NEXT Base Pics are Amazing


How long have we neen able to install trees?
I missed that somehow?


@Mad-Hatter: Three new tree decorations available as community event week 4 rewards.

@Polyphemus, @Nightazure: I was able to use cuboid room struts on my biodomes without effecting plant growth (although I think my crops were already planted). I think it looks better outside now, although they annoyingly stick up through the floor inside.


Good to know thanks Polyphemus. Unfortunately I haven’t found any stair supports lol.
Peculiar is my middle name :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I love that word actually, because, I see a really super nice lady counselor for my PTSD. I was worried that something was wrong with me because I’m so antisocial. I asked her if I was mentally ill, or antisocial, or both. She gave me the biggest smile, and said " You are absolutely not mentally ill, but you are “peculiar.” ;D She said to me “you have every right to be antisocial given the things that have happened to you in your life.”

And to end, I still see her, and she said “No Man’s Sky” has been the best therapy for me ever. <3

I’ll probably place the domes on the ground then.


Do the new community event Mad-Hatter. you will get three new trees to plant, and also we can dye them :smiley:


I’ll test that out Polyphemus. If it doesn’t work, I’ll just place them on the ground.
I just built a ramp from the mushroom mountain to the ground where my main base is for my exocrafts LMAO that will be fun indeed. :smiley:


I don’t know which country you’re in. Here in England, we have a beer called “Theakston’s Old Peculier”. Several pints of it have made me peculiar on many occasions.

If peculiar is your middle name, then this is the brew for you.

Don’t believe me? They have a web site:

Stay peculiar. Normal is sooo boring.


@Nightazure: I moved your reply and the discussion that followed to this, more specific topic.


If you can make trees grow on your decking then I would think you could make anything work, :wink:
I really love the new ability to plant the trees on any planet. Hope they give us even more plants!
Awesomely eccentric! :sunglasses:


Makes me hope my dreams of having the wild variants of our crops is an actual possibility now :crossed_fingers:


My base ain’t much but it’s got a nice view


Factory farming.


Man, I love it! Yorkshire’s ‘Lunatic’s Broth’ lol I’m in the US in the devil’s butthole called Arizona.

It’s good to get “peculiar” on beer heh heh. Thanks Polyphemus, I laughed and laughed to this.
Normal is so boring. I agree with you 100%! I will stay peculiar. and I am going to experiment and make a sky base without foundation. Hopefully I can get it to float.
I’ll post pics in the future :smiley:

Happy Travels, and have a beer for me!


And OMG you’rs is the base I just think I saw on a youtube video today! Wow kick butt Polyphemus!
Is this your base?


No, it’s not. But it’s really interesting - we’ve both independently come up with almost identical designs. We’ve even used the same colour schemes for corridors leading to the same crops.

There I was, using my engineering head to solve a problem in the most efficient way. And then it turns out that other people have exactly the same idea.

Makes you wonder about freedom of choice…


That’s amazing. I’m going to make a huge farm, as well as my house and other fun things. Those color coordinations are great for the farm as well.
Your colors are excellent too!

Well I have to get up in 4 hours for work. So far here is my Sky Island :smiley:

Happy Traveling!


My Home Planet Home Base(s) complex…


Oh how lovely! Man I love these floating bases. I just have to go to bed so I can get up for work, but this is going to be my masterpiece, and my main base in the game. I have had a blast making this so far. I got it up into the clouds and boy did it take hundreds of stairs to get up that high lol.

Isn’t is awesome we can put the trees on there too! I didn’t realize we can put our ship landing pads on the squares. I will have to do that because right now mine are pretty hazardous as I’ve falled off them when getting out of my ship a couple of times LMAO. Oh I named it Sky Island lol

![Sky%20Island%20Fully%20Floating|690x388] (upload://bJw4BXswBKRIuwidwTvRshmgN5e.jpeg)

Happy Traveling!


Some really cool stuff here, the R2D2 especially, but bases in the sky are almost as awesome.


I worked on my sky base last night. One of the buildings was crooked so I tore it down, and recreated it.
Falling happens a lot too :joy::joy::joy:


I want to make my farm available to anyone, when I finally get all the flowers to plant. Do I have to turn on something or can anyone go in my base and pick the flowers once I share the coordinates? I have all the base options turned off so I won’t get griefed, or my base destroyed.
Thanks in advance.