NEXT Base Pics are Amazing


Been Working on this, on and off for quite some time now.

Will Post the Full set of pics when the final touches are complete. :grin::grin:



So nice!!!




Experimental build. Underwater base with surface landing pad.


Are ladders easier to use now? I’ve avoided using them for a while now because I don’t like how tricky it is to get off but I’m thinking about an underwater base with the ladders.


That’s what I’ve used. No stairs in the underwater construction set.

And no, they’re no easier to use - but there wasn’t any choice. :grinning:


So… what exactly is special about the underwater parts? As far as I can see they’re mostly just parts for things we already have, except with more windows for less glass…

  1. They’re waterproof.

  2. They can only be built underwater.

  3. They’re styled around an “underwater / submarine” theme. Their design is visually different from other building parts.

  4. They have parts that are designed for you to swim into. Not much use in a land-based building.


Sometimes I wish you could set the weather effects on your visor to visible in photo mode, my new base looks a lot better through the haze of your bog standard ice storm.


Yes. I dislike the fact that the effect is gone in photo mode. :weary:


I got bored doing dome farms so I am doing this instead - each gives 10k crops per harvest

Without trees

With trees

I’m hoping for biome specific flora at some point to decorate a bit


Love it! :grinning:





Everyone’s doing awesome underwater bases, my heads still in the clouds… well, above them … if there were any clouds to begin with :slight_smile:


Awesome! :sunglasses:


I’ve pretty much completed my freighter base and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I built another section to hold my workers and a small farm.

For now, I’m going to try and conserve the number of planet bases I have built to keep the terrain edit limit higher for my main land base.


Some shots capturing an upstairs room in my current base



With vaults taking up space but needing to be readily accessible, Mrs MH uses a dedicated vault base with a built in Galactic Terminal and Teleporter. This was nerfed slightly by the change to vault access at bases but is still a useful way of having vaults but without messing up the main home base aesthetics and only a quick teleport away.

By building a wall or 2 (which you later delete) and then a floor panel on top, you can get a cuboid room to locate up off the ground. (no ground disturbance and therefor no terrain edits).
You then add a series of junctions with a cuboid room at each end and build in your vaults. The cuboid rooms allow for a teleporter, galactic terminal and a door.

To place the exo-summoner on the roof. you use 2 low wall sections placed on top and then a floor panel. Place the exo-summoner on this floor and delete the wall bits.
This makes for a nice usable vault station which doesn’t contribute to your terrain edits.
Note: Adding a ramp that reaches the ground will accumulate terrain edits.

Mrs MH likes hers to look official and nice so it has legs and a quartet (for symmetry) of extra cuboid rooms to make doorway access easier.

By using this same trick of placing a cuboid room on a floor panel we were able to place Mrs MH’s landing pad and entry boxes at an angle on her home base making it more interesting. The gaps beside the cuboid were filled with short wall sections allowing it to integrate nicely.

The entry area contains a galactic terminal, a teleporter and a save point so that coming and going can be quite quick without the need for running all over the base. The rest of the base is decorated and fun as a base should be :wink:

pic taken prior to adding most decorative lights and plants