NMS Awards

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The award nomination is still within 2022 and not specific to Waypoint update.

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Nominated for Best Game Community. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We don’t need an award to tell us what an amazing bunch you all are, but it’s cool that you all get the recognition.


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Nominations for Steam Awards 2022

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50% off on Steam in the Autumn Sale.

And maybe pop a cross in our box for the Steam Awards 2022 while you’re there :pray:


No Man’s Sky get nominated for Labor of Love every year (which is an achievement in itself!) but it never wins… :pleading_face:

I’ll be voting for Space Engineers this time round — even though that’s even more hopeless because SE sold only half as many copies as NMS.

Which makes me think… Steam don’t reveal how they rank the nominees, do they? Do you think they interpret the voting as it fits their goals (sales)? Are they just happy to remind gamers of NMS’s ongoing existence by listing it as nominee every year, and then they award some hip other game instead which will only get this one shot?

I would think, some lowly indie game that manages to attract “x thousand votes” is better as some big AAA game that gets “only x thousand votes even after an expensive marketing campaign”. Do Steam take such differences into account, or we simply don’t know? (And NMS doesn’t even fit these categories, it’s kinda a big small indie game.) I’m rambling :wink:


I have no idea how Steam operates but, there can’t be too many games with millions of players and full support still going after 6 years.