NEXT Base Pics are Amazing


I found a tiny island with an ancient structure. I created a base amongst it heh heh


Impressive! :clap:


Super sweet base! I love having trees inside, and never thought to raise my roof like that and make a nice arboretum. Really nice job, and layout!



Wow, great base!


Thanks man. That’s the system where I found my s class exp MT in atlas rises but it was lost in the Next update. Went back after Vision’s and had a good search around for it. Not sure where/if to post it here but its in the outpost below the base :slight_smile:


It it is to report where to find a ship, use this

If it is to report coordinates to your base you can post it with your base pic

Since both are in the same place in this case, just put the coordinates here, with your base.
Was that a confusing explanation? :crazy_face:


Confusion’s my middle name :P. I think previously the s class thread was ships and MT’s together though.


Is that Euclid? And do you mind if I share that with people?

Edit: if so, could I sweet talk you into the latitude and longitude for other platforms to be able to find it?


Its in Euclid. I dont mind if you share it. Added co-ords to the image
Edit: My first rainbow :slight_smile:


Crazy me. Not sure why I saw S class ship and not MT…:face_with_raised_eyebrow: .There seems to be an issue with topics not showing in the search bar…here is the MT thread


Great location for the rainbow, and thanks for the MT coords!


Not sure if this belongs in the freighter thread or here in the bases thread…
Anyway, this is the old bridge of my S class freighter before I decided to give it a revamp using a more chaotic collection of the new collectables.

Inspired by a fellow multiplayer’s use of colour, the botano-organic interior of the spacecraft in E.T. and maybe a bit of the pseudo botany science from Avatar.
Who says I can’t have a bridge utilizes the neuro-stimuli of exotic world artefacts and flora? :grin:

The new version is more cluttered but suits my tastes a little more


Well this puts my bridge to shame, if my crew catch wind of this they’re sure to start a mutiny or request a transfer.


I think I’ve found the most killer base I’ve ever seen Dersvr. Your base is just plain amazing. I wish I had half the imagination you have put here.

Great job! It’s beautiful inside as well as outside. Sometime when I get my castle base done on a perfect mountain top. I’ll post it.


Nothing real exciting here but here are pics of a cave complex I found that I will go nuts in for bases. And I worked on my base that I call Trinity since I connected three islands together. I also plan on having some connection to an underwater base from the island base. Hopefully I can connect it from the water inside the center island.


Oh wow that’s a very interesting planet and location for a base. Can’t help but be reminded of this scene


Just double check you haven’t made home in somebodys giant cosmic cereal bowl.


You’re humor is great Toddumptious. I was laughing so hard I almost choked on my smoothie :joy::joy::joy::joy:


First time playing on PC since just before Atlas Rises launched. Made myself a little drop pod base and ready to start exploring this iteration of the sim


Your drop pod base is adorable! Nice work.