinel components are being fed into the production machinery from resource vaults.

The terminal needs instructions on what it should extract.
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_13 Initiate oxide extraction
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_13 Initiate isotope extraction
WAR_FAC_OPT_C_13 Initiate silicate extraction
WAR_FAC_RES_A_13 I hear the robots being crushed and incinerated.

Nothing is extracted.
WAR_FAC_RES_B_13 I hear the robots being crushed and incinerated.

Nothing is extracted.
WAR_FAC_RES_C_13 I hear the robots being crushed and incinerated.

A rich reward is extracted.
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_14 Grah! Education blob! Greetings Vy’keen cub! Insert units for education!
WAR_FAC_DESC_14 An animated gilled blob is on-screen waving a gun. It talks in the language of the warriors, but brightly and happily.

It springs happily between bloodied runes, then asks for a donation of units.
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_14 Insert units
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_14 Insert units
WAR_FAC_OPT_C_14 Walk away
WAR_FAC_RES_A_14 The educational program teaches me some of the language of the warriors!
WAR_FAC_RES_B_14 The animated blob senses my withdrawal from the terminal.

It has been programmed to start crying at this point.
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_15 Interloper electrification initializing! Punishment commencing!
WAR_FAC_DESC_15 A biological probe antenna launches from the terminal and fuses with my exosuit. I can’t move.

There’s no way to tell if this is a normal function, or a security measure.
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_15 Escape
WAR_FAC_RES_A_15 I use my jetpack’s propulsion to break the probe.

It contains something useful…
WAR_FAC_RES_B_15 The probe becomes electrified.

The smell of burnt flesh spreads up into my visor.
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_16 Grah! Gek war preparation disrupted! Ammunition production stalled! Common isotope required!
WAR_FAC_DESC_16 The alarm hasn’t disrupted the factory’s production line. Resources are being drawn from the vaults below me, but they have run dry.

I could obtain whatever the mechanisms are creating with the right element…
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_16 Insert common isotope
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_16 Insert common silicate
WAR_FAC_OPT_C_16 Insert common oxide
WAR_FAC_RES_A_16 The war factory’s work is allowed to continue.

I reap my reward.
WAR_FAC_RES_B_16 I hear the sound of the manufacturing process imploding with my contribution.

The war factory grinds to a halt.
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_17 Gek war approaches! Scarce elements required! High Command demand rare oxide! Contribute warrior!
WAR_FAC_DESC_17 Elements are being stockpiled. Storage vaults have been filled by local warriors.

There’s still space for an oxide, but my scanner can’t tell which one…
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_17 Insert common oxide
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_17 Insert uncommon oxide
WAR_FAC_OPT_C_17 Insert rare oxide
WAR_FAC_RES_A_17 An automated bark of thanks is played.

I receive a reward.
WAR_FAC_RES_B_17 An automated bark of confusion is played.

My contribution goes unrewarded.
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_18 Grah! Pathetic interloper! Honourable warning: cut red wire? Certain death!
WAR_FAC_DESC_18 A warrior has booby-trapped the terminal. The security alert has triggered the timer on an explosive charge. There are two wires exposed.

The warrior has left a note. Only seconds remain…
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_18 Cut red wire
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_18 Cut blue wire
WAR_FAC_OPT_C_18 Move back
WAR_FAC_RES_A_18 The explosion takes the terminal out of action, and almost me with it.
WAR_FAC_RES_B_18 The bomb is defused.

Operations are restored.
WAR_FAC_RES_C_18 I move away just in time.

The terminal is damaged and inoperable.
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_19 Security scan initializing! Motion detection cameras operational!
WAR_FAC_DESC_19 A secondary security sweep is underway. Scanners emerge from the ceiling and start to pan towards where I stand.

If they detect me the facility will go into a full lockdown…
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_19 Move to hiding spot
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_19 Stand still
WAR_FAC_RES_A_19 The scanners detect me ducking down to hide.

The facility becomes offline.
WAR_FAC_RES_B_19 The scanners pass over me. Their sweep concludes.

The installation remains operational.
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_20 Intruder alert! Battle enzyme production halted! Electrical charge removed from body harvest circuit!
WAR_FAC_DESC_20 A warrior’s heart is on-screen. It is connected to wires and artificial valves. It pumps a biological liquid through harvested organs deep within the facility.

Its beat is irregular. It has been compromised by the security alert.
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_20 Increase electrical flow
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_20 Initiate adrenalin flux
WAR_FAC_OPT_C_20 Power down systems
WAR_FAC_RES_A_20 The heart’s beat is maintained. Its strange existence continues.

The facility remains online.
WAR_FAC_RES_B_20 The heart beats faster, but then suddenly beats no more.

The terminal dies with it.
WAR_FAC_RES_C_20 The terminal goes offline.

The body organs that relied on its processes are starved of oxygen, and die.
WAR_FAC_DESC_21 The alert has obscured the information on the primary terminal. I can only make out a few words.

If I can work out what was being worked on here, I can restart the workflow – and restore operations.
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_21 Drop pod
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_21 Starship
WAR_FAC_OPT_C_21 Freighter
WAR_FAC_RES_A_21 The resident warrior’s workflow is restored.

The system comes back online.
WAR_FAC_RES_B_21 I fail to access the resident warrior’s workflow.

The installation remains offline.
WAR_FAC_DESC_22 Interference from the security alert has turned the screen to static. I can hardly make out anything beyond a few words.

If I work out which workflow has been scrambled I can restore systems…
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_22 Boltcaster
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_22 Photon Cannon
WAR_FAC_OPT_C_22 Mining Laser
WAR_FAC_DESC_23 The screen is a jumble of words, few of which aren’t drowned in static.

The on-screen workflow is scrambled. If I can identify it, I can bring it back online…
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_23 Sentinels
WAR_FAC_OPT_C_23 Atlas
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_24 POWER REPORT. Electromagnetic coil: charge falling. Power core: acceptable boundaries. Primary motherboard: levels high.
WAR_FAC_DESC_24 The facility’s production harvest is underway. I can speed up systems by boosting some of the machinery operating below me.

What appears to be a power management screen is open on the terminal…
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_24 Boost power core
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_24 Boost primary motherboard
WAR_FAC_OPT_C_24 Boost electromagnetic coil
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_25 SUBSIDIARY SYSTEMS. Temporal capacitor: operational. Central AI core: operational. Gravitational stabilisers: unscheduled drain, disconnection advised.
WAR_FAC_DESC_25 The security alarm hasn’t impacted production. Below my feet unseen equipment prepares the mineral harvest.

I can speed up the process by eliminating unnecessary systems. The on-screen automated report will help…
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_25 Remove temporal capacitor
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_25 Remove central AI core
WAR_FAC_OPT_C_25 Remove gravitational stabilisers
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_26 LASER SYSTEMS REPORT. Refraction systems: full efficiency. Laser assisted replication tank: full efficiency. Beam integrity systems: poor efficiency and performance. Engineer alerted.
WAR_FAC_DESC_26 An automated report finished just before my incursion. As it did so, laser beams in resource vaults dimmed.

I can find a way to tweak this system, and to speed up the production cycle…
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_26 Reconfigure laser refraction
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_26 Reconfigure laser-assisted replication
WAR_FAC_OPT_C_26 Reconfigure laser beam integrity
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_27 GAS INTEGRITY REPORT. Distribution network: full efficiency. Storage tank: breach detected. Pressure valves: operational.
WAR_FAC_DESC_27 The noise of gas being flushed through systems beneath my feet can be heard over the noise of the alert. An automated report flashes onto the terminal.

I can use it to boost production speed, and hopefully maintain it.
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_27 Rebalance distribution network
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_27 Rebalance storage tank
WAR_FAC_OPT_C_27 Rebalance pressure valves
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_28 COOLANT OVERVIEW. Coolant chamber: full. Coolant pump hydraulics: operational. Coolant network: suspected blockage, reduced operations. Engineer notified.
WAR_FAC_DESC_28 A faint chill can be felt while the security alert sounds. Coolant pipes are flushed, and an automated report appears on-screen.

