NEXT Base Pics are Amazing


Nice work arpoja! Your “humble” base makes mine look like a shack in the woods haha


New base built with farm for creating 50 circuit boards (PS4 normal mode, Euclid Galaxy).

Come along and help yourself :grin:


Came through portal to Raindance… alas no base visible to me.
Reloaded while there; still nothing.
Will come back & try again in a few days.


Haha. I give up!!! :laughing:

There’s definitely something wrong somewhere. I’ve not been able to view any of the bases I’ve visited in the portal repository.

I’m finally starting to feel I’ve wasted enough hours on this game. At least everyone can see screenshots of my bases!


I had similar issues with my nicer bases not being visible during the past year & a half.
I just build them, enjoy myself & if they can be shared, cool…if not, well, I just move on & build another.
I got so used to people not being able to see my bases I near had a heart attack when I got a visit or discovered new comms.
It’s all good fun.
Share the pics here… at least others get to see what you built.


I’ve had this issue myself with two bases and I brought it up in a ps4 group. It appears its a portal proximity issue where no bases built around a portal will upload to the server. I was told due to some players blocking in the portals so no one can use them.
Don’t know how much credence I give the reason but I’ve tested the theory a couple of times. With a separate account on the same planet built 500 units away from the portal and had no problem uploading
Bit disappointing as integrating existing structures is fun


Yes it’s weird how it works, I’ve had players who have randomly joined my game land at the base and view it but not players who arrive via portal.


This is amazing! Like something out of Lord of the Rings! I like how you’ve set the bridges into the location.


I landed on this creepy planet and as I was playing Creative mode I had some idle funwith my first NEXT base. I probably won’t finish it but just wanted to create a sense of some fearsome alien race, long since died out and this is one of their remaining WHO ancient ruins. buried deep in a long lost cave system.

Open Mon-Fri from 10am to 5pm. Entry free!

But are they alive?.. Why are the lights on?.. So many unaswered questions.
I shall have to enter into the dark network of caverns beyond the door… wish me luck!


A small house I built for fun:

Happened upon a fantastic planet today. I’ve decided to set up a base. This is the start of it.


For those who find it annoying trying to integrate the newer concrete/steel/timber construction components with the older base-building parts;
I’ve found you can connect one of the wall/door parts to a landing pad, allowing seemless alignment between base sections.
Modules on one side, panel construction on the other. At least they connect.
Just thought I’d share that in case others had missed it :slight_smile:


My revamped ‘home’ base.
Features a med-lab built in the modular unit with attached recovery room, carbon nursery and a sample plant dome. Storage vaults are colour coded downstairs and my quarters are a comfy log cabin with all the mod-cons. Teleporter is externally located and accessible via the centralised landing pad. No exocraft on site, just an exo-summoner thingy. All parts are aligned using the previously mentioned landing pad connection method.


Back a few hours later for the 1.2 version!

Couple of changes, color changes additional floor, and starting to install the farm!

Soon will arrive the trees, and they will ( if it is possible) cover a lot of land… I need a forest around it hehehe!!

I’ll be back soon! :wink:


I took a page out of your book when I was working on my base @Mad-Hatter .


edit: view from racetrack base, monolith base in the distance


Hello World!

Here’s is the (almost) final part of the base creation.
I’ll keep it evolving since I still have to set up one of the floors! I still need a big house so it’ll make 3 of them!

Here we go! Arp_Home1 final steps!!



Bravo!!! This is spectacular


There’s a cool storm going on in this screen shot, and I’m experimenting by building a castle on top of a mountain.
If it turns out well, when I get close to the center ( I’m black hole hopping too) I’ll build a beautiful castle.
This is a beautiful lush planet with tons of islands, and some cool storms that make a great castle atmosphere.

Happy travels!


I can’t help wonder about all these cool bases come time for another update…
Are we going to have a long list of ‘legacy’ bases to reinstate, if there is another universal reset? Are there going to be more resets or are HG satisfied with the galaxy they’ve created?
Will a reset simply keep existing planets with bases as they are but change everything else?
The NMS universe is unstable and the future is a mystery.
If course I just play on regardless and will just embrace any changes anyway but I can’t help wonder sometimes. :thinking: