NEXT Base Pics are Amazing


It would be fairly trivial to do that for planets with uploaded bases. But if a base isn’t uploaded, applying this method will lead to different planets for different players…


Yes. I forgot not all bases get uploaded… good point.
All my own bases are themed constructions when placed, not just simple base computer locations.

I still wonder what the next large updates will mean for ALL the bases out there.


Working toilets? :toilet:


Of course. Old fahioned camping style ‘long-drops’ precision chiseled from the terrain.
Nothing but the best :grin:


I worked on my mountain top castle last night. Here’s the latest. I have much to do :heart:

Happy travels!


wow that’s amazing!!! :ok_hand:
Looking forward to see it further on! :clap:


I find your lack of machicolations disturbing… :smile:


Well if hello games adds protrusions for our bases, specifically for castles, I’ll be thrilled to add them. :joy::joy::joy:


From the current Comm Event on PC…love the ‘treehouse’ look


Loving the new trees…


Your base looks really cool up in those trees too. Yeah those trees are amazing :smiley:


Sweet base too Darth!


Well, not my base, lol. I have not built anything that elaborate. This week’s Event has resulted in more bases than I have seen before. Must be the biome that has attracted the masses. This base is very near the portal. That plus the gazillion comms makes stepping through the portal like walking in knee-deep molasses. :sweat:



Base Check!


Amazing base @arpoja.
Thanks for sharing all the varied details. :+1:


@dersvr cool base man!
Some new ideas in there. :wink:


Your base as a kind of Hanging Gardens vibe.
I was thinking of doing a Zen Palace on an island somewhere. Similar ideas…



Started building a freighter base yesterday:

I built myself a little room:

The rest of the base so far is a command center/lounge area.

I was going for a very “lived-in” vibe.