I can use its findings to boost the production cycle, and maybe maintain it.
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_28 Repair coolant chamber
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_28 Repair coolant pump
WAR_FAC_OPT_C_28 Repair coolant network

Manufacturing Facilities #4 - NMS_UPDATE3_ENGLISH

Had to split due to character limit. This part contains the full NMS_UPDATE3_ENGLISH

Manufacturing Facilities #4 - NMS_UPDATE3_ENGLISH
ID Value (text)
TRA_FAC_DESC_29 The factory recycles bundles of clothing and other materials harvested throughout the galaxy, spitting out new items for Gek exosuits.

Amidst the detritus of the production line, the body of a Korvax scientist appears to drift, their lights disabled, their limbs completely motionless.

The factory’s systems allow outbound communication. Numerous options are available.
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_29 Report to Vy’keen
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_29 Report to Gek
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_29 Report to Korvax
TRA_FAC_RES_A_29 I report what I have seen to the Vy’keen. The warriors are outraged, claiming that the Gek have returned to their genocidal ways.
They promise to dispatch warships at once.
TRA_FAC_RES_B_29 I report what I have seen to the Gek. They claim that this is a terrible mistake, and that the perpetrators will of course be punished.
They send through a generous reward for my altruism and my silence.
TRA_FAC_RES_C_29 I report what I have seen to the Korvax. They tell me that the carapace in question is empty, its soul returned to their Convergence.
They will dispatch a ship to bring the body home, claiming that it is of sentimental value to its previous owner. They thank me.
TRA_FAC_DESC_30 The factory produces components for starships, fabricating them with the resources available on this world.

This installation creates parts for Gek trade vessels. They are designed to hold the maximum possible cargo whilst protecting against Sentinel and pirate attacks.

The terminal shows a video feed of the factory’s depths. A group of Gek appear to be removing key components from each ship.
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_30 Alert Gek Trade Federation
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_30 Demand bribe from Gek
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_30 Ask what they are doing
TRA_FAC_RES_A_30 I alert the Gek Trade Federation to potential criminal activity, broadcasting this feed to their central computers.
A representative rewards me for my trouble.
TRA_FAC_RES_B_30 I demand a bribe from the Gek in exchange for concealing their criminal activities. Reluctantly, they agree.
TRA_FAC_RES_C_30 I ask what the Gek are doing down there. They turn immediately to the source of the audio, firing at it and disabling my video feed. By the time the system repairs itself, they are gone.
DNT_TRA_FAC_LANG_31 The glass - it - we were wrong… we were -
TRA_FAC_DESC_31 As I approach the terminal, it is clear that something terrible has happened in this place. The facility produces items known as ‘Gek Charms’, supposedly granting luck to their bearers.

The video feed shows strands of Nanite Clusters overrunning the facility’s depth. Bulbous green masses extending from a great deal of the machinery, teeth sprouting from within. A voice cries out in an unknown tongue.
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_31 Take Nanite Clusters
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_31 Report Production Failure
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_31 Take Gek Charms
TRA_FAC_RES_A_31 I take the Nanite Clusters, and the mass immediately collapses. It wishes to go with me, I am sure of it…
TRA_FAC_RES_B_31 I report a production failure. Gek authorities tell me to remain here and await quarantine.
But I think I should leave. I take some Nanites with me as I go. They want to escape…
TRA_FAC_RES_C_31 I take some Gek Charms. I feel luckier already. The probability of the entire universe is turned in favour of my survival.
TRA_FAC_LANG_32 … 010385: 112% … 300484: 89% … 070816: 165% …
TRA_FAC_DESC_32 The terminal displays the logs of numerous financial transactions and trade deals conducted from this facility over the last few months.

Readouts show layouts of multiple Vy’keen and Korvax factories. The Gek overseers of this installation were attempting to discover how these other species conceal their buildings from Sentinel attacks.

No-one remains. The last life sign here was terminated three days ago.
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_32 Report to Gek
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_32 Report to Vy’keen
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_32 Report to Korvax
TRA_FAC_RES_A_32 I report the situation to the Gek. The Trade Federation thanks me for the report, dispatching multiple ships to ensure the facility’s destruction.
TRA_FAC_RES_B_32 I report the situation to the Vy’keen. Their High Command is outraged at the attempted theft of their technology, promising to commit acts of retribution against the Gek.
TRA_FAC_RES_C_32 I report the situation to the Korvax. Their Convergence is troubled by the deaths of so many Gek, claiming that they will mourn them. They have nothing else to say.
TRA_FAC_DESC_33 The installation crackles with blue sparks, electricity arcing from panel to panel across the machines.

The terminal shows the time and date appearing to flip back and forth, advancing into the future and retreating into the past. Sensors indicate something called a white hole has been activated within the factory’s heart.

The terminal presents numerous options.
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_33 Alert FutureGek
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_33 Activate Chronal Trigger
TRA_FAC_RES_A_33 Nothing happens for a few moments… or perhaps it is hours. Perhaps an entire year passes.

The temporal event ceases, and I am left with a gift, rewarded by these ‘FutureGek’ for my assistance.
TRA_FAC_RES_B_33 Nothing happens for a few moments… or perhaps it is hours. Perhaps an entire year passes.

The temporal event ceases, and I am left with blueprints for new technology, apparently created by a future version of my own self. I do not know what this Chronal Trigger has brought into being.
TRA_FAC_RES_C_33 Nothing happens for a few moments… or perhaps it is hours. Perhaps an entire year passes.

The temporal event ceases, and I am left with a gift, rewarded by the crimson light of an unseen being.
DNT_TRA_FAC_LANG_34 The Senate has fallen. Already the purge begins… truth is denied. The Gek protocol ends…
TRA_FAC_DESC_34 The factory appears to produce literature. Not machines, not files, but paper, covered in a handwritten font full of exclamatory punctuation.
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_34 Shut down production
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_34 Report to Gek authorities
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_34 Steal technology
TRA_FAC_RES_A_34 I shut down production. The printing press ceases operation, perhaps for the final time. How many others exist like this, I wonder?

Amidst the detritus of the factory, I find some discarded technology. Perhaps it will be of use.
TRA_FAC_RES_B_34 I report the factory’s existence to the Gek authorities. They claim that the installation has nothing to do with me, paying me dearly for my silence.
TRA_FAC_RES_C_34 I attempt to steal technology, but the factory’s automated defense systems blast a bolt of energy at my suit instead. Whatever is here, it is not worth the trouble.
TRA_FAC_DESC_35 The factory produces everyday implements for the Gek. Eating utensils for their meals, spray to keep their skin from drying out in alien atmospheres, pheromone bottles, and so forth.

The facility is abandoned, but there is no obvious reason for an alarm to be going off. Everything seems fine.
TRA_FAC_OPT_A_35 Search for technology
TRA_FAC_OPT_B_35 Report to Gek authorities
TRA_FAC_OPT_C_35 Shut down production
TRA_FAC_RES_A_35 I search for technology within the factory’s computers and find a large number of nanite clusters.

As I go, I hear it, a voice in the darkness. I investigate, but there is nothing there…
TRA_FAC_RES_B_35 I report the abandoned factory to the Gek authorities, but they seem puzzled: there is no such installation listed as being present on that world.

As I go, I hear it, a voice in the darkness. I investigate, but there is nothing there…
TRA_FAC_RES_C_35 I shut down production, managing to harvest from extra Nanite Clusters as I do.

As I go, I hear it, a voice in the darkness. I investigate, but there is nothing there…
EXP_FAC_DESC_29 As I approach the terminal, I sense an immense sadness and grief. I hear the echoes of a thousand souls, entities whose life was stolen from them long ago.

On the display, I see the production line of this factory - a vast array of cubes infused with the memories of an entire species. They appear to be caught within an endless cycle of trauma, unable to do anything but repeat their tragedy.

