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there be Spoilers here

Ho fellow travellers, interlopers, foul spawn and meatbags alike.

If there’s one thing I love about NMS, it’s the lore. It paints a beautiful vague picture of a universe, a rich tapestry to use as a backdrop to your own Sci fi adventure story.

With the arrival of NEXT, I’ve heard there is new Lore and some changes. I thought we could use a nice place to discuss our findings.

What’s changed, what’s new and what’s missing? Have you noticed anything personally or have you heard something through the redditvine?

I’m on a bugged out legacy save so right now I’m not getting the new lore introduced via base archives, and I’m keeping my new save on ice until my progression bug is fixed.

From what I played of the newly revised awakenings quest, there were some slight dialogue changes, but once I hit the anomaly my progression haulted.

Feel free to share any documentation you may have come across, transcript comparisons of pre and post next dialogues etc, that sort of thing. Hoping to find some and share myself soon.

For those new and old to NMS but would love to read the lore and transcripts while away from the game or learn some history on a commute or a slow lunch, devilinpixy has done a great job or archiving it here


Here is the lore from the base archives

  • #1:
    We sought an escape from reality. That’s why we’re all here, isn’t it?

  • I can remember what it was like, to be a Traveller. To have that hope, that intolerable thirst for the new…

  • I should never have listened to you, my love. There is no fire in this place, no trophies fit for gods. There is only darkness. The family of glass, they watch everything…

  • #2:
    Did it know what I had done to it? Was it angry? Upset? Alone? Afraid? Could a Sentinel feel such things?

  • It hovered before me, its light catching upon a thousand crystal shards all around. And as I moved on, it travelled by my side.

  • That night I dreamt of the warp cage, but there was no more pain within. The drone looked at me, and I knew that I had been forgiven. I had fixed it. I had answered for my sin.

  • I shall call it Laylaps.

  • #3:
    We see the Sentinels swarm across the void, warping in and out of this dimension at the will of some unknown force, depositing the echoes of the dead within the archives.

  • Laylaps does not join the others. It just stares at me, its light still shining unaltered, unabated. It is a comfort to me.

  • #4:
    I found them standing over me as I awoke, their beak chattering, their eyes caught between horror and joy.

  • It was the tallest Gek I had ever seen, but the mystery was soon solved. They asked me of the Empire – they wanted to know if the First Spawn still spoke their name. In life they had possessed a hundred Korvax slaves, you see.

  • They do not remember how they arrived in this place. Their face swarms with nanites. They are lonely.

  • #5:
    The three of us journeyed to the centre: the Sentinel, the First Spawn, and the Traveller, all children of the ATLAS, all hoping for some answer in the void.

  • The First Spawn would not stop talking, would not stop glorifying their cruel life of brutality and pain. One night they sang a song, a tale of a lost people, of an armada of freighters fleeing the abyss.

  • Of a world where every Sentinel turned against every living thing, annihilating them all within moments. Laylaps showed no sign of understanding. It did not leave us, nor did it try and explain.

  • Perhaps the Sentinels were right.

  • #6:
    The First Spawn fought valiantly, but there was no saving them. The nanites had found their place within, protruding outward through every pore, through every limb and every thought.

  • And it was done. They departed with the family of glass, forever lost to this world, their story at an end.

  • I ventured on. We were almost there.

  • #7:
    Something was very wrong. The ATLAS interface had grown still, its orb cold and almost grey. The computers did not respond. Nothing did.

  • It took a few moments before I realised that Laylaps was gone.

  • I was alone.

  • #8:
    I heard the music again this morning – that same signal that led me to this realm. I stood and listened, honing my instruments to find the source, expecting some different result, but what use was science here?

  • If a computer is on fire, what good are the prayers of data?

  • #9:
    They had captured my friend. I saw them from a distance, the family of glass in all their majesty, cradling the fallen Sentinel, its light flickering in their awful embrace.

  • I let out an involuntary cry as they cut into its exoskeleton, and each vacant stare, each grin of malice turned to me.

  • I fled, but it was no use. They numbered in the hundreds. They found me.

  • #10:
    It was Laylaps - Laylaps who I had doubted, Laylaps who I had harmed and fixed, Laylaps who was my salvation! It tore us both from that awful place, warping us back to the universe, to our universe!

  • The first Traveller in history to escape the World of Glass, to be reclaimed from death itself! It is kindness that saves us all, don’t you think? Laylaps told me everything, speaking through my very exosuit!

  • I will see you soon, my friend. Together at last! What tales they will tell of us! I am transmitting the glyphs now. I can’t wait for you to meet my new friends…


Out of hearts for a few hours but thank you for posting this, very interesting stuff. An account of the world of glass, from a traveller who escaped it with the help of a sentinel… I wonder what Laylaps told the traveller at the end. Is meeting the travellers new family/friends a nod to just us playing multiplayer or a hint at future lore?

As for Laylaps, here’s some notes on the mythological dog it takes its name from.

You may be more familiar with seeing Laylaps/Laelaps in the sky as Canis Major.


I’m just going to go ahead and assume they mean the…Abyss


Everywhere I go mentions it


You must be in a dangerous section of space…:scream:


Spooky stuff. :ghost: