New sigil and glyph June 24th, 2017


So has a new sigil and glyph to solve.
The glyph shows a video:
Which is a silhouette of a radio telescope at the Very Large Array (VLA) in New Mexico, USA, at sunset.

The sigil likely has to be solved through

Started this new topic to not mix with the myriad-70 puzzle solving and keep it separated


Could it have anything to do with this? :slight_smile:


Possibly, or maybe the Sombra App (Sony)?


Glyph solved!!!


Good work, although not sure how the video for the glyph and the solution relate to each other.


They don’t really no, maby it was just a reference to myriad?


The video for the 5th glyph appears to have the exact same distortion used for the video that showed the barcode package.


This is related to the Dark Tower movie isn’t it? I think we’re starting to cross our ARG’s. :smile:


Yes, although I had to look up the Sombra Group and the App. I soon started to come across the Dark Tower stuff as well. Pretty interesting …


Yeah, my guess is coincidence, although if NMS, Waking Titan and Dark Tower were all related I think I’d nerdgasm so hard I’d pass out. :joy:


More than likely just a coincidence indeed with both WT and Sombra using the same stock photo, but I would not mind to have them include some Stephen King, hehehe


The 4th sigil was solved by combining clues from both .pdf files received by solving two passwords on Myriad-70:

Each pdf contained a code:

  • 017-a24 > 313-xxxxx
  • 021-f16 > xxx-98176

Combining the above resulted in the solution for the 4th sigil > 313-98176

See the following topic for info solving the Myriad-70 puzzles:


Famous line from The Dark Tower novels: “Go now, there are other worlds than these.”