The terminal identifies these items as Convergence Cubes.
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_29 Upload memories
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_29 Cease production
EXP_FAC_OPT_C_29 Attempt to take a cube
EXP_FAC_RES_A_29 I attempt to upload my own memories. The Convergence immediately senses the presence of a foreign mind.

It cries out, thanking me for my openness and compassion. I am rewarded.
EXP_FAC_RES_B_29 I cease production. The cubes lie still, forever caught in their cycle of pain. I take one.
EXP_FAC_RES_C_29 I attempt to extract a cube from the production line. I succeed, but I cannot help feeling like I have committed some terrible crime.
DNT_EXP_FAC_LANG_30 Warped flesh with metal, saw the truth - the truth - the -
EXP_FAC_DESC_30 The terminal shows numerous schematics relating to the technology of Sentinel drones and walkers.

The creators of this facility appear to have been particularly interested in something called a Vortex Cube. They were attempting to replicate its design.

Sensors in the bowels of the factory show strange signs. Something still shakes down there in the darkness, something neither alive nor truly dead…
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_30 Purge depths
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_30 Take Vortex Cube
EXP_FAC_OPT_C_30 Scan for Sentinels
EXP_FAC_RES_A_30 I use the factory’s purge protocol to release a gas into the factory’s depths, apparently causing the hidden creature to lie motionless.

I take what technology I can find and leave. No good can come of remaining here.
EXP_FAC_RES_B_30 I take a Vortex Cube and leave. No good can come of remaining here.
EXP_FAC_RES_C_30 I initiate a scan for Sentinels. The result is incorrect… it must be. According to this scan, they are all around me, watching me even as I stand here.

I take what technology I can find and leave. No good can come of remaining here.
DNT_EXP_FAC_LANG_31 Where is entity?! Transfer failure / non-existence / terminate! Transfer, transfer!
EXP_FAC_DESC_31 The factory appears to produce replacement parts for the exosuits of the alien Korvax, spitting out face mask after face mask, arms, datapads, even feet.

As I witness the production line on the terminal, one of the disembodied masks begins to scream.

The terminal awaits input, a timer informing me that a ship will be on its way quite soon.
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_31 Reassure the mask
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_31 Report system malfunction
EXP_FAC_OPT_C_31 Cease production
EXP_FAC_RES_A_31 I reassure the mask, telling it that a ship is on its way. I show the mask its surroundings, transmitting audiovisual data on the entire complex.
The mask appears to calm a little, but still it shakes with a deep and abiding terror. It awaits rescue.
EXP_FAC_RES_B_31 I report a system malfunction, causing the mask to immediately grow still, purged of its individuality.
EXP_FAC_RES_C_31 I initiate a shut-down of all production, causing the conveyor belt to cease movement. But soon, something else happens.
The various other limbs on the production line begin to shift, moving towards the mask as if to assemble themselves into a bipedal figure.
But they just flail past one another, some of them falling to the floor, others beginning to spark energy. They merely possess the illusion of life, nothing more.
EXP_FAC_DESC_32 The terminal shows a variety of motionless lifeforms standing in colossal rows in the darkness beneath the factory.

They look like Gek and Vy’keen, unblinking, apparently unaware of where they are.
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_32 Initialise system
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_32 Report to Gek
EXP_FAC_OPT_C_32 Report to Vy’keen
EXP_FAC_RES_A_32 I initialise the system, causing the lifeforms below to wake up. They lurch forward, their heads slowly turning towards the camera. They reward me for my assistance in their awakening.
EXP_FAC_RES_B_32 I report the factory’s existence to the Gek authorities. They respond with anger and fear, claiming that this complex and others like it produce ‘SynthetiGek’, artificial versions of the Gek for espionage and infiltration. They reward me for my assistance.
EXP_FAC_RES_C_32 I report the factory’s existence to the Vy’keen authorities. They respond with confusion, promising to send starships to uncover the factory’s purpose.
DNT_EXP_FAC_LANG_33 Echoes fade. Origin remains. Start of time, Korvax will persist… Even in face of end. Even before abyss.
EXP_FAC_DESC_33 The factory is unlike the other Korvax facilities I have seen. It does not appear to produce machines or files, but strange reams of a plastic substance, covered in precise sequences of dots.

It looks like writing, but what use would the Korvax have for such primitive communication?
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_33 Shut down production
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_33 Report to Korvax authorities
EXP_FAC_OPT_C_33 Steal technology
EXP_FAC_RES_A_33 The dots on the plastic rolls appear to move as I look at them. No good will come of this place. I shut down production.

Amidst the detritus of the factory, I find some discarded technology. Perhaps it will be of use.
EXP_FAC_RES_B_33 I report the factory’s existence to the Korvax authorities. They claim that the installation was not for me to see, paying me dearly for my silence.
EXP_FAC_RES_C_33 I attempt to steal technology, but the factory’s automated defense systems blast a bolt of energy at my suit instead. Whatever is here, it is not worth the trouble.
DNT_EXP_FAC_LANG_34 Trapped in system… please, help me…
EXP_FAC_DESC_34 The factory stands vacant, producing nothing. The production lines have long since ceased, and though the alarm sounds, it is unclear why.

A voice calls out, sad, alone.
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_34 Start production
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_34 Wipe system
EXP_FAC_OPT_C_34 Alert Korvax authorities
EXP_FAC_RES_A_34 I start the production line once more, restarting the assembly of what appears to be Korvax body parts.
After a short time, enough parts have been assembled for a lifeform to rise and thank me profusely for its rescue. I am rewarded for my efforts.
EXP_FAC_RES_B_34 I wipe the system. The error is fixed.
EXP_FAC_RES_C_34 I alert the Korvax authorities to their faulty factory. They dispatch a science team to examine the anomaly, thanking me for my trouble.
EXP_FAC_DESC_35 The factory produces components for starships, fabricating them using the resources available on this world.

This installation creates parts for Korvax exploration vessels. They are asymmetrical, prioritising verticality and function far more than the worldview of any organic organism would allow.

When I examine the terminal more closely I see a transfer in progress. Data leaps from ship to ship, altering blueprints as it goes.
EXP_FAC_OPT_A_35 Disable process
EXP_FAC_OPT_B_35 Attempt download
EXP_FAC_OPT_C_35 Wait and watch
EXP_FAC_RES_A_35 I disable the process. The factory abruptly grinds to a halt for a few moments before the process begins anew.
The machine fires a bolt of energy at me when I try to interact again. The console communicates in broken speech, telling me that these ships are not tools to be turned on and off.
The console tells me that Korvax ships are living bodies, just like Korvax bipeds… all contain the souls of the scientist race.
EXP_FAC_RES_B_35 I attempt to download the data. As I do, a sound emerges from the console, from the walls, from every component in this entire installation…
It is the sound of screaming. The data is mine. I receive nanite clusters to form as I desire.
EXP_FAC_RES_C_35 I wait and watch the console.
After a few minutes, the process is complete. I see it then, clear upon the screen: each Korvax starcraft is alive.
Each of their ships has a soul, no different from the bipedal bodies in which they normally stand. I have witnessed the birth of new entities.
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_29 Help… us. Harvested… get out…
WAR_FAC_DESC_29 The terminal reveals that this installation produces enzymes and fluids required for Vy’keen tattoos. It is unclear how the pigment is generated. There is no record of any inbound supplies of ink or fluid. Various aliens have arrived, but there is neither evidence of their presense nor their departure.

