NEXT Base Pics are Amazing


Aww common they look great, I guess it is not necessary to build extreme advanced bases, Here is the perfect balance between natural surroundings and architecture (plus a bonus for the entrance of underwater caverns which is a big ++)


Sheralmyst, I love your bases. they are unique, and beautiful. Never think yours are not amazing. They certainly are!

This base, is really cool and I love the caves over the water too. I need to go collecting the flora things we can add to our bases too. Where in the world did you get the bubbles. I’m a bubble planet fanatic and if we are able to grab some bubble trophies, I would be in heaven! lol

Happy Traveling, and base building! There are so many wonders to behold in this game.


Thank you! :blush: to everyone!
Search high and low on the Bubble Planets. The one I found was described from space as a Foamy Planet, :grin: Through your scanner, all of the harvestable decorative items show as a yellow [? ]. Wait til you encounter the Bubble Creatures…I think the bubbles got a makeover. Very colorful now but the ones you harvest may or may not be colorful. Some still have the old more opaque look.


You’re welkcome, and thank you! That’s exactly what I’ll do. I found a lovely bubble planet for my farm base and yesterday I did kill some of those moving bubble creatures. If you kill them you get blue slime or some such thing lol.
I will look for the different colored bubbles to gather for my non bubble planet bases. Those would be so awesome!
I love these new trophies we can gather now. They are a lot of fun.

I like some of the new names they have given the anomaly planets like foaming, bubbling, spiking, etc. It’s fun lol. Tonight is going to be harvest night for sure!

Happy Traveling.


My bubble farm is available and the plants are ready to pick. Eissentam Galaxy, Creative Mode PS4 - Dark Ambience is my system name, Bubble Paradise is the planet name lol.

Amended - I don’t know what the heck is going on, but I took the portal to this address of mine, and it took me to some other system. I have the crappiest luck :frowning: So Im deleting this picture and try to figure out how to get to my farm through the portal for others. There is no portal in my system, and if anyone takes a portal to the neighboring system, they still can’t get to my system, so I’ll just make a farm somewhere else I guess. Sorry about this waste of your time :frowning:

Happy Traveling!


That is one incredible base!

I like how you built it around the Portal, the Base and the Portal are integrated perfectly.



I finally found the courage to go have a look of what my “new” planet looks like.
I was kinda right to be scared, because the result is qzite surprising…:roll_eyes:
Every color that I don’t really like in No Man’s Sky are now reunited on my planet, in a puddle of… mud lol

See for yourself…

From this.



To this…

Green and purple… yiha!


Wow. You actually have less water causing those little mounds to appear. I will have to look more carefully at the ponds on my main base planet. I like it.


All of Mrs MH’s & my green lush planets with blue oceans are now sickly yellow apocalyptic looking messes, with the oceans now looking like pools of stagnant mud :poop:
Others have become hostile exotic worlds.

Time to pack up the haulers and move again.
Good thing we’re getting used to it :roll_eyes:

Actually, I don’t really mind. It’s all fun. I love these new updates. :grin:


As someone who’s bases tend to be purple or green in colour… I’ll buy that planet off you for a substantial amount of units :smirk:


haha glad you like it! I’ll give it to you with pleasure! I posted the adress on the AA alliance already! :wink:
Now it is time for me to start my journey to the center of the universe and build another base along the way!


I love the green and purple too. A couple of my bases before the update were absolutely beautiful, and are now exactly how Mad-Hatter described. My very favorite ring planet was beautiful and changed colors. Now its just all yellow lol. I did find another ring one last night that I think changes colors. I’ll check when I sign on after work.

My sky base with the farm completely disappeared. Poof, doesn’t even show up on my teleporter anymore. I do love the update but sometimes comes at a price.

Happy Travels!


I have noticed what seems to be lower clouds on a number of planets. I wonder if this has something to do with your base disappearing. I have found myself standing in the clouds a couple of times. I wonder if the build height has lowered?


I saw your pic the other day with the misty mountains and thought it was an actual feature until it happened to me this morning. Looks great from certain view points and angles but definitely seems to be a glitch to me at this point.

(though a glitch that has given birth to the need for this to be a feature now :heart_eyes:)


I thought it just looked that way but then I jetted to the top and I was in the clouds…but it is odd as I moved around. The clouds kept pushing away from me. I was never truly ‘in’ them so I figured it should not be that way…but, it would actually be a nice feature since mountaintops are often cloud-covered.


That must be what it was Sheralmyst.,

I thought I was one level away from the cap but I must have been too high.
I made a new skybase tonight, and it’s a farm. So I will include the coordinates . I tested it, there is a portal in my farm system, and everything works properly.


I didn’t think there was enough culture in Euclid…so, here’s my current effort.

Q: What do you get when you cross a gamer landscape architect with NMS?
A: The Igangri Arboretum! (portal code: 019105B2F502, PC/Euclid)

  • SEE the galaxy’s premier arboretum, featuring plant communities from old Sol 3 and lost Miranda!
  • SEE a sustainable building constructed from 100% local materials!
  • SEE the Rooftop Garden and subterranean Experimental Plant Breeding Program!
  • SEE native Igangrian flora and fauna in their natural setting, including the famous Towering Frostwort!

The Arboretum is conveniently located only a short walk from the portal, and has three landing pads for your parking convenience. Please leave a comm ball at the portal to let us know you’ve visited. Enjoy!


The Conservatory

Rooftop Garden, with Main Habitats in background

Main Habitats


Wow… I’ve been absent from the game since mid-August due to various reasons, so I have to try out underwater bases o.o
What other updates have there been with base-building? I really haven’t stayed up to date with the news…

Some fantastic looking stuff here though :smiley:

Edit - also, does anyone know if there’s a way to clear out regenerated terrain? Just returned to my base to discover half of it is underground, including all my storage vaults…


You will have to excavate your place with the TM…I finally let mine fill in, leaving it like a relic from the past.


Thought so… there’s still parts I can’t get any access to though, especially in circular rooms and the above biodomes… ah well. I’m in the process of building a new underwater base anyway :slight_smile: