NEXT Base Pics are Amazing


That’s the thing with underground bases - they don’t make for good screenshots. So, here’s a video tour. It starts off with a brief tour of the (small) above-ground portion - really, it’s a simple little village, that’s all - then goes underground, where it gets…bigger. Short video:

Key points:
0:30 Going to the underground entry
0:48 Medlab
1:22 Farm (note the door embedded in solid rock)
1:40 Obscured passage to the secure Financial Transactions lounge
2:15 Evil ops
2:25 View of the Evil Lair of Evil from upstairs
2:45 Evil Lair of Evil, with Colossus cave and secret exit
3:30 Sky tour of exterior in photo mode


Awesome! Very nice. :smiley:


Cool looking base and love how it is integrated with the cave system. Well done!

PS: A tip for posting video content is to put the url on its own line. This will make it show as an embedded video on the forum. Feel free to edit your reply if you wish for it to be shown that way :wink:


Thanks! And thanks for the tip.


My normal mode game got corrupted somehow, and a very nice person from this forum named Darth, had brought me to Eissentam right after the NEXT update because my creative mode game kept crashing.

He is in normal mode, so I was happy to start a brand new game over in normal for him to bring me over. 400 hours in normal, and I kept having problems with it, so a couple days ago I went back to my creative mode 298 hour save and started on the Atlas path again, and the path to the core.

So right before I followed the main story to pick my galaxy, I had created a base on this beautiful planet with the rings on it. Man, I love this planet. So now after going to my new galaxy, of course I had to give up this base which is fine. But I will find it again.

I find also that building with glass is fine as long as you make it more vertical than wide. I had no problems at all with this base. It was going to be awesome had I finished it lol. But being in Eissentam is more important to me and finishing my path quest was too.

Happy Travels and have a great weekend!


I have been playing with the new base components, trying to minimize terrain edits. I’ve found that with a bit of care, you can set wood, concrete, or metal stairs down from a carefully placed floor segment so that they just touch the ground. If you do it right, you can walk up the stairs without jumping, but you get no terrain edits from the stairs. To get the floor placed just right, I typically place a half arch or short wall on the ground and put the floor on top of it. Then I delete the half arch or short wall. This leaves stairs that reach the ground going up to an elevated platform without any terrain edits. You have to be careful of slopes and uneven terrain.

It seems that it would be possible to use that trick as an entryway or porch, then join it onto the cuboid units to add stairs to her bases without editing the terrain.

(Incidentally, I have enjoyed building a massive alien-looking base with a ramp like one might have expected to protrude from a flying saucer in a 1950’s movie. It is not complete, but its complexity well exceeds the upload limit with very few interior components and no terrain edits at all. I won’t say it is pretty, but it was a fun challenge and looks as if it will serve a good function. The size of the base has predictably had an adverse effect on the display distance.)


The ‘new’ Wooden, Concrete, and Metal Ramps as well as the Half Ramps do not edit terrain at all. It would be a good solution to use those ‘new’ Ramps to gain access to a building. You do not have to worry about terrain edits for these, even if they end up sticking into the ground.

The ‘old’ Access Ramp, which I believe @Mad-Hatter is referring to, does edit terrain.


I thought I’d include a couple of photos just to give you an idea of what I mean. Not enough attention was given to aesthetics, but it is indeed massive. Most of the detail is lost from photo distance, but you get an idea of the size. It’s still a work in progress, at least until the size starts to threaten function, and not just aesthetics. It is made mostly of the new building components. The ramp at the bottom is two ramps high, and each expansion is two levels high. it was constructed in Normal mode.

And a quick shot of some detail to show what is lost from the distance.

Running two screens is distorting a bit, and Steam overlay seems to get confused by photos. I’ve been really busy and have not had a chance to work that detail out, so the pictures are slightly distorted, but it gives the idea. This one is on an airless planet, so it is dark, even if the sun is out.

For those who like simple puzzles, the base name is Taruggiz Mooring. I’ll let you guess where the name comes from. It’s not difficult.

It’s an inverted ziggurat, so the name is “Ziggurat” inverted.


Wow, I have so enjoyed all of these pics and beautiful bases. I have no idea how made your upside down pyramid Dex, but its amazing.

I have noticed that when a base is really wide, or long, it doesn’t all show up in the screen shots sometimes.


My newer game base. Located on remote deep-ocean Island on a radioactive world.
Older style upper modules that leads via NEXT era staircases into the depths.

Basic functional modular surface base with various essentials including my ‘construction’ Colossus.

Level -1: Aquatic access and 2nd submerged landing pad.

Level -2: Vaults and modular rooms with geobays far below.

Giant submerged crystals are my underwater view.


Even though we lost our vivid colors after the NEXT update, I found my “Wow moment” planet.
I am making a base on this planet.
It’s either redacted, or some anomaly. I look only in the red star systems, as they have the weirdest anomalies.
Here are my WOW moment pics.
The first pics are from my paradise planet, which has some really awesome creatures I am building my base by.
Since we now have our little subs, I build stairs down to the water so I can walk down to my sub and explore underwater. The rest of the pics are my WOW moments.
I’m having a blast after I made it to Eissentam from the path quest. I was on Eissentam on my normal mode, but now I’m on my creative save again, and I can just relax, build, and explore.

Enjoy! Happy traveling!


Wow! A color-changing planet. :open_mouth:


It’s awesome. I’ve never seen one change the colors like this one does. I hit the mother load when I found this planet :heart::heart:


I finally found it !!! Look at the last planet on MacForA Day’s video of his creative mode. The purple/blue landscape. Please please hello games give it back to us.

That landscape in his video was a planet like that that had my most beautiful base ever, and I spent hours and hours in the beautiful of those colors. Please check out the video and you’ll see why I miss it so much after the NEXT update.

I hope Hello games will give that back.


Now I’m working on my underwater base. Enjoy!

And Goodnighte


Far from my best build,and still a wip, but just figured out how to flip the pieces again , so thought I’d share :slight_smile


Those pads look great the way you used them as a decorative item. Landing on them must be awkward though, especially once you get out of your ship :rofl:


Thanks. landing on it is a bit disorientating, it flips you over as you come in :slight_smile:


That’s awesome looking lol, especially the ships on it. Tell me, how are people making bases out in space? I’ve seen a few pics now of peoples bases out of the gravity, and can’t for the life of me figure out how they are doing it.


lol ty just messing about really. Its not in space though its about 1500 units high built on a high outcrop on a low atmosphere planet. Build up 60 levels at a time, delete repeat. About 240 levels is max height but go up to/over that and the whole base seems to be deleted on reset.

Anyone’s welcome to visit the system if you’re on ps4 normal. Theres a few bases, small castle, couple sky bases and some farms :slight_smile: