NEXT Base Pics are Amazing


I believe you just have to Upload your Base through the Base Comp. The settings in-game keep others from being able to add to or delete from your base. I just leave my settings with the base building turned off. Everything thing else is on. I also re-upload my base after making changes to it. Not sure if any of this affects the ability to harvest plants.


Messing around in creative mode is fun!

Looking forward to the upcoming update as you can see … :slight_smile:


hah you really have a lot of imagonation @DevilinPixy!!

Congrats on this Beautiful Bike!


That’s amazing!


You really should post that to HG’s Twitter account. It’s the sort of thing they like to showcase.


Already done :wink:


Wow! I saw this yesterday being passed around, didn’t realize it was another of yours, great looking bike!


Thanks for sharing on Discord @SingularGleam :wink:

By the way, no ‘editing’ was involved, just using a trick to be able to place parts at an angle. Not even all that hard, although easiest when you do not have any of the quicksilver statues in the build menu. There is still a work-around if you do have those, but I figured to use creative mode where they are not in the way, making it easier.


Do you use the triangles to get angles like that?


Yes, those triangles/pyramids are useful, as you can get all kinds of angles. Not required to use those though, as long as it is something the Small Cylinder can attach to. You do however not place the cylinder, but you click to place it, then really quick switch to the Pavement next to it. It will then place the pavement at the angle the cylinder would have had instead. Being really fast is key to get it to work.

However, if you did buy any of the statues, the pavement is no longer right next to the small cylinder, making quickly switching no longer possible. The large cylinder is however still next to it. To still get it to work, you actually do place the small cylinder first, then switch to the large cylinder because it attaches well to the small one, then do the same trick. Press the key/button to place it and immediately switch to the pavement, resulting in the pavement being placed instead.

With both ways, either the small or large cylinder has to be able to place against whatever angled surface you try. You just quickly change choice to pavement after placing, but it sticks if fast enough. Once the pavement is in place, you can build/snap any of the new floors against it to continue from there. Place one of the new walls if you wish to use the old building parts like corridors and alike, they attach to it. Remove whatever you no longer need once you have things in place.

Note: I did make the trick even easier for myself, as I created a macro for one of my many mouse buttons to do the fast switching for me. Just had to get the timings right. You will however find that the trick is not all that hard once you get a feel for it.


I would never have thought of that technique nor that base design.
Simply amazing.


The design came out of nowhere. I started blank, had no idea what to build. I then messed with the domes, trying to place them against each other to look like a sphere. I did this before in Atlas Rises, but back then it was a lot harder to get the placement right. Prior to Next we only knew of the ramp/door trick, which was limited. It then required manual placement for the second ‘half’ to match up against the first. Now I found out that this was a lot easier with the new trick, no longer requiring manual attempts to make the 2nd half line up correctly. The ramp/door trick no longer works, as removal of either of them, will delete all.

So I had this sphere made perfect, up in the air and thought of something to do with it. Then I thought of the Pilgrim and how I could use it as wheels. So there was the idea … 4 hours later, the result as you see it. Actually not even finished with details, but enough to call it a day :wink:


This thing screams for some big-ass exhausts! :smile:


lol, ahuh … exactly !

I made a quick attempt last night, but didn’t feel right. Was time for bed as well and just couldn’t resist showing the result so far.


As my base was no longer visible after I had 2 bases on the same planet. I have deleted both my bases and will build my farm again (in one base!).

If anybody gets a chance could they just pop through the portal please and see if they can view my base? (PS4 normal mode, Euclid Galaxy).

There’s just a base computer in a small shed for now, just behind the portal, called Suburban Base.

Cheers :grin:


Awesome work on that Big Wheel base!


Arrived on Fantasia to find it empty except for a floating comm up high near the Portal.
There was a base on a nearby planet (computer at a TP) but not your ID.


Ahh thanks for checking, off exploring for a new home i go :grin:


All my base are belong to me…


Apologies not “Pics” well just “Pics in motion” …

A quick hop on the highway, between nodes in my Base complex…