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Monumental “Looking through”


Through the window of my newly restored legacy base. This Traveller is finally safe and sound.

It would seem nature has reclaimed it a little in my absence :blush:


Here’s part of it. The window didn’t wish to cooperate.

Here’s all of it.


This planet looked pretty but ended up having the most vicious weather and snappies ever.



Ever wonder what’s behind a base merchant?


Hope another one is okay.


Looking out


[May I humbly suggest a name change to “NEXT Looking Out Pics.” Some, myself included, are uploading photos that are “looking out” but not strictly through a window, but rather through a hole, through a viewscreen, through a portal, through a doorway, etc.]

And … in that regard … through a doorway:

The planet is has a washed-out desert brown look but was filled with hoppers (and snaprz) and some crystals.


And some pics are also looking in…Let’s give it a think and see what we come up with. Through the Looking Glass? Through the Opening? I don’t know…:rofl:
Peeping Tom?


NEXT Looking In & Out
or maybe just
NEXT “Looking Thru” Pics


What’s on the other side?




The Inside…

And the Outside…


Anomaly Throught the Window !


Linshells original topic was called through the window but the name is not to be taken literal, the window doesn’t have to be a window and not necessarily through it either.

Id prefer we keep the name as is to honor Linshells original thread, hope she’s better soon to play NEXT with everyone :slight_smile:


Agreed. The name is simply suggestive of ‘framed’ imagery.