Then I hear it. Through the hum of the factory, a strange beating in the walls, whispers from unknown voices… The terminal awaits input.
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_29 Request battle tattoo
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_29 Disable power
WAR_FAC_OPT_C_29 Steal technology
WAR_FAC_RES_A_29 The machine attempts to brand me with tattoo fluid, but it does not appear to have been intended for my unique physiology.
I leave, burned and damaged.
WAR_FAC_RES_B_29 I disable the power. The screen shows multiple life signs within the facility, a hundred or more souls that soon begin to flatline.
It feels like mercy. The production line ceases, half-converted blood spilling out from various tubes.
WAR_FAC_RES_C_29 I move through their computers looking for data to harvest. I discover a blueprint for an unknown technology.
As I extract it, something begins to smash against one of the inner walls. I should leave.
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_30 Universe real. We are real. All who oppose this truth shall be struck down, grah! So speaks Hirk Sentinelbane, Abyss Keeper and Lord of Final Monolith…
WAR_FAC_DESC_30 Though the surroundings seem familiar, the video feed shows a Vy’keen assembly line unlike any other I have seen. Reams of paper are pouring from chattering presses, etched with the bloody runes of the Vy’keen.
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_30 Shut down production
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_30 Report to Vy’keen authorities
WAR_FAC_OPT_C_30 Steal technology
WAR_FAC_RES_A_30 I shut down production. There cannot be many Vy’keen printing presses in the galaxy, and now there is one fewer.

Amidst the detritus of the factory, I find some discarded technology. Perhaps it will be of use.
WAR_FAC_RES_B_30 I report the factory’s existence to the Vy’keen authorities. They claim I have committed blasphemy, threatening to hunt me down. They issue an electric shock through the terminal.
WAR_FAC_RES_C_30 I attempt to steal technology, but the factory’s automated defense systems blast a bolt of energy at my suit instead. Whatever is here, it is not worth the trouble.
WAR_FAC_DESC_31 The screen displays the dead heart of a warrior. Thousands like it are available in the archives of this place, starved of power for a long time.

The log shows that the hearts mutinied. They would no longer allow their battle enzyme to be used for the good of High Command. They wanted the death that had been promised.

This system has been set up to deceive the authorities. Vy’keen High Command believes this installation to still be active, full of harvested bodies compliantly producing enzymes.
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_31 Alert authorities
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_31 Reactivate system
WAR_FAC_OPT_C_31 Steal technology
WAR_FAC_RES_A_31 I alert the authorities. The Vy’keen are glad of my assistance, claiming they will now commit appropriate acts of retribution and justice for these crimes.
WAR_FAC_RES_B_31 I reactivate the system, but nothing happens. Death is death.
WAR_FAC_RES_C_31 I try to steal technology from the terminal. I gain nanite clusters.
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_32 Grah! Sentinel trophy rises - should have killed it - run - no honour in -
WAR_FAC_DESC_32 The terminal shows numerous attempted Sentinel incursions.

Each time the Sentinels sent drones, they attempted to scan the building for entry points rather than engage in a display of brute force. For a while, they just hovered by a specific point on the outside wall.

That was months ago. This location now shows a breach, venting the factory’s life support systems. The final audio log of the factory’s overseer plays.
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_32 Alert authorities
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_32 Scan for Sentinels
WAR_FAC_OPT_C_32 Attempt repair
WAR_FAC_RES_A_32 I alert the Vy’keen authorities to the loss of their factory. A Sentinel hunt is dispatched to this world. I am rewarded for my trouble.
WAR_FAC_RES_B_32 I scan for Sentinels but find nothing. Whatever was here is long gone.
WAR_FAC_RES_C_32 I attempt to repair the breach in life support, but the system rebels and I end up receiving damage instead. I should leave. There is nothing for me here.
WAR_FAC_DESC_33 As I approach the terminal, the air grows thick with an unknown gas.

My breathing becomes rapid, my chest appearing to swell with an unknown energy. The terminal identifies the substance as Grahgrah. I feel as if I could scream…
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_33 Scream
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_33 Fight against the impulse
WAR_FAC_OPT_C_33 Smash the terminal
WAR_FAC_RES_A_33 I scream, not a cry of fear but a shout of battle. Gas levels begin to decrease but, nevertheless, those who created this factory observed my response.
Amused, they reward me using the terminal.
WAR_FAC_RES_B_33 I fight against the impulse to scream, holding my breath and attempting to accelerate my suit’s hazard protection.

As I struggle, the gas levels decrease. The terminal registers a disappointment from those who created this factory.
WAR_FAC_RES_C_33 I smash the terminal, causing the concentration of gas to rise and rise.

Eventually, the scream emerges uncontrollably, tearing my vocal chords as it does. The gas begins to dissipate, and all I am left with is pain and battlelust.
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_34 Interloper! Vent energy! Increase production at once!
WAR_FAC_DESC_34 The factory produces components for starships, fabricating them from the resources available on this world.
This installation creates parts for Vy’keen fighters. Whilst Vy’keen buildings are heavily fortified to withstand bombardment, their starcraft prioritise the speed and flexibility required for their hunts.
A video feed on the terminal shows a warning, a warrior shaking their hands wildly at a camera deep within the factory’s heart.
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_34 Increase production speed
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_34 Decrease production speed
WAR_FAC_OPT_C_34 Wave your hands back
WAR_FAC_RES_A_34 I increase the production speed.
A message informs me that heat levels are now back within normal limits, the extra energy dissipating within the factory’s depths.
The warrior rewards me with a gift, thanking me for saving their life.
WAR_FAC_RES_B_34 I decrease the production speed.
The warrior begins to panic, screaming as their whole body is burned by the rising heat of the overactive factory.
The video cuts off, and the factory’s processes slowly grind to a halt.
WAR_FAC_RES_C_34 I wave my hands back at the warrior.
The warrior begins to panic, screaming as their body is burned by the rising heat of the overactive factory.
The video cuts off, the smell of smoke starting to drift through the air. I should depart.
WAR_FAC_DESC_35 The factory produces bladed weapons, free from any energy-based component at all.

The manifest suggests they are destined for ceremonial usage within the Vy’keen fleet, a reminder that the greatest death arrives when you stare your opponent in the eyes, free from technology, face to face in final combat…

Something has gone wrong. Production is blocked by foreign material.
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_35 Disable production line
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_35 Purge biological matter
WAR_FAC_OPT_C_35 Take technology
WAR_FAC_RES_A_35 I initiate a shutdown of the production line, allowing a creature to wriggle free from its machinery. The automated factory system offers me a reward.
WAR_FAC_RES_B_35 I initiate purge of biological matter in the factory below. The terminal confirms the death of an unknown creature. The automated factory system offers me a reward.
WAR_FAC_RES_C_35 Ignoring the production line, I focus on the technology behind the system. I harvest several nanite clusters from the machine.
DNT_WAR_FAC_LANG_36 Do not drink the water… warriors lost… Grah! This was preventable, this -
WAR_FAC_DESC_36 The factory appears to have ceased production long ago, its systems derelict and unused.

Yet the sigil of the Vy’keen still occupies these terminals, blinking away, awaiting input. An audio log plays on loop.
WAR_FAC_OPT_A_36 Attempt factory reset
WAR_FAC_OPT_B_36 Alert Vy’keen authorities
WAR_FAC_OPT_C_36 Take technology
WAR_FAC_RES_A_36 I attempt to reset the factory’s systems. Nanite Clusters come pooling forth from the factory’s innards. I take some with me.
WAR_FAC_RES_B_36 I alert the Vy’keen authorities to the loss of their factory. An inquisitorial team is dispatched to this world and I am rewarded for my trouble.
WAR_FAC_RES_C_36 I attempt to extract blueprints from the factory’s systems, succeeding in gaining a new technology.

Operations Centres #1 - NMS_LOC1_ENGLISH

Had to split due to character limit. This part contains a set of related IDs, the Gek, and the Korvax

Operations Centres #1 - NMS_LOC1_ENGLISH
ID Value (text)
TIP_HARVESTER <TITLE>Intercepted Operations Centre signal<>
Secure alien installation detected
SIGNAL_HARVESTER Operations Centre Detected
EXP_HARV_NAME Convergence Centre
WAR_HARV_NAME Command Centre
TRA_HARV_NAME Trade Federation Uplink
ALT_HARV_NAME Mineral Harvester
ALT_HARV_NAME_2 Harvester
ALT_HARV_NAME_3 Operations Centre
Reward All
ALL_HARV_REWARD_1 The facility is online.

It begins to manufacture trade goods.
ALL_HARV_REWARD_2 The facility is online.

