NEXT Base Pics are Amazing



That’s tremendous


That looks fantastic!
On a side note, what happens when you exit a ship? Do you fall to the platform below?


Thanks :slight_smile:

You just fall unless you’re in a batwing , then you balance on the wing. Pretty but not very practical… Ive got vertical pads on a skybase its straight down for about a minute ten lol.


Edit: all finished :slight_smile:


Pretty cool design. Not sure why, but to me it looked better without the two additional platforms.



That is awesome! :+1:



Happy Etarc Anniversary @dersvr



A perfect base for eating cake in. Happy cake day!


Thanks, @arpoja & @sheralmyst. So much changed in a year! :slight_smile:


I am currently building a small (divided by little close buildings) base upon a little piece of land up a Hill (looks like a forest?)
If anyone wants to join the adventure, I can pm the adress/location! I have 2 Artemis towers just next to it ( we can see both without zooming) and it’s a Hot planet with green grass and a lot of trees / lakes (Orange water). The Sky is blue and the trees aswell… only a couple of dangerous animals!


Some creative base work I’ve done over the past month or two…


My favorite work so far:


Wow fantastic!! @Misterrmac




My newest creation… Mr. Roboto!


Oh dear, I’m so getting Gunmu vibes from this… :smile: