NEXT Base Pics are Amazing


These are all so amazing! Absolutely inspiring and fun to see everyones creativity. Excited to share pictures soon.


Finished my desert base. Turned out a bit eerie and weird in the end , everything glows red at night.


Looks nice. I’m currently scouting for a place to do something like this.

I hope you don’t get complaints from your guests about ships landing and taking off all night.:slight_smile:


Gallery Lake Science Outpost

It turned out better than I expected! I just wanted to test out building with some of the frame pieces.


What an amazing base/resort!
I can’t wait to put my hands on nms again!



I love that base :heart:


High Altitude Research Base


I’m kind of torn…I don’t know how much and how big I want to build because HG have not confirmed there will be no more resets. I have to pretty grand plans for my base network and capital world…but that’s a lot of time that may very well simply end up down the drain at some point. So far I’ve been focusing on more permanent and lasting progress. I’d love to fully turn to big scale base building at some points but I don’t know if I want to commit hundreds of hours to something that may end up being in vain in the end. With this update letting people loose to build as much and as big as they want one would reasonably presume this is it for universe resets…but there’s been no confirmation of any such thing that I’m aware of.


I guess you never know for sure if there will be another reset with the risk of losing whatever you created. For now however, this NEXT update has just been released, with most initial issues fixed. Another (big) future update is not expected any time soon. So in your case, I can imagine that at some point you are done doing everything else. At that time, I’d just go for it, give it a try. Start with wood, see how it behaves, upgrade to material you want it to be later. Mainly keep in mind that base size has its own risk, as I have already experienced and has yet to be fixed, if even possible. There is a limit to the amount of structure that can be rendered without issue, either by the game or your system. The amount of bases is likely less of a worry, unless they are all in the same area. Make sure to make screenies, so IF in vain, you still have the pictures :wink:


I’d just start building anyway if I was in your position. I’m not keen on massive base structures particularly if it creates problems but I see no reason not to enjoy building sensible sized bases to allow access to particular planets & assets.
If HG have allowed us to salvage and restore legacy bases, then there is reason to believe they would do so again except next time there may be several to restore following a reset.

We are in the NEXT era so I say enjoy it in its entirety. Investing hundreds of hours into something you enjoy isn’t wasted. What have you got to lose? If you have achieved all the best stats you can get, then its time to move onto more creative challenges, otherwise you miss out on everything NMS has to offer.


Wow! You could build your base right next to your Freighter…might not be safe but would be cool.:sunglasses:


OK, I need an explanation. How did you do that?


Did take some time, started on top of a trade post for max height, ps4 normal. :sunglasses:

Will call my freighter into low orbit and grab a pic soon, forgot to do so last night, time flys when your having fun! :wink:


Ha, I made my Cloud bar, the hard way. :grin: Thanks you sharing. :sunglasses:


Low orbit Photo…

Couldn’t help myself No Mans Sky Base Jumping :joy:


Darthbane Yr killing my OCD, that stairs is not structurally sound :joy: probably why my own stairs to space is taking a long long time :slight_smile:


So Polo wanted me to get the Extreme Planet milestone.

This would be my tenth attempt at such a thing. Seven from various, pre-atlas rises saves spread across PC and PS4.

Yes, the good ol “non consecutive, you leave for a second we reset the counter to zero” days.

So anyway, third time doing this post-Atlas. First time doing it post-Next. At this stage it’s just a nagging hurdle I stick on when I got stuff to do.

So I find this beautiful planet, and it’s not even that bad but it’s weather makes it extreme. Anything viewed through glass is this dark stained colour, or normally just the sky when glass is not present.


also, not a sunset or rise, mid day.

I thought I’d make myself a nice little cave to chill out in, one that you enter from water before swimming into my hiding place.

While I was sitting there, half browsing these forums and listening to podcasts I noticed a traveller had joined me.

It was @Sir_oops !! What a privilege!

Figured since we’re both here now, might as well make the place more homey.

I actually ended up falling asleep with the game running :see_no_evil:

Which lead to this outerbody experience, when you become so zen your entity bubble hovers outside of your body


Yeah sorry, was going for function over form this time. I used to be a farmer, old habbits die hard. :smiley:


And now for some more Base Building in NEXT design tips and tricks.

Before next, there were a lot of little tricks you could do to pull off things outside of the games sticky grid building mechanics. Most of those are no longer possible and a lot of the old infrastructure peices are just completely gone.

Here’s a fun trick you can use to raise or lower things off of the grid in increments, to escape the symmetry of your square and rectangular domain.

To demonstrate here is a picture of those rooves some people have covering their windows all fancy like (please oh please tell me their name, googling the above sentence did not help :joy:) achieved using this trick

To achieve this I used a fence from the new materials, it can be metal or wood or concrete, doesn’t matter.

Then I placed a floor on the bottom connector for the fence (there is one for topside and underside, demonstrated by the flooring I put around the top.) once that floor or whatever you stick on is in place (I found small floors easiest) you can build anything off from this and delete any unwanted or excess peices you used to get it where you wanted it.

While my example is just a basic aesthetic use of this, you can do all sorts with this trick by lowering quarter incriments to your desired effect. and really make your buildings have character and seem less symmetrical and perfect e.g making adjacent buildings shorter by quarter incriments, you can even make a small path or corridors that connects and lowers in incriments between rooms and buildings.

Edit: Awning! They’re called ‘Window Awnings’ ! There can be door awnings too. Not to be confused with ‘Awning Windows’ .