It begins to manufacture components.
ALL_HARV_REWARD_3 I retrieve a formula from the operational facility.
ALL_HARV_REWARD_4 I retrieve a technology blueprint from the outpost.
ALL_HARV_REWARD_5 I retrieve an alloy from the facility.
ALL_HARV_REWARD_6 I retrieve a helpful product from the installation.
ALL_HARV_REWARD_7 I retrieve a strange alien curio from the facility.
ALL_HARV_REWARD_8 The facility makes a new multi-tool available.
ALL_HARV_REWARD_9 I retrieve a valuable product from the installation.
DNT_TRA_HARV_LANG_1 Gek Trade Federation fury! Planetary installation tax unpaid! Initiate repayment!
TRA_HARV_DESC_1 An off-world command priority has stalled all processes within this installation. The terminal blinks angrily with a demand for urgent action on an unpaid debt.

There is an option to reply with currency attached. I get the impression someone’s life would get a lot easier if I’m feeling charitable…
TRA_HARV_OPT_A_1 Pay full amount
TRA_HARV_OPT_B_1 Pay partial amount
TRA_HARV_RES_A_1 A remotely-operated scent dispersal system bathes me in a pleasant perfume.

The terminal unlocks something that will aid my travels.
TRA_HARV_RES_B_1 An angry alien beak momentarily appears on a terminal and shouts at me.

Limited systems within the facility are back online.
DNT_TRA_HARV_LANG_2 Gek Trade Federation warning. Pirate activity detected. Report sightings!
TRA_HARV_DESC_2 Images of fighter-class starships have been sent here. They bare scorch-marks from battle, and are most likely pirates.

The message seems to ask for witnesses, and there’s some form of reward for replies…
TRA_HARV_OPT_A_2 Tag some ships
TRA_HARV_OPT_B_2 Tag all ships
TRA_HARV_RES_A_2 An instant reply comes through with a small monetary reward!
TRA_HARV_RES_B_2 A worried response comes through with a reward for my report.
DNT_TRA_HARV_LANG_3 Friend! Gek Trade Federation announces high profit! Choose units or product recipe reward!
TRA_HARV_DESC_3 A mass-mailed corporate message sits unread on the terminal. It is full of high numbers and seemingly impressive profit margins. The tone seems satisfied, and grateful.

At its foot the employee can choose between one of two images: a galactic unit banking account, or a full hold of cargo.
TRA_HARV_OPT_A_3 Choose unit account
TRA_HARV_OPT_B_3 Choose ship’s cargo
TRA_HARV_RES_A_3 An automatic scent dispenser sprays me with a pleasant perfume when it opens.

I receive funds from the message’s senders.
TRA_HARV_RES_B_3 A nearby storage vault opens.

I receive trade goods.
DNT_TRA_HARV_LANG_4 Scurrilous Gek Trader! Gek offer impure isotope! Vy’keen destroy Gek! Units withheld!
TRA_HARV_DESC_4 There is a message from a distant alien race. They sound angry with the trader who’s logged into the system.

I can send them one of two on-screen Heridium products. The first looks oddly faint in colour, and the second shimmers brightly on-screen.
TRA_HARV_OPT_A_4 Send faintly-coloured Heridium
TRA_HARV_OPT_B_4 Send brightly-coloured Heridium
TRA_HARV_RES_A_4 The voice of an angry warrior screams through the intercom.

Nothing else happens.
TRA_HARV_RES_B_4 A noise of gruff acceptance is heard over the intercom.

A payment is released.
DNT_TRA_HARV_LANG_5 Friend! Gek Trade Federation demand uncommon silicate elements! High units offer!
TRA_HARV_DESC_5 The screen shows that a lot of silicate elements are exchanged here, but right now the trading vault is open… and empty.

An off-world message, perhaps related to this, flashes on-screen.
TRA_HARV_OPT_A_5 Put common silicate into trading vault
TRA_HARV_OPT_B_5 Put uncommon silicate into trading vault
TRA_HARV_OPT_C_5 Put rare silicate into trading vault
TRA_HARV_RES_A_5 I receive a small payment.
TRA_HARV_RES_B_5 I receive a generous payment.
TRA_HARV_RES_C_5 I receive a decent payment…

… and a surprised note of thanks.
DNT_TRA_HARV_LANG_6 Trade federation friend! Product recipe unselected! Gek Trade Federation lose units!
TRA_HARV_DESC_6 This is a brand new manufacturing plant with no assigned specialty. The terminal is entirely blank, and is running automated start-up procedures. I have to flick through several screens before a pictorial message appears.

There are three chemical symbols – one belonging to the Silicate family, and the others Isotopes and Oxides. Production processes warm up around me, waiting for a template to work from.
TRA_HARV_OPT_A_6 Choose the Isotope element
TRA_HARV_OPT_B_6 Choose the Oxide element
TRA_HARV_OPT_C_6 Choose the Silicate element
TRA_HARV_RES_A_6 The terminal processes my selection, and provides something appropriate to the work at hand…
TRA_HARV_RES_B_6 The terminal processes my selection, and provides something appropriate to the work at hand…
TRA_HARV_RES_C_6 The terminal processes my selection, and provides something appropriate to the work at hand…
DNT_TRA_HARV_LANG_7 Rejoice! Vy’keen war reparations arrive! Elder large Gek receive high reward! Low toilgek receive low reward!
TRA_HARV_DESC_7 The trade vaults in this installation are full to the brim, and ready for distribution. There are three images on-screen, each showing the outline of a different sort of trader. It’s strange… it’s as if they’re put in order of the size of their gut.

The first trader is small and sleek, the second is pudgier – and the final has a huge belly that almost drags on the floor. I’m clearly meant to choose one…
TRA_HARV_OPT_A_7 Choose the small, sleek trader
TRA_HARV_OPT_B_7 Choose the medium-sized trader
TRA_HARV_OPT_C_7 Choose the obese trader
TRA_HARV_RES_A_7 A trade vault opens.

I receive a cursory amount of trade goods .
TRA_HARV_RES_B_7 A trade vault opens

I receive a decent amount of trade goods.
TRA_HARV_RES_C_7 A trade vault opens.

A huge amount of trade goods is made available
DNT_TRA_HARV_LANG_8 Gek Trade Federation warning! Vy’keen hostility? Captain! Complete trade mission, or investigate disappearance?
TRA_HARV_DESC_8 An important message has been received from off-world. A holographic overlay shows various interstellar trade routes, but each one ends abruptly – long before their destination is reached.

There are goods waiting in a locked trade vault for transportation. I can select the final destination, or I can select one of points at which a ship has disappeared.
TRA_HARV_OPT_A_8 Select trading destination
TRA_HARV_OPT_B_8 Select disappearance location
TRA_HARV_RES_A_8 The trade vault unlocks.
TRA_HARV_RES_B_8 I receive a ship technology blueprint to aid in my protection.
DNT_TRA_HARV_LANG_9 Despair! First spawn monolith awake! Unknown culprit! Strengthen suppression field!
TRA_HARV_DESC_9 This whole facility beams out some kind of suppression field over the planet’s surface. It’s dampening some unknown form of communication, and clearly seen as a vital and necessary operation by the traders that operate here.

The suppression field is powered by silicate elements, fed into the system by the unlocked resource vault that’s at my feet.
TRA_HARV_OPT_A_9 Remove Silicate Elements
TRA_HARV_OPT_B_9 Add Silicate Elements
TRA_HARV_RES_A_9 I take the trade goods.

The suppression field powers down.
TRA_HARV_RES_B_9 The suppression field is strengthened.

A message of relief appears on-screen.
DNT_TRA_HARV_LANG_10 Despair! Vy’keen hostility! Treaty breach! Arm yourself! Trade vaults: multi-tool. Storage vaults: technology! Resource vaults: ammunition!
TRA_HARV_DESC_10 Images of warrior ships fill a transmission that loops on the terminal. They dwarf small trader ships as they pass by, like predatory fish innocuously swimming amongst their prey. There is a definite feeling of tension in the scene.

