NEXT Base Pics are Amazing


That’s really cool Kliktrak. Looks like a lot of fun! :smiley:


Just about finished with my sky island. I just have to finish the missions to get all my plants, then I can finish my farm.
Then I’ll post the address so folks can pick the plants.

Have a great day.

Happy Travels!


Trees are great, love the colors and the tall green house with trees.


Sadly I have to destroy the base because it has become corrupted since 1.63, and I keep falling through the world. I’m really frustrated at this point and I’m going to see if I can find someone who is in creative mode on Eissentam who will bring me to the galaxy so I’ll have to start all over again for the 3rd time. I’m tired of farming and farming for stuff and end up losing it all from a crash. I have saved all my games and even if I have to download the saved game stuff, I have lost hours and hours of gameplay and farming. If everything is going to continue to corrupt and crash I would rather be in this lovely galaxy on creative mode.
My game was fine until patch 1.63.

Happy Travels.


Awww … sorry to hear that @Nightazure. Do make a backup in case they fix the issue. I assume HG to be working out these issues, as I have seen many reports of falling through the world. Performance has taken another big hit with the latest update. I am sure HG is trying hard to optimise the game, to ensure rendering of at least the most important collision, is in time to prevent falling through the world. Sadly enough, HG obviously appears to be struggling getting the game optimised for all the new features impacting this. I keep my fingers crossed for them to pull it off eventually, while us guinea pigs suffer the consequences of their attempts.


Thank you DevilinPixy,

I destroyed the sky base and am going to make a water base and I’ll make a floating base closer to the ground so I can offer a huge farm to interlopers.
Guinea pigs is a great way to say it, however the love I have for no mans sky keeps me playing. I’m hoping they will fix the issues too. To be fair to them from me, of all the games I’ve played in the last few decades Hello Games has listened to their player base above and beyond all other devs I’ve ever seen. So I have hopes.
I appreciate you letting me vent. It does help to air some frustrations. I have been doing backups every night now before I close out the game.

Thank you and happy travels!


Sorry to here. This game for sure frustrates at time, the grind, the errors with lose, rules changing. :wink: all signs that the atlas is dying right.! 16 minutes or what not. This all seems to come with the minecrafty type stuff. This base building and hub stuff has kind of grounded us or at least me, we should be out exploring, right. I haven’t moved but 50,000 or so light years since next. I sound like @zsigmond. :stuck_out_tongue: Anywho, I am off to build a shrine on a frost planet to the cult of Todd or the shrugging gods. later.


I think I am done with my motorbike, before I try too hard with the details…

@jedidia: I hope you like the exhausts :wink:


Truly a work of art :star_struck:


Can I suggest building smaller bases, more like they were in Atlas Rises. If you do this, then add details, you are still less complex than the massive bases.
I’ve chosen to have smaller themed bases and the moment I notice any lag in rendering, I stop. I have several Atlas Rises house-size bases, with no issue
In one location I have neighbours on the same planet in close proximity and I’ve noticed that the more lights are added to any base, the harder the PS4 struggles and often the graphics do not render all the lights. This sometimes results with a ‘fall through’ if I keep approaching.

Keep the complexity down and you shouldn’t get problems.


That is such fun! Love the number plate intials! Genius, well done @DevilinPixy !



lol, It is frustrating that games said up yours to all the players whom have played this game since launch up to the NEXT launch.

You mention grind. Grind you do, sitting for hours and hours to change elements from one to another.

The rules have not changed.
The way things are made have changed.
The way you get technology has changed.
All references to anything from the past is gone.

You are essentially forced to start over. is this not the 4th time?
Also, multiplayer is still orbs.
Even though you have a body now.

Everything has changed to do one thing, (which was done deliberately, per-mediated destruction of all Titan Waking players by Hello Games), reboot, start over.



Thanks Mad-Hatter,

I’m one of those people who love glowey lights and all that stuff that gives me the wow factor, first time I turn on the Christmas tree lights kind of gal. But alas, I will listen to what you say here and tone it down.
I love to try to build bases that are unusual and especially peculiar :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
On each base ill try to stick to a main building for my home, then a building for my specialists and my storage.
In my geekness I even drew up plans at work on paper for my 5 major bases that I want to build.
One will be a mountainside/top base. Then an underwater/partial land base. A less lit up and smaller sky base, a portal base, and a jurassic park planet normal combination base.

I do want to include a pretty large farm of domes for each base so that people who ever happen by will be able to pick stuff, and of course so I can make my building things/glass.

I’ve never played minecraft, but by God I love building in this game to a fault. Damn my PS4 lol

I’ve played this game since day one. I love Next with a passion, and all the fun things Hello Games has given us. Even when I get frustrated, I still bounce back at the end of the day <3

People at work have told me to get ED or SC game, and no way in hell will I ever play those. I am loyal to No Man’s Sky <3

Perhaps I was an worker ant in a past life…


It didn’t say that to me, so all players is clearly a bit of a hyperbolic statement :wink:


Wow, I didn’t know you could put the domes sideways. That is an awesome base :smiley:


Your bike is just plain outstanding! you are so talented!


Thanks! For a bit more detail on the ‘trick’ used to place at an angle, see my post below:


Morning Community!

I have been away from the forum these lasts weeks! But I did, in the mean time, make a couple of jumps around my 1.38 system (yea… I still didn’t move :sweat_smile: )
I almost hesitated on posting my base since the title is referring to amazing mother bases, since mine is a very, under construction, humble base.
I am really enjoying having to unlock bases parts, and I am getting addicted on guessing which part is going to pop next haha

Anyways, talk less talk good like we say here!

Here we go so far…

I am on a ocean type of planet composed by thousands of islands like the ones you see, no major piece of land, so I had to find the right spot. Also, I couldn’t find the portal… every planet has a portal right?
Looked for it, and the only one that he could find is a portal from the planet just next to it… weird.

First the planet!

An early stage, when the roof was not settled

I had to build a roof because the ship liked to park inside the base :sweat_smile::joy: )

Starting the second Building!

And than I decided to build a second floor to double the production, with stairs on the front to access directly!!


Here are the pictures of the inside! Still empty of course (farm), but I think they are already pretty big

(second floor is completely transparent! I wanted to be able to see through :grinning: )

It is the first time that I am really trying to do something that is ok, I know I’m not the best in buiding bases, but if you want to tell me what you think so far, I take bad and good critics! :grin:

Cheers everyone!


First of all Arpoja, you love the same type of planets that I do. I always want to overlook water, and I love long blue grass. I love lots of islands too!
Second, your base is lovely. I like it a lot. It reminds me of a mountain lodge.
If you do those community events, I believe #4 gives you the trees you can plant inside and outside the bases. And you can dye them too. :smiley:
I like how you have your porches, patio’s and balconies. That looks cool.

All bases are amazing, yours included!


Thanks for the info DevilinPixy.
I would have no idea how to build those things sideways lol.