NEXT Base Pics are Amazing



And still I wonder how the hell you do that :smile:


How did you plant the trees on your balcony? I would love to do that on one of my bases!


They are trees from the community event. You can put them just about anywhere.


Hi folks, I thought I’d share my “main” base after seeing the amazing bases that have already been shared here.
Frostwort and NipNip growing in the biodomes and a race track out across the ocean. An underwater section that houses a sea lounge and pad for my Nautilon.


Thanks for the info. BTW-Your base is awesome!



Wow! Can I hire you to jump into my game and build for me? :grinning: Could be a nice side business. :grin:


If you were on PS4, could be done :slight_smile: Although they’ll all be reset come July when the shiny new base building system is implemented…fingers crossed


Well I hope they don’t … I worked so hard on my 2 bases…


Just how do you do that circular stuff? Is it actually functional, as in does it register as “inside”, or is it a purely cosmetic hack?


Its a glitch using pyramids, cylinders and paving pieces. I got it from a post here a while back I think, might have been @DevilinPixy but not sure. For circles I build out a frame and work round it. The structures behave same as normal, registers as inside as long as you keep the inside areas to no more 2 story’s.