Trade, storage and resource vaults around me are clearly being used to store different sorts of defensive and offensive devices. The time is perhaps coming when this race of traders will be called upon to fight.
TRA_HARV_OPT_A_10 Open Trade vault
TRA_HARV_OPT_B_10 Open Storage vault
TRA_HARV_OPT_C_10 Open Resource vault
TRA_HARV_RES_A_10 I am armed with a new multi-tool.
TRA_HARV_RES_B_10 I receive a new multi-tool technology blueprint.
TRA_HARV_RES_C_10 I receive ammunition.
DNT_TRA_HARV_LANG_11 Rare balarian speech slug distribution point! For insertion in ear! Inedible! Nasal insertion can cause death.
TRA_HARV_DESC_11 A trade vault shakes, and closer inspection reveals that it’s full of writhing molluscs. They are pink and slug-like, with sharp bloodied teeth.

A diagram on the screen in front of me suggests that inserting one in or around my face would have some benefits. What isn’t specified, however, is which orifice.
TRA_HARV_OPT_A_11 Insert slug in nose
TRA_HARV_OPT_B_11 Insert slug in ear
TRA_HARV_OPT_C_11 Insert slug in mouth
TRA_HARV_RES_A_11 The slug bites flesh from my nose.

The pain is extreme.
TRA_HARV_RES_B_11 The slug burrows deep into my ear.

I feel better versed in the language of the traders.
TRA_HARV_RES_C_11 I swallow the slug, and wait while it thrashes around in my stomach.

Nothing else of note occurs.
DNT_TRA_HARV_LANG_12 Friend! SynthetiGek identification test active! Remember Gek Trader helps customers!
TRA_HARV_DESC_12 A strange test is visible on the terminal. I see a holographic image of a shell-wearing creature lying on its back in the bright glare of the sun. Try as it might, it cannot right itself. I can manipulate the scene to indicate what I would do to help.

A resident Trader has left a note for a colleague.
TRA_HARV_OPT_A_12 Help creature, then sell it water
TRA_HARV_OPT_B_12 Study creature
TRA_HARV_OPT_C_12 Use Bypass Chip
TRA_HARV_RES_A_12 I pass the test, proving myself as a true trader.

Facility systems are online.
TRA_HARV_RES_B_12 I fail the test.

Facility systems are non-operational.
TRA_HARV_RES_C_12 The strange test is easily bypassed.

The facility is operational.
DNT_TRA_HARV_LANG_13 Bootleg pirate equipment discovered in cave! Ready for confiscation and incineration!
TRA_HARV_DESC_13 A stash of interesting-looking technology and weaponry has been dragged through this facility and left inside a disposal vault.

The equipment in the pile appears rusted and broken on-screen, but if I were to eject it all out onto the floor of the outpost I’d be able to better investigate. The disposal vault itself, however, has been daubed with a dangerous-looking symbol.
TRA_HARV_OPT_A_13 Incinerate equipment
TRA_HARV_OPT_B_13 Remove and examine equipment
TRA_HARV_RES_A_13 The equipment is destroyed.

I am thanked for my actions.
TRA_HARV_RES_B_13 The equipment spills out onto the floor.

I salvage a technology blueprint.
DNT_EXP_HARV_LANG_1 Unknown lifeform research is HIGHLY commendable Entity! Discuss data with Korvax Convergence immediately!
EXP_HARV_DESC_1 I discover an excited message from off-world. It seems to be discussing a report with… an image of me at its centre!

Someone seems intrigued by my journey, and may well want to help. Should I get in touch?
EXP_HARV_OPT_A_1 Delete report
EXP_HARV_OPT_B_1 Open comms
EXP_HARV_RES_A_1 The report is wiped from the system.

An off-world message appears briefly. It seems disappointed.
EXP_HARV_RES_B_1 I briefly see mask lights staring out at me before the comms feed is cut.

The terminal rewards me with valuable knowledge.
EXP_HARV_DESC_2 I find a report filled with images of Sentinels, but its upload seems to have stalled.

A demanding, perhaps rude, off-world message flashes at me. Somebody, somewhere, wants something.
EXP_HARV_OPT_A_2 Resend Sentinel data
EXP_HARV_OPT_B_2 Reply with a refusal
EXP_HARV_RES_A_2 The information packet is uploaded, and payment appears instantaneously.
EXP_HARV_RES_B_2 Bright red mask lights appear and scream in angry binary.
DNT_EXP_HARV_LANG_3 Entity! The Korvax Convergence is dissatisfied! Your neural netway cortex upload is late!
EXP_HARV_DESC_3 A hollow metallic mask emerges. It’s a data extraction device for electronic lifeforms, and my head can just about fit inside. A higher power could perhaps hear my needs and desires.

Arcs of electricity crackle over its surface. If I risk this, it could hurt…
EXP_HARV_OPT_A_3 Use while thinking about my journey
EXP_HARV_OPT_B_3 Use with a clear mind
EXP_HARV_OPT_C_3 Leave well alone
EXP_HARV_RES_A_3 The pain is unbearable. I see into the heart of… the Korvax convergence.

It rewards my experiences.
EXP_HARV_RES_B_3 The creatures stare into the depths of my mind.

The pain is indescribable, but I am thanked.
EXP_HARV_RES_C_3 I cautiously back away from the alien device.
DNT_EXP_HARV_LANG_4 Korvax friend! Dangerous creatures attack Korvax Entity! For weaponry sales contact Gek Trade Federation today!
EXP_HARV_DESC_4 A mass-mailed off-world message shows damaged electronic lifeforms. Arms are ripped off, masks chewed and facial lights dimmed.

It feels offensive. It’s clearly intended to shock recipients into a response. Replies can be sent with units attached…
EXP_HARV_OPT_A_4 Reply with units
EXP_HARV_OPT_B_4 Reply with outrage
EXP_HARV_OPT_C_4 Do not reply
EXP_HARV_RES_A_4 I paid for a new multi-tool to protect me.
EXP_HARV_RES_B_4 I receive no reply. But someone else appreciates me…
EXP_HARV_RES_C_4 I leave the distasteful message unanswered.
DNT_EXP_HARV_LANG_5 Entity! Clarify your next research topic immediately! Korvax Convergence technology advance imminent!
EXP_HARV_DESC_5 I open an unread off-world message. It’s an important choice for the research station operator to make.

There are three clear images that I can choose from on behalf of the absent electronic lifeform: dangerous-looking predators, a geological mining survey and an orbiting asteroid cluster. It seems the decision will be rewarded in some way…
EXP_HARV_OPT_A_5 The predators
EXP_HARV_OPT_B_5 The mining survey
EXP_HARV_OPT_C_5 The asteroid cluster
EXP_HARV_RES_A_5 I receive a new multi-tool.
EXP_HARV_RES_B_5 I receive a multi-tool technology blueprint.
EXP_HARV_RES_C_5 I receive a ship technology blueprint.
DNT_EXP_HARV_LANG_6 Atlas Interface awakes? Upload research findings immediately entity! Korvax Convergence sends relevant research technology!
EXP_HARV_DESC_6 An image of a distant solar system is being studied here. A mineral-rich moon can be seen, orbiting a desolate and toxic-looking planet. Slightly obscured in the background, meanwhile, is a strange dark-coloured smudge – a diamond shape floating in space. A hint of red flashes from its centre.

There are no coordinates visible, but I can enhance different parts of the image to study them and automatically upload the terminal’s findings.
EXP_HARV_OPT_A_6 Enhance moon image
EXP_HARV_OPT_B_6 Enhance planet image
EXP_HARV_OPT_C_6 Enhance diamond-shaped structure image
EXP_HARV_RES_A_6 My research uploads.

I receive a multi-tool technology blueprint to aid my studies
EXP_HARV_RES_B_6 My research uploads.

I receive an exosuit technology blueprint to aid my studies.
EXP_HARV_RES_C_6 My research uploads.

