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Picture of Ultima Thule -



Argh, news articles… It’s the far side of the moon, for crying out loud. It’s no darker than the near side…


Technically true
Both sides of the Moon experience two weeks of sunlight followed by two weeks of night; the far side is sometimes called the " dark side of the Moon ," meaning unseen rather than lacking light.

There is also a signal loss experienced as you reach the far side so communications also go dark

Blame it on Pink Floyd

Just don’t lose sight of the bigger picture


It is a common synonym, the problem is that in my experience a lot of people take it literally. I.e. the term does not come from people that think the far side is dark, but it makes a lot of people think that.

I do, actually! :smile:



I don’t know if this will work outside the UK. If it doesn’t, let me know, and I’ll copy/paste something.

Mysterious Space Radio Signals Detected


After years of careful analysis it turns out to be…

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Soooo… can she roll herself into a sphere and survive in a vacuum? :rofl:



Please! NO!


Hmmm… Really torn here. On the one hand, it’s completely bonkers and useless. On the other, that thing is basically a power satellite prototype. If you can make that work, all you need is to get it more focused and build a solar-thermal ground receiver. It would not be unthinkable to bootstrap power satellite development onto its heels.

Of course, such power satellites are also excellent weapons of mass harassment… Everything has a drawback, I guess.


I imagine an “accidental” collision with some handy space junk wouldn’t be too hard to arrange. Where is Elon Musk’s car when we need it?



Hopefully this will not be one of those “We thought of doing something stupid and then did it anyway” moments. There are too many billboards on the ground I really done care to have them blocking the sky too.


That sounds as if the experiment went according to plan, though. They tested if the seedlings would sprout under the radiation conditions with the resources provided. They full-well knew that they weren’t going to last the night without heating, and it was also clear that there would be no power during the night.


Agreed. I am sure there was not enough room for the plant to mature. Full growth was never the plan. Too bad the other seeds did not sprout.