NEXT Base Pics are Amazing


Underwater buildings are no problem, just awkward. They are technically still flooded, but they appear and function as if you are above ground. The water surface level will still show if only partially flooded. Hello Games has yet to remove the water sound when moving around though.


Oh I didn’t even think about the water sound in them lol. That would be a hoot. I was worried about drowning in my own base so I decided to wait until later for those :smiley:


I’m supposed to be making a video of my uncharted system outposts around the ECSD Starchain but I keep getting distracted by making more outposts.

Here’s the latest one, a small little refuge nestled amid some ancient ruins. Visitors can enjoy being protected from storms just by being close to the ruins, by some unknown protective force eminatimg from the digsite below. (please don’t fix this bug HG :smirk:)


Thanks! PC normal. Using wooden parts is easiest and the planet is covered in trees. It wasn’t too hard. Only problem is it keeps backfilling with snow. Guests should bring a shovel, just in case. :grinning:


Who needs trees when you have medium refiners and oxygen harvesters? :wink:


Reminds me of the time I tried building a base in a crashed freighter. In its Hangar section, to be more specific. Doesn’t really work unfortunately, the thing is too steep.


Well, I have those things now…but not then…:sob:


That cave is awesome, I left some graffiti in a little thinking chamber in the back.


Tether in place.

and anchored.

Cloud bar is all done.


Just been building my new base in the Jipper Colony.

The Abandoned Astromech! :grin:


So very cool.


Fantastic base :heart:


This is my new cosmic living room :smiley:


Ok, how did you get it out of the clouds?


I built it on a low atmosphere moon :slight_smile:


And the best part is you don’t need stairs, you can just jump ridiculously high with the low gravity :joy:


Ha! I fell off a few times from jumping too high lol


The Lake

More work done on my home area, this time at the lake. A comfy beach area for when I wish to take a nice refreshing swim. A nice harbour for boats to dock or to go shopping for supplies at any of the three retailers present. Might add some further details and likely another boat or two. Spend two/three days working on this lake area, but I feel the result has turned out pretty ok. This is the third base in this area, making me wish to be able to upload more than one base, once finished.

Enjoy the screenies below :wink:






How do I convince you to design my base? :smiley:


Just a question, how did you build the tether?