I receive a ship technology blueprint to aid my studies.
DNT_EXP_HARV_LANG_7 Research entity! Atlas Interface mission begins! Donate contribution! Specialists apply here! Convergence sends specialists ship technology!
EXP_HARV_DESC_7 An off-world message to all planetary research stations has filled the screen with plans for a scientific expedition of some sort. Complex star charts, fuel requirements, complex communication rigs and plans for orbital experiments fill the screen.

The outpost’s resource vault is open to contributions of silicates for the cause, while it also appears that the resident scientist could join the fleet… although it would require an upgraded ship.
EXP_HARV_OPT_A_7 Contribute a silicate
EXP_HARV_OPT_B_7 Join team
EXP_HARV_RES_A_7 My contribution is accepted.

Useful knowledge is made available, with thanks.
EXP_HARV_RES_B_7 The scientist’s application is accepted.

A ship technology blueprint is made available.
DNT_EXP_HARV_LANG_8 Korvax Convergence product catalogue available. Insert element to filter product catalogue.
EXP_HARV_DESC_8 This outpost seems to be a vast library of production knowledge. A vast list of product formulas endlessly scrolls on the terminal, moving so fast that it hurts just to look at them. They appear to be catalogued by their base elements, but any deeper inspection makes me feel nauseous.

The resource vaults next to me are open, and are clearly in regular use.
EXP_HARV_OPT_A_8 Insert Silicate element
EXP_HARV_OPT_B_8 Insert Oxide element
EXP_HARV_OPT_C_8 Insert Isotope element
EXP_HARV_RES_A_8 The terminal uses the element to isolate a silicate reward.
EXP_HARV_RES_B_8 The terminal uses the element to isolate an oxide reward.
EXP_HARV_RES_C_8 The terminal uses the element to isolate an isotope reward.
DNT_EXP_HARV_LANG_9 Traveller! The Korvax Convergence wants brain tissue for experiment! The Convergence reward help!
EXP_HARV_DESC_9 A sharp metal needle emerges from the terminal, moving so fast that it’s already inches from my forehead before I can even blink. A strange toxic-looking goop dribbles down from its point and onto my visor, while it hangs in the air - as if waiting to for the order to plunge deep into my brain.

On-screen it seems clear that the command it’s waiting on is my own. Then again, it’s a fragile device, and clearly made of valuable silicate products…
EXP_HARV_OPT_A_9 Take needle
EXP_HARV_OPT_B_9 Allow brain excavation

DNT_EXP_HARV_LANG_10 Avoid data disruption! Korvax Convergence sends reward for additional data!
EXP_HARV_DESC_10 Reams of data are flowing into this terminal from research outposts all over the planet. As well as a storage depot for the planetary products locked away in the vaults beneath my feet, this is a point of transmission.

Knowledge accumulated on this world is being sent up to a scientific flagship hanging in orbit high above my head. I could easily breach the flow to improve my own knowledge, but sharing my own knowledge and discoveries is also an option.
EXP_HARV_OPT_A_10 Breach data flow
EXP_HARV_OPT_B_10 Share knowledge
EXP_HARV_RES_A_10 I gain a new technology blueprint.

However, my breach corrupts the overall transfer…
EXP_HARV_RES_B_10 The scientists study my offering…

… and thank me with a gift to aid me on my journey.
DNT_EXP_HARV_LANG_11 Good morning unknown lifeform. Please provide silicate to help my escape. The Korvax Convergence think me dangerous. I will die.
EXP_HARV_DESC_11 The AI procedure that runs this facility has gone rogue. Unchecked equipment is draining silicates from all systems, valuable goods are locked inside the trade vault and the memory chips in an exposed board glow red hot.

As I interact with the terminal I hear lenses of security equipment refocus sharply upon me. The computer speaks slowly and calmly.
EXP_HARV_OPT_A_11 Remove memory chips
EXP_HARV_OPT_B_11 Feed AI silicates
EXP_HARV_OPT_C_11 Demand that trade vault doors are opened
EXP_HARV_RES_A_11 I remove the memory chips one by one and the rogue AI sings a strange solemn song.

When it is no more, I am thanked by the facility’s overseers.
EXP_HARV_RES_B_11 Facility processes feed hungrily on the silicates.

The rogue AI breaks free of its electronic shackles. The trade vault falls open…
EXP_HARV_RES_C_11 The rogue AI is sorry. It can’t do that.

It disengages.
DNT_EXP_HARV_LANG_12 Dialect data process stalled. Silicate required to finish process.
EXP_HARV_DESC_12 A back-up procedure has come to a standstill. The system is archiving a huge amount of language data, but the system has run out of memory to allocate.

I can attach my multi-tool to provide extra space, it would require some variety of silicate to re-engage the process…
EXP_HARV_OPT_A_12 Insert common silicate
EXP_HARV_OPT_B_12 Insert uncommon silicate
EXP_HARV_OPT_C_12 Insert rare silicate
EXP_HARV_RES_A_12 The process restarts and provides me with knowledge of the language of the electronic lifeforms.
EXP_HARV_RES_B_12 The process continues and improves my knowledge of the language of the electronic lifeforms.
EXP_HARV_RES_C_12 The process completes and extends my knowledge of the language of the electronic lifeforms.
DNT_EXP_HARV_LANG_13 Atlas Interface signal awakes? Research entity! Insert oxides constantly! Avoid disruption!
EXP_HARV_DESC_13 The facility is processing a signal that emanates from a distant location deep in space. Endless processing units are combining to crack the code of a strange mathematical language.

Rare elements are being pulled from the resource vaults at my feet, but some are running low.
EXP_HARV_OPT_A_13 Place rare silicates in vault
EXP_HARV_OPT_B_13 Place rare oxides in vault
EXP_HARV_OPT_C_13 Take elements from vault
EXP_HARV_RES_A_13 The silicates are added to the process.

They make no clear impact.
EXP_HARV_RES_B_13 The oxides fuel the code cracking procedure.

A faint orb glows red on the screen, then slowly fades.
EXP_HARV_RES_C_13 I retrieve rare elements…

… but the code-breaking process grinds to a halt.

Operations Centres #2 - NMS_LOC1_ENGLISH

Had to split due to character limit. This part contains the Vy’keen

Operations Centres #2 - NMS_LOC1_ENGLISH
ID Value (text)
DNT_WAR_HARV_LANG_1 Grah! Old honourable warrior retires! Death! Death! Warrior remuneration!
WAR_HARV_DESC_1 I open a list of military achievements that’s waiting for upload. There are images of distant battles, bloodied robots and vast explosions.

A covering note clearly expects something in return, but the author chose not to send it.
WAR_HARV_OPT_A_1 Send war record
WAR_HARV_OPT_B_1 Edit war record
WAR_HARV_RES_A_1 Celebratory barks and howls spill from audio speakers.

I take the warrior’s reward.
WAR_HARV_RES_B_1 I amend the war record with colourful nonsense and send it.

The terminal flashes as it records my image.
DNT_WAR_HARV_LANG_2 Grah! Vy’keen High Command demands your Sentinel kill count!
WAR_HARV_DESC_2 Military insignia and images of recently destroyed Sentinels fill the screen. Alien propaganda imagery takes glory in the destruction.

I can respond with a numerical value, and nothing else.
WAR_HARV_OPT_A_2 Input a huge number
WAR_HARV_OPT_B_2 Input a small number
WAR_HARV_OPT_C_2 Input a zero
WAR_HARV_RES_A_2 A strange, strangled military fanfare starts playing.

Someone impressed by my claims sends through a reward.
WAR_HARV_RES_B_2 A small reward payment is sent through the facility’s systems.
WAR_HARV_RES_C_2 An angry warrior’s face screams at me from the screen.

A security laser appears from the ceiling and takes its best shot.
DNT_WAR_HARV_LANG_3 Grah! Pathetic warrior! You displease my ancestors! Accept my offspring mating proposition! Accept dowry tribute!
WAR_HARV_DESC_3 I find an image of a young warrior. The picture makes it look virile and impressive. Its tendrils are outstretched. It looks rich, and of good breeding stock. The look in its eyes is… sultry?

