NEXT Base Pics are Amazing


Forever, downward. I built wood scaffolding, then removed it.


Does he still play that old holographic message of prince Leia? But seriously very cool. It’s like your a small inhabitant of a junk world in star wars. :grin:


Well you are all showing your amazing bases, so I will show my average base!
Dont be too harsh :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m finally starting to build up a farm again since Next dropped. I’ve only done Frostwort so far so if anyone is base building in PS4 normal mode in the Euclid Galaxy and needs some glass, I’ve planted 100 which will give you 5,000 frost crystals.



I found some glass for you @frozenbullet7! Thx, marky.

@dersvr, I think you broke the record for NMS free fall time, unless you count the freighter jumps from pre-Next. :grinning:


Holy crap is that cool Sir_Oops. I tried to build one of those right after the NEXT update and the ladder kept bugging out on me. Maybe I’ll try it again sometime.


If a person finds a better base location and deletes their old base will the base materials all go into the base recovery permanent tech items machine? Sorry am at work and can’t remember what that base storage thing is called.


All your high altitude bases are amazing. To climb up do you use the regular ladder, or something else?


It’s called the Base Salvage Capsule. All items from a deleted base should be going in there if you have one. However, I have not seen it go into one placed on a freighter for some reason. Maybe that was supposed to work or for freighters only. So far, besides aesthetics, I have found it useless on a freighter though.

Note: I am not sure if you get the full amount or only 50% as it used to be in Atlas Rises. Maybe someone else can confirm. I have so far always deleted the most expensive parts manually, to then leave the rest to this machine. Usually ended up getting just the Carbon, Ferrite and alike back, but never been bothered to count.

When I was doing research to find the building limits, I used ‘Wooden Half Ramps’ and ‘Small Wood Panels’. You can then build up in a circular fashion, place ramp, panel then rotate 90° rinse repeat …

Keep in mind there are limits. One limit is the distance from the Base Computer, another is a part count. Also keep in mind that from my experience, about 1150u - 1200u is the in-game allowed height limit. Without cheating, anything beyond (upto 2000u) will be deleted with a reload.

For further details and video see my post here:


Similar to @devilinpixy. Enough resources to build up 70 levels at a time but using full stairs and floor panels with 2 landing pads, one at each end .build up/delete/repeat. Built my base comp on a outcrop,I think it got me a bit higher. Managed to get to 1526 units high according to ships altimiter when i land.
None of the other bases I made seem to upload to the server but this one did easily for some reason. ps4 normal Euclid 07FD:0073:07FF:0088 if anyone wants a nosey :smiley:


Unsure in NEXT but in Atlas Rises, the build contents of a traded freighter appeared in your new freighter’s BSC. (There was a dupe exploit there for a while too which allowed you to gain a double as long as you clicked the item first before accessing the freighter BSC memory).

I would imagine that NEXT works the same; with your buld inventory becoming available in your new freighter, once you place a new BSC.
This is a separate BSC to your land bases.
As for how much you recover, I’m unsure.


Thanks for the advice and info, I think I’ll break down the expensive stuff and glass and then let it go to the base salvage capsule. I’ll test it too.

I’ve never had any idea that you get stuff from a traded freighter. In creative mode I traded them all the time lol.


I honestly have no idea where or how I would store that much resources to build that many levels at a time, but I am going to give it a go. I have two freighters full of stuff, and it sucks that glass only stacks in stacks of 5 since I love building cubes. But perhaps I’ll do wooden structures instead.
Base building is where I miss creative mode so bad lol.
But I’m much more proud of my base now that I put blood sweat, and tears into it than when I was doing them in creative. :smiley: Thank you also for the info. My imagination is sorely lacking after looking at all your bases. They are amazing.


Just to clarify: It is your own resources you get partially recovered & saved.


You can also manually break down everything in your freighter’s buildable area, including all the default rooms & items (disassemble items first or they can become inaccessible, which can then also block you from rebuilding rooms there). Quick way to get some free materials before you trade in your freighter.



My first and really only visit to your base, I have been to the planet a few times. :grinning:

I understand why you moved, there where tress growing through.

I hung around for a bit.

I got plenty of Solanium. Thanks again. :sunglasses:


It’s been a while since I posted any base pics since NEXT has come out. I’ve been a busy bee gathering all the stuff I need for the bases.
My goal is to make this my main base on my bubble planet, then make an elaborate underwater base, a base on a lush planet, and an elaborate portal base.
I’m thrilled that we can plant and color trees for our bases too. We can put trees on planets that have none, for example, my bubble planet :smiley:
I can’t seem to plant anything yet in my domed rooms, so I’m assuming I haven’t gotten to that base mission yet. I am trying hard to get all the base missions done, so I can have all the base pieces and buildings.
My underwater base here is just in infant stages, to get some of it put down. My bubble base outside is almost done, and I’m going to make it full of trees. Now to work on the inside decorations:D

Happy traveling, and hope your weekend is a nice one.

Screenshots v1.5-1.7

Sorry to break the news, but having your biodomes on legs will prevent you from planting anything in them. It’s a known bug. You can delete the legs, and they’ll work fine. They just look a bit peculiar, hanging there in space.

Having said that, they won’t look any more peculiar or unsupported than your stairs do, :grinning: