Latest Space Missions 19 MAR Whole Lotta Shakin' Earthside


My pc returns from the fixy place that fixes today and I was looking forward to making music for the first time in 9 months so I’ll definitely be playing around with this and jamming off it in some fashion :slight_smile:

Right after I have a taste of NEXT/Abyss/Visions on PC first… :drooling_face:


Absolutely amazing…

I was about to post the same video but you were faster than me! The sounds of the wind really is immersive! I can only imagine being there listening to the wind… wow.

@toddumptious aww you’re joining the other camp :smile:



Fare thee well, V’ger!







European Space Agency have released pictures of winter wonderland - on Mars.

Apparently there’s a crater near the Martian North pole, that’s filled with ice.




That better not mess with the new horizons approach, or I’ll shoot Trump to the Kuiper belt… :rage:




Hoping we get the coverage planned.





New Horizon’s schedule


Images as NH passed Pluto

Carrying Tombaugh’s ashes

Queen’s lead guitarist, Brian May

Between the start of 2019 and the time of the flyby, the revelers were treated to Brian May, best known as the lead guitarist of the rock band Queen but also an astrophysicist collaborating with the mission’s science team, introducing a music video of a new song, “New Horizons,” which he wrote for the occasion at the request of Dr. Stern.
Dr. May said he was initially reluctant when Dr. Stern asked. “I thought this is going to be hard, because I can’t think of anything that rhymes with Ultima Thule,” he said :smile: