Naughty Dog
This is off topic so I brought the response here
I really enjoyed Lost Legacy. It is very short, about 11 hrs for me to complete. I understand this is because they wanted to test the ability of the game without Nathan. I really like the new team, the transition and testing of them as a team was nice. There are a lot of recycled things from the last Uncharted in this test but, with a fresh twist, like ramping your Jeep onto a moving train. I especially loved the fact that there was an actual artifact and a moral decision facing the newly tested team at the end. Still have many treasures to find and photo ops missed. There is a mini quest in a sandbox area where you can run around in your Jeep, exploring at will. Well worth the time to complete as it unlocks a handy item. Short but sweet and I hope they fully develope the new team with a more robust game in the future. I am won over!

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