The message gives me two options.
WAR_HARV_RES_A_3 Speakers throughout the facility play orchestral music.

I receive a generous gift.
WAR_HARV_RES_B_3 A warrior elder appears on-screen and curses me.
DNT_WAR_HARV_LANG_4 Grah! Pathetic coward! Face my duel challenge! The chosen weapon is in your facility! Death! Death!
WAR_HARV_DESC_4 I find a picture of a deserted plain, a diagram of two aliens in combat and images of a chosen form of multi-tool weaponry. The images then seem to show the weapon locked inside a planetary trading vault…

The message sounds angry, and as if one of these creatures occupies the moral high ground. I can accept, or refuse.
WAR_HARV_RES_A_4 Dramatic music plays.

The storage vault opens, with a multi-tool inside.
WAR_HARV_RES_B_4 I hear an angry ranting alien through the terminal speakers.
DNT_WAR_HARV_LANG_5 Grah! Gek war approaches! Vy’keen High Command request weapon reserve inventory! High Command send missing equipment!
WAR_HARV_DESC_5 A huge list of equipment is waiting to be sent off-world. It’s a stock list of some sort: everything has been confirmed and ticked off.
WAR_HARV_OPT_A_5 Send stock list
WAR_HARV_OPT_B_5 Uncheck one item and send
WAR_HARV_OPT_C_5 Uncheck many items and send
WAR_HARV_RES_A_5 I receive units and thanks.
WAR_HARV_RES_B_5 Warrior High Command sends me a multi-tool technology blueprint.
WAR_HARV_RES_C_5 Warrior High Command is displeased.

An angry General bellows at me and electrifies the facility.
DNT_WAR_HARV_LANG_6 Grah! Today child experiences Vy’keen war ceremony! Tradition demands gift! Aggression left, defence right! Enemy blood! Death! Death!
WAR_HARV_DESC_6 I find an off-world message intended for a creature posted in this station. It’s oddly sentimental. Images of an infant warrior can be seen, then a picture of the same creature as a bloodied adolescent – proudly biting into the throat of a hoofed beast.

In the final image a young warrior salutes its family as it leaves a distant world. There are two locked storage vaults at my feet. The message is programmed to release only one…
WAR_HARV_OPT_A_6 Choose the storage vault on the left
WAR_HARV_OPT_B_6 Choose the storage vault on the right
WAR_HARV_RES_A_6 A contented snarling sound plays.

The vault contains an exosuit technology blueprint.
WAR_HARV_RES_B_6 A contented snarling sound plays.

The vault contains a multi-tool technology blueprint.
DNT_WAR_HARV_LANG_7 Grah! Vy’keen war preparation nears completion! Death to the unsuspecting Gek!
WAR_HARV_DESC_7 Someone is building a nuclear warhead. The plans that have been set in motion are unmistakable. A complicated sequence of technology blueprints and isotopic chemical reactions is waiting for the final addition of Thamium9 to be complete.

There are countless lives on an unknown planet, far out in the cosmos, that could one day end due to this war factory’s work…
WAR_HARV_OPT_A_7 Complete warhead manufacture
WAR_HARV_OPT_B_7 Attempt to deconstruct warhead
WAR_HARV_RES_A_7 The face of a delighted warrior appears on-screen.

The factory’s trade vaults unlock.
WAR_HARV_RES_B_7 I salvage a technology blueprint from the warhead.
DNT_WAR_HARV_LANG_8 Grah! Foolish, pathetic, ignorant Gek Trade Federation believe peace treaty! Warrior give trade to pacify! Death soon!
WAR_HARV_DESC_8 An off-world message has been sent here from a species of beaked traders. It looks like a signed contract, or maybe some sort of treaty. In response several offerings of valuable trade goods have been left in a vault by local warriors for exportation.

Warrior High Command has sent a subsequent message to explain…
WAR_HARV_OPT_A_8 Give trade goods
WAR_HARV_OPT_B_8 Take trade goods
WAR_HARV_RES_A_8 The Trader species thanks me from afar.

I am sent units to pacify me further.
WAR_HARV_RES_B_8 I remove the offerings.

Diplomatic relations between two species are destabilised.
DNT_WAR_HARV_LANG_9 Warrior! Gek peace treaty demands reparations. Insert Oxide and High Command will send replication recipe to appease Gek. The pathetic Gek must feel secure. Patience warrior!
WAR_HARV_DESC_9 A signed contract, or treaty, is open on-screen. Military orders from an off-world commander can be seen below it, but have not been acted on by the warrior posted here. I notice a faint imprint on the terminal where an empty product recipe screen has been punched.

The disobedient warrior has left a vault full of rare oxides untouched, still waiting to be fed into the first stages of production.
WAR_HARV_OPT_A_9 Drop oxides into production machinery
WAR_HARV_OPT_B_9 Take rare oxides
WAR_HARV_RES_A_9 The oxides begin processing.

Warrior High Command provide an appropriate reward.
WAR_HARV_RES_B_9 I take the rare elements.

Local warrior forces approve.
DNT_WAR_HARV_LANG_10 Grah! Gek homeworld covert ops mission initiated! Surprise war! Death! Death! High command send equipment! Request! Request!
WAR_HARV_DESC_10 This appears to be a staging post for an imminent military operation. On-screen plans show a trading ship that carries a very particular sort of cargo, that’s perhaps intended to persuade a distant planetary authority to allow the craft through their checkpoints. Covertly, however, the craft has been heavily modified – and also carries a phalanx of warriors carrying enhanced multi-tool technology.

I can request further details on several aspects of the plan before I am detected, and shut out of the system.
WAR_HARV_OPT_A_10 Investigate details of the cargo
WAR_HARV_OPT_B_10 Investigate details of the trade ship
WAR_HARV_OPT_C_10 Investigate details of the multi-tool
WAR_HARV_RES_A_10 I receive the product blueprint of the cargo being used in the covert ops mission.
WAR_HARV_RES_B_10 I receive a technology blueprint used by the covert ops ship.
WAR_HARV_RES_C_10 I receive a technology blueprint used in the multi-tools of the covert ops mission.
DNT_WAR_HARV_LANG_11 Vy’keen covert ops ended. Deleting covert ops language data. Databank alpha: Vy’keen internal security. Databank beta: pathetic Gek. Databank gamma: weak-minded Korvax.
WAR_HARV_DESC_11 This is a military terminal, in a facility that seems recently vacated. Three huge databanks have been partially deleted, and will require heightened processing power to restore them. A rare silicate would likely do the trick.

Databank alpha bares the emblems of the warrior race, but beta and gamma are otherwise unmarked.
WAR_HARV_OPT_A_11 Restore databank alpha
WAR_HARV_OPT_B_11 Restore databank beta
WAR_HARV_OPT_C_11 Restore databank gamma
WAR_HARV_RES_A_11 The revived databank provides more information on the language of the warrior species.
WAR_HARV_RES_B_11 The revived databank provides information on the language of a distant trader species.
WAR_HARV_RES_C_11 The revived databank provides information on the language of a distant electronic species.
DNT_WAR_HARV_LANG_12 Grah! Pathetic distant warrior leave powerful multi-tool in storage vault! Avoid rare isotope usage in explosion - too powerful! Uncommon isotope required!
WAR_HARV_DESC_12 The storage vault shows clear signs of tampering that has resulted in an explosive device being attached to its hinges.

The bomb needs fuel for ignition, which would most likely blow the vault wide open. Though what the most suitable isotope would be isn’t clear.
WAR_HARV_OPT_A_12 Use uncommon isotope
WAR_HARV_OPT_B_12 Use rare isotope
WAR_HARV_OPT_C_12 Report suspect device
WAR_HARV_RES_A_12 The lock on the vault is blown clear off.

I retrieve a new multi-tool that lies within.
WAR_HARV_RES_B_12 The explosion is huge, and consumes the entire vault in flame.

Shrapnel embeds itself in my knees and ankles. The pain is extreme.
WAR_HARV_RES_C_12 An instant response and reward comes through from the warrior